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How Often Should You Use a Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

Published by: Katherine Frame

How Often Should You Use a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

This question is very subjective, but you won’t find a definitive number of times of how much you should use a robot vacuum cleaner. After all, every household has unique cleaning requirements

So, the answer to that question varies for each household type. For example, most homes are more likely to clean and use their robot vacuum less than once a week, while others may use it multiple times a week. 

Guide to Using a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The following points will guide you as to how frequently you need to use your vacuum cleaner.

1. Consider the type of your floor

Different types of flooring, either solid floors or carpet floors, have different “cleaning needs.”

For example, if you have a solid floor such as hardwood or tile, then there is no need for you to frequently use your robot vac, unlike if you have a carpeted floor. However, the carpeted floor needs to be vacuum frequently.

2. The things inside your house matters

Do you have kids roaming, playing, and tossing toys around the house? Maybe you have pets as well. These factors will surely determine how frequently you need to clean your house and use a robot vacuum. 

In addition, having kids and pets often makes your house a mess. Imagine the food your kid spilt on the carpet and the amount they play on the floors. It will create an unimaginable mess, not to mention your pet’s shedding fur. All these things will oblige you to use your robot vacuum more often than needed. 

3. Location of your house

You will find a big difference between living in the countryside and living in the city. The reality is that living in the city means you are living with dust and air pollutants. Living in the proximity of a busy city also suggests you are more likely to clean your house often. 

4. Consider the “health” factor

With the unprecedented health risks posed by the coronavirus, you must maintain the cleanliness of your home. Cleaning your home helps you prevent any allergens, bacteria, and allergens from entering your house. 

Tips on How to Use a Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Before you start running your robot vacuum cleaner, consider these tips first. 

1. Monitor the robot vacuum cleaner during its initial operation

Newbie employees often need close supervision so they can be familiar with their working operation. The same thing applies to a robot vacuum cleaner. It also requires close monitoring, particularly during its initial operation

It will help if you assess first the potential difficulties it can come across. Look for possible areas your vacuum cannot reach and move the furniture to other areas. Doing so will help your machine have a better and clear path for cleaning. 

2. Take precautions, especially on the water

It is a basic fact that water often causes any machine to malfunction and cause some short-circuiting. Try to remove any spills around your house and make sure the surface is dry. Always take precautions on any liquid that may affect the machine’s cleaning capabilities.

3. Treat it as your household buddy

Treat your robot vacuum cleaner as your household buddy. That’s necessary given the useful benefit you can get from it. Exert some effort to ensure it’s stored properly out of children or pet’s reach. Please make sure you check it regularly to ensure it’s empty. Clean it’s brushes after use as well. 

If you want your robot vacuum to last for many years, you need to take your time maintaining it. 


So, how often should you use a robot vacuum cleaner? That would be up to you. On average, people utilize a robot vacuum cleaner a couple of times a week. You may use it once daily if you want, or more often in a week, depending on what your place requires.

Since this AI-activated vacuum works similarly to a conventional one, you can have a clean home in no time and without exerting effort or energy anytime. 

We hope you find this guide useful and informative. How about you? Are you now ready to clean your home with a robot vacuum cleaner? Have a safe and wonderful cleaning time!

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best robot vacuum models to use for cleaning a house?

Top picks in the market today include the Shark AI RV2001, iRobot Roomba i7, Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 15C Max, and iRobot Roomba 960. These robot vacuum cleaners have technologically advanced features such as compatibility to Alexa and Google apps and so much more.

What are the best features you can get from a robot vacuum?

Most robot vacuums feature Wi-Fi connectivity and can suck up to 10x suction power to effectively clean up the atmosphere even from the tiniest dust particle. With these robot vacs, cleaning will never be the same again.

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