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Are Kirby Vacuum Cleaners Worth Buying? Explained!

Published by: Katherine Frame

Are Kirby Vacuum Cleaners Worth Buying

Kirby is a top-tier brand based in the US since 1914. The brand is known for using high-quality parts and building strong and durable machines that are the best in their class. Kirby has been developing reliable and innovative vacuum cleaners suitable for both commercial and residential uses. 

In this article, we will quickly discuss the uses, benefits, features, and negatives of Kirby vacuum cleaners to help you determine whether Kirby vacuum cleaners worth buying or not. 

Let’s get started…

What Makes Kirby a Customer Favorite?

The fact that Kirby vacuums are long-lasting is what makes them loved by many people. Kirby has never disappointed its customers in terms of the quality of its vacuum cleaners. These machines are well-built and last for 20-25 years given that they are maintained properly. 

Kirby vacuums can also be bought with a system called annual maintenance cover that ensures that any parts that get faulty are replaced with new ones. Kirby vacuums also come with HEPA filters, ensuring that your house stays clean. 

The HEPA filter technology keeps dust particles and other contaminants at bay. Kirby vacuums are suitable especially for those who are allergic, as they can even suck fine dirt particles easily. 

Features Offered by Kirby Vacuums

Depending on the model you pick, Kirby vacuum cleaners come with the following features: 

  • Air Pump. 
  • Light movement. 
  • Lifetime warranty. 
  • Can be turned into a hand-held portable vacuum cleaner. 
  • Carpet shampoo technology. 
  • Upright suction. 
  • Aluminium structure to make the vacuum light-weight, maneuverable, and durable. 
  • Portable function for carpet shampooing. 
  • HEPA Filtration. 

And various other rich features. Kirby vacuum’s parts are made using aluminum, making them durable.

Another reason to love a Kirby is that it can perform the job of both a vacuum cleaner and a carpet shampooer, and hence, instead of investing in both of them separately, you can simply get your hands on a Kirby. Doing so doesn’t only help you save money, but it also makes the tasks easier. 

These exceptional vacuums are multitaskers and the company has been prompt at making regular enhancements to the newer models to ensure that they have superior technology and system. Kirby vacuums also come with a dirt and water separation technique that sets them apart from other brands. 

To add to this, Kirby vacuums come with various removal attachments and accessories that make them extremely useful for performing different vacuuming tasks. 

You can also watch this video to understand the features of Kirby vacuum cleaners…

Drawbacks of a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner 

Here are a few shortcomings of Kirby vacuum cleaners…

1. Heavy

Kirby is made using sturdy material. However, the use of sturdy material also means that Kirby vacuums are very heavy. While cleaning the house, you would prefer a machine that is easy to handle and carry around the house.

The weight of the vacuum might make it difficult for some people to handle it, and it will take time for you to get used to the machine’s weight. 

2. Confusing 

Kirby vacuum cleaners come with an array of features and attachments, making them confusing to use at first. This can be considered as a drawback for those who prefer to buy a vacuum cleaner that makes the cleaning job easier for them instead of making it twisted and confusing. 

Although the vacuum comes with all the instructions, it can still be overwhelming to get a hold of all the functions and systems of a Kirby vacuum cleaner.

3. Vacuum Bags

Vacuum bags need to be replaced twice a year, which means that you will have to buy new bags for your Kirby. With technology taking over the world, other vacuum cleaner brands have started launching vacuum models that have replaced bags with containers and filters for storing dust particles. 

However, Kirby is still using vacuum bags in its vacuums, which may not be preferred by those who want modern and light vacuums.

4. Costly

If you don’t have a huge budget, Kirby vacuums are probably not the right option for you. Not everyone can afford a Kirby as these vacuums are highly-priced. 

5. Warranty

Kirby vacuum cleaners come with a lifetime warranty and their rebuild plan is another bonus that attracts the customers.

However, if you purchase your Kirby from a different retail store, or from online websites like Amazon, your vacuum cleaner won’t be covered by the company’s warranty.

Hence, you only get these benefits if you buy the machine from Kirby. This makes it impossible for customers to grab online deals as they are forced to buy directly from Kirby. 

6. Other Functions of a Kirby

Kirby vacuum cleaners can also be used to wash carpets. Moreover, the airflow of a Kirby vacuum can be reversed, and hence, you can use it to inflate air mattresses. Kirby vacuums also come equipped with needle attachments that can be used to perform tasks such as unblocking drains in your kitchen.   

Maintaining a Kirby Vacuum Cleaner

Here are a few tips about maintaining a Kirby vacuum…

  • You should clean the filters of your Kirby regularly. Replace them if necessary. If you don’t clean them responsibly, it can reduce suction and impact your vacuum’s efficiency. 
  • If your Kirby has a brush bar, make sure that you clean it properly as hair can jam the spinning of the brush. 
  • Don’t vacuum liquids, sharp objects, and hot ash with your Kirby. 
  • Don’t overfill the vacuum. 
  • Get the vacuum serviced at regular intervals. 

Final Verdict — Are Kirby Vacuum Cleaners Worth Buying?

While some people love machines that can multitask, others believe that a machine should be built to perform any one task with utmost efficiency. Although Kirby vacuums are the best that one can buy, they are still very expensive and do not justify the money that needs to be paid for getting them. 

Several high-end brands offer the same standards of quality and equally good vacuums at a much lower price and hence, we think that you should consider them before buying a Kirby. However, everyone has different needs and the final decision is in your hands. 


Kirby is a household name for people living in the US and it is also a renowned brand across the globe. Vacuum cleaners by Kirby are high in class and they are made of high-quality materials but the quality comes at a very high price. 

The answer to the question of whether Kirby is worth the money or not is subjective as it depends on your budget and requirements. However, we recommend you to go through this thorough guide before you hop on any decisions to ensure that you make the right choice. 


What makes Kirby vacuum cleaners so expensive?

Kirby vacuum cleaners are pricey compared to their counterparts because these vacuums are made to last for several years. The materials used to make Kirby are high-quality, making them durable.

Are Kirby vacuum cleaners light or heavy?

Kirby vacuum cleaners are definitely heavy, which can make them less maneuverable compared to vacuums offered by other high-end brands.

What is the price range of Kirby vacuum cleaners?

A new Kirby vacuum cleaner usually costs anywhere from $800 to $1200 depending upon its features and the item model.

Are Kirby vacuum cleaners the best?

Kirby vacuum cleaners are made using lightweight metals and are extremely durable. The average lifespan of a Kirby is 25 years, making it one of the best vacuum cleaner brands in the market.

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