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How to Clean a Bagless Vacuum and Make it New Again?

Published by: Katherine Frame

How to Clean a Bagless Vacuum

Did you know that a bagless vacuum cleaner utilizes a filter to separate dirt and dust particles from the air that is sucked in? You need to clean a bagless vacuum cleaner regularly to keep it working efficiently.

If the motor dies, replacement is costly. A basic cleaning process after several uses will stop all such concerns. 

How to Clean a Bagless Vacuum?

Here are the steps you need to follow if you want to clean your bagless vacuum cleaner.

  1. Take off everything that can come off your bagless vacuum cleaners, such as filters, canisters, tools, and others. Anything that comes of the vacuum must be removed. 
  2. Fill your sink with warm soapy water and put every component of your vacuum in it. Please give them a careful rub to ensure all the mess and dust comes off. 
  3. Let all the parts of your bagless vacuum cleaner dry properly. After all, you can’t use them if they are wet. Other things will get stuck to it and will be a pain to deal with. 
  4. For the next step, blast a compressed air down the hose once the canister is removed to dislodge any bits of dust, debris, or anything else that may be stuck in there. Give it some blasts, and it will be clear. You can also utilize this on the vacuum’s head and anywhere else you feel dust may be hiding. 
  5. Tip the vacuum on its side and pull out any strands of hair, dust, or debris you can find. You can always utilize compressed air to blast out any stuck in a mess. 
  6. After you clean all the components, you can then put the vacuum cleaner back together. 

How do you Deodorize a Bagless Vacuum Cleaner?

Standard maintenance keeps your vacuum functioning correctly. However, what can you do to keep everything smelling fresh?

You may need to clean your bagless vacuum filters up to once a week if you vacuum regularly and monthly if you vacuum at least once or twice per week. 

We recommend washing the plastic dirt canister with warm water and dish soap for your bagless vacuum cleaner. The grime and dirt to the canister’s side will give it a foul smell. Do that regularly to keep any debris from caking up inside your canister. 

Make sure you also remove the build-up of grime and dirt by wiping the exterior of the vacuum with warm water and dishwashing soap. After a careful wipe down, you can spray some disinfectant solution to remove any lingering odors or germs. 

Remember that bagless vacuums are far more efficient compared to their bag counterparts.

Nonetheless, the filters utilized in bagless models should be cleaned as often as possible. Some models use disposable filters than cleanable ones, and those last at least six to twelve months. 

How often should you clean your Bagless Vacuum?

Bagless vacuums can be an excellent option for families, individuals, or pet owners with severe allergies. They are practical as you don’t need to change the vacuum bag and keep a supply of them on hand. 

Nonetheless, emptying the dustbin when it is full, or even every time you vacuum isn’t all there is to keep it clean for efficient and functional operation.

Have you recently noticed your bagless vacuum not picking up as quite as well it used to? It’s time to give it a good cleaning before starting your cleaning projects. 

But how often should you clean your bagless vacuum? As a rule, you like to clean your vacuum approximately every twelve to eighteen months. Further, it is nearly as essential to exercise clean it often, especially if you want maximum performance long-term. 

Regular cleaning every six months will keep your bagless vacuum cleaner running efficiently and cleaning efficiently. It can also extend the life of your machine, mainly if you check significant parts such as hose, drive belt, and brush roll regularly. 


To sum up, cleaning your bagless vacuum cleaner two times a year will not just guarantee it works perfectly, but it will ensure you get many years of use out of it. We hope you find this guide informative and useful. 


How do I clean the dust out of my vacuum?

You can clean the dust out of your vacuum by emptying the canister and wipe the interior down using a microfibre cloth. The best-case scenario here is washing the whole canister in warm soapy water. That will get rid of the remaining hair, grime, dust, and dirt most effectively. Allow it to dry before returning to your vacuum.

How do you empty a bagless vacuum without dust?

Would you like to know how you can empty your bagless vacuum without any mess? Ensure you press the catch on top of the carry handle to release dust straight into the dustbin. Tap or shake firmly to remove dust from inside the fine dust collector. Press on the center of the clear bin base to close.

How do you deep clean a vacuum?

What is the best way to deep clean your bagless vacuum? Here are quick steps for you to follow: Clean the canister, Wash or change the filters, Clear out the hose, Check the brush. Just remember that every model and make is different. To ensure you are not missing anything, check your user’s manual.

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