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The 7 Benefits of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners you Should Know

Published by: Katherine Frame

Benefits of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

The rainbow vacuum cleaner is a famous brand name that belongs to Electrolux. 

Rainbow vacuums are a kind of sweeper used in our daily life. It not only can clean up the dust and dirt on our floor but also can clean the air we take.

This vacuum cleaner has been well designed to provide users with more suction power and quality. So here are some of the amazing benefits of Rainbow vacuum cleaners.

What is Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner? 

Rainbow is rapidly becoming a household name in the world of air purifiers and vacuum cleaners. People are eager to spend a lot on a reliable vacuum cleaner if it is a Rainbow. 

Rainbow® Cleaning System

So, what makes Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners stand apart from the other vacuum brands? Why they are popular all over the world. This article will take a look at the benefits of these renowned vacuum cleaners.

This vacuum cleaner is made for purifying the air, sucking the air being vacuumed in the room. Check a room and smell the quality of the air cleaned by this vacuum cleaner. It is fresh as all the dust has been eliminated.

Benefits of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

Here are some of the benefits that you can get from buying and using Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner.

1. Eliminate Vacuum Cleaner Bags

This is one of the important benefits of buying and using this vacuum cleaner. A rainbow comes with a liquid compartment where the dust and dirt are usually trapped and suspended. 

After vacuuming, take out the water. This can save you a lot of money in due course as there is no need to buy vacuum cleaner bags that are very expensive.

2. Greater Suction Power

Rainbow vacuum cleaner makes use of the signature cyclonic system, which allows the air to spin at high speed in the vacuum cleaner. Rainbow gathers all the dust and dirt via a filtration system to eliminate allergens, dust, and other particles. Oversized particles are caught and then separated, giving lasing suction while lessening the possibilities of clogging.

3. Certified by AHAM

Rainbow Cleaning System offers certified air cleaning for a clean and refreshing home environment.

The AHAM or Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers certifies that this vacuum cleaner is a proven air cleaner made to reduce pollutants in the air that contribute to low-quality indoor air.

4. Easier and Faster Cleaning Process 

Another important thing that distinguishes other brands is that it is integrated with a powerful and sturdy motor. This means you can clear the floor in just one attempt. There is no need to constantly going over the same place. 

This kind of power is ideal for busy or on-the-go people who wish to get their floors clean fast without wasting time and compromising quality.

ItÔÇÖs vital to note that there are exceptions to this, like deeply embedded grime which needs at least two passes. While this vacuum cleaner usually picks it up in the first pass, it might be wise to go over it once in cases like broken fragments.

5. Eco-Friendly Vacuum Cleaner

This vacuum cleaner makes use of the most powerful element of Mother Earth, such as water, traps odors and dirt, and just returning clean, water-washed air to your living room.

6. Removes 100 Percent Contaminants

The integrated state o the art water filtration system takes in typical household dirt, while outstanding microscopic particles are trapped and collected by HEPA Neutralizer Filtration System. This 2-stage filtration combination gets rid of almost 100 percent of contaminants and dirt from your home.

7. Versatile Vacuum Cleaner

A lot of vacuum cleaners available out there are just intended to clean rugs and carpets. But, what makes Rainbow vacuum cleaner exceptional is that aside from carpet, you can also use it in cleaning tile and wood flooring without damaging or scratching the flooring.

Being able to carry this out with only one unit means thereÔÇÖs no need to buy a separate vacuum cleaner intended for bare floorings. With this amazing vacuum cleaner, there are no more filthy and soggy mop heads, and there is no need to waste your cash on disposable cleaning cloths as well.

Conventional types of vacuum cleaners go from rug to floor with the turn of a dial or flip of a switch. Yes, this can work; however, the heavy beater brush can damage or scratch your tiles, hardwood, and linoleum. 

Aside from it, it canÔÇÖt reach hard to clean areas like corners and crevices because the cleaner is bulk.

Variety of Useful Attachments of Rainbow Vacuums

Switching from rug to hard floor is as easy as snapping on the attachment with this vacuum cleaner. These attachments can be from crevice tools to reach hard-to-access areas like under the furnishing, under appliance to a mop-like attachment to eliminate a spill.

Other included attachments are upholstery tools that are used in cleaning drapes, chairs, and sofas. This can be ideal for cleaning under cushions and eliminating dust and dander from curtains and drapes.

This vacuum cleaner is also integrated with a helpful tool like the Aerofresh bag that is not present in other brands. You can use this bag to eliminate dust and build-up from pillows and cushions, making it the best accessory for family members suffering from asthma and allergies.

1. Hurricane Motor

This vacuum cleaner is powered by switched reluctance system, the powerful Hurricane motors, which has pressure to handle even the most challenging cleaning tasks and provides indefinite motor life.

2. Control and Power Are Easy to Access

The best thing about this vacuum cleaner is that the company puts the controls and keys in an ergonomic handle grip, allowing accurate control over powered accessories.

3. Utilize HEPA Filters

HEPA filters are made to eliminate 99.97 percent of airborne particles, efficiently cleaning the air from allergens and small dust. 

A Rainbow vacuum cleaner is particularly beneficial for those living in a place where smoke and dust can make their way into their homes. 

The best thing about these HEPA filters is that they could last for many years of use. This allows you to save money by changing the filter from time to time, which is common to low-end and low-quality vacuum cleaners available today.

4. Versatile Designs

Vacuum cleaners that Rainbow provides fit the requirements of many homeowners and some commercial establishments. There are lightweight and compact designs that are making it easier to store. A Rainbow vacuum cleaner has a fantastic design that will surely fit your taste.

5. Made to Last

Rainbow vacuum cleaners are made of high-quality materials, making them resilient and durable vacuum cleaners to tackle heavy and daily use. 

What is more, the quality of this cleaner means that there is no need to replace or repair the cleaner as often as you would compare to other brands with the same features and price tag. 

While Rainbow vacuum cleaner comes with a steep value or price, they can last for many years of use to save you a considerable amount of money in due course.


Rainbow vacuum cleaners are much better than typical vacuum cleaners available. Made by a reputable company, you are assured that you are getting the best out of your money.


Are Rainbow vacuums worth it?

Yes. Rainbow vacuums are armed with state-of-the-art features that offer an amazing job in vacuuming all types of surfaces.

Does the Rainbow vacuum really clean the air?

Yes. It is armed with HEPA filters that eliminate 99.97 percent of air particles.

What are the benefits of a Rainbow vacuum?

There are many perks of this vacuum cleaner, like being easy to use, being filled with modern features, being made by a renowned company, and many more.

Is Rainbow vacuum better than Dyson?

The answer to this question depends on the users. Some users meet their needs by using Rainbow, and some users commend Dyson.

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