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How to Use Hoover Carpet Cleaner (with Pictures)

Published by: Katherine Frame

How to Use Hoover Carpet Cleaner

The Brand Hoover has been synonymous with vacuum cleaning for more than 100 years. Its founder Henry Hoover has played an essential role in the proliferation of the prototype vacuum cleaner and revolutionizing the cleaning industry. They have been perfecting the technology with every iteration and been so successful that their very name itself is slang for vacuuming. 

However, if you are new to how their products work, do not worry as this article goes over How to Use Hoover Carpet Cleaner? Get a step-by-step overview of the cleaning process to ensure your home is dust-free.

Preparation Work Before Cleaning

The first step is to do basic preparation work to have your area set up to clean. Start by moving all the furniture to another room to ensure a smooth cleaning process.

Hoover Carpet Cleaner provides you with various modes and settings that you should familiarize yourself with.

Try to select models based on your requirements and household situation. They can remove all the pet stains and scents, eliminating intense food stains from your carpets.

  • Ensure you’re ready to leave the room without strolling on your newly cleaned carpet later on the off chance that you can’t move all the furniture at once, clear half of the room and clean it first. Shift the table on that half when it’s dry. And then, clean the other half.
  • Use a standard vacuum since a Hoover Carpet cleaner can’t be utilized as a dry vacuum cleaner. An ordinary vacuum will lift hair, soil, and little bits of trash from your floor covering before the carpet cleaner goes about its business.
  • Keeping it on a tile or tile floor will make spills handier to clean up after.

Assembling the Equipment and Filling the Solution

Assembling the equipment on a tiled floor will help in avoiding spills. For example, fluid could spill while filling and discarding the water in the tank. 

  • Try not to set up your cleaner on hardwood floors, which could get harmed by water and cleanser spills and becomes difficult to remove the stains.
  • All Hoover cover cleaners have a clean water tank and wastewater tank. Pull out the clean water tank at the top by pushing on the lock on the handle. Unscrew the cap to the water compartment and top the tank off to the fill line with water.
  • Depending on your Hoover image model, you’ll quantify cleaning liquid into a cap set into the water tank or a different solution compartment. 
  • Every Hoover product has a separate liquid compartment. The Hoover SmartWash+, Hoover PowerDash, and Hoover SteamVac use an estimating cap empty solution straight into the water tank.
  • Set the base edge of the full water tank onto the rug cleaner first, then, at that point, lean it back towards the handle. Ensure the edge of the water tank is secured and fixed up appropriately with its base to keep away from spills.

Let the Cleansing Begin

Your Hoover Carpet Cleaner will probably have a manual; however, the subsequent stage is to fill the tank with a blend of the right cleanser and water.

  • Pick the suitable setting on your cleaner and crush the trigger to start gradually moving over every area to be dealt with.
  • Turn around over a similar region no less than once, rehashing the forward-and-switch movement over areas that have difficult stains. Ensure you cross over every place you cleaned already to avoid leaving soil tracks between columns.
  • This delivers a cleaning arrangement known as a “wet stroke.” Move more leisurely than you would while vacuuming, and cover a little.
  • Pull the cleaner back over a similar spot while crushing the trigger. The subsequent wet stroke permits the cleaner to lift soil and trash trapped in your rug.
  • These “dry strokes” will remove the excess soil and dirty water from your floor covering.
  • Push the cleaner ahead over a similar region and back once more until you see almost no water being sucked into the grimy water tank.(Continuously end wet strokes with two dry strokes)
  • Remove the wastewater tank to keep your cleaner working.

Working with Rinsing Settings

Rinsing has gained some supporters and detractors of the whole process. Many experts consider it necessary and provide greater longevity to the carpet itself.

Others believe the process to be laborious due to the length. Hoover Has tried to balance the needs of greater longevity with a quick process. Here are ways to work on the rinsing settings on your Hoover carpet-

  • Some cleaner models have a “Rinse” setting separate from the “Wash.” If your model does, change it to “Rinse” You don’t have to top off the clean water tank assuming your cleaner has this setting.
  • Rather than utilizing the “Rinse” setting, you can likewise refill the tank with clean, warm water for the washing step. Remove the tank and throw the water in your sink. Flush it out a couple of times before filling it with warm water. Supplant the tank.
  • Rehash your carpet utilizing two wet and two dry strokes. This progression eliminates the cleaning liquid from the carpet since you’re just using water, or you’ve changed to the “Rinse” setting on your model.

Finishing off by drying

Your carpet might require a couple of hours to dry. You can accelerate this process by utilizing a story fan. Do whatever it takes not to move or supplant your furnishings or stroll on the floor covering until it’s totally dry.

Clean your floor covering no less than one time each year and ensure you treat any stains when they occur.

Assuming you have a carpet rake, utilize this to prepare the rug strands into a similar heading. This will accelerate drying and give an eye-pleasing appearance. 

You can also watch this video to see how to use hoover carpet cleaner…


A carpeted floor can be soft and eye-pleasing, but worn, dirty carpets take away from a home’s appeal. You can extend your carpet’s life while keeping it attractive at length by engaging in regular cleaning.

The technology used in the rugs is made to adapt to the different weather conditions. They reflect your lifestyle and the care you put in every corner of the home.

Using Hoover Carpet Cleaner makes it easier to do this tedious job of cleansing the carpet smoothly. They are synonymous with the idea of making cleaning fun and bringing a spark to it.  


How do I clean my carpet with a Hoover carpet cleaner?

First and foremost, clean the area with a regular vacuum cleaner. Then, assemble the unit as per the manual and fill the solution tank with Hoover Carpet Cleaner solution. According to the direction given in the manual, start by cleaning small patches, then rinse with clean water and let it dry for 2-3 hours.

Do I use hot or cold water in my Hoover carpet cleaner?

It is advisable to use hot water to give more cleansing than cold water. Hot water helps in removing tough stains and dirt easily. The carpet cleaner comes with two tanks, one for clean water and other for the waste.

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