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Kirby Vacuum Won’t Turn On? Here’s How to Fix!

Published by: Katherine Frame

Kirby Vacuum Won’t Turn On

If you’re having trouble turning your Kirby vacuum on, you’re in the right place. Kirby is a well-renowned brand in the market and is known for developing top-notch vacuum cleaners that last for years. 

If your Kirby vacuum has stopped working or won’t turn on, there must be some fault that you’ll need to fix.

Following is a guide wherein we will discuss some common issues that usually stop your Kirby from turning on or working appropriately. We will also discuss how to curb these problems to get your vacuum to work efficiently. 

Safety Switches

If your Kirby has stopped working and won’t turn on, the safety switches are probably the reason behind it. These switches are present for different reasons, and each of them can stop your Kirby from getting turned on. 

Prevention Safety Switch 

The safety switch comes with two features that stop the vacuum cleaner from turning on. These switches ensure that dust and dirt don’t rise in the air and that nobody gets injured in case they try to turn the vacuum on when the shaft, fan, or motor is exposed. 

You should make sure that you press both the safety switches to ensure that the vacuum cleaner turns on. The vacuum cleaner won’t turn on if you don’t press the switches. 

The Bag Safety Switch

There’s a small switch that you’ll find somewhere near the vacuum’s bag. When the bag is properly attached, this switch is pushed forward. 

In case the bag is not attached to the vacuum properly, or you removed the bag, the switch won’t allow the Kirby to turn on. To prevent getting into this situation, ensure that the bag is locked properly. The bag needs to be aligned with the 3 tabs on the vacuum. 

Once you’ve pushed the bag in its place, rotate it clockwise till it gets locked. If the bag keeps popping out, it may be because it is worn out and needs to be replaced.  

Safety Switch on the Front

You’ll find a lower/upper switch on the front side of the Kirby. Because the nozzles or the hose press the switches when attached, these switches won’t allow the Kirby to turn on when a hose or nozzles have not been attached to the vacuum cleaner. 

Take a Look at Kirby’s Power Cord

If you have gone through the process of checking all the safety switches and your Kirby still won’t turn on, it’s time for you to take a look at the power cord. 

To check the cord, you’ll need to unwind it and plug it in the power socket. Try to move the power cord while it is plugged in the socket to see if the vacuum turns on. If the vacuum turns on while wiggling the power cord, it means that there is a short in the cord. 

If that is the case, you should not try to fix the problem on your own. Rather, contact a professional technician to get Kirby’s power cord replaced. 

The Motor Must be Faulty 

The motor of your Kirby can malfunction due to three main reasons. The first factor that can cause your vacuum to stop working is the on/off switch. A multimeter will be required to test the vacuum’s on/off switch. A multimeter is an electronic device that measures the resistance, voltage, and amps through circuits. After checking, if the power switch turns out to be the problem, you should replace it instantly. 

However, if it turns out that the power switch is working properly, your next target should be the vacuum’s drive motor. To check if there’s a fault in the motor, check the blow wheel. The wheel should turn smoothly and without inconvenience. If the blow wheel seems to be working properly, it means that the motor needs replacement. For getting the motor replaced, you should take the help of a professional. 

Lastly, if both the switch and the motor are working smoothly, the culprit may be the fan motor of your vacuum. The fan motor’s job is to generate suction power from your vacuum cleaner. A damaged fan motor can reduce suction, or it can lead your vacuum not to work altogether. 

Kirby vacuums come with a three-year warranty. Suppose your vacuum is under warranty and it stops working due to any of the aforementioned reasons. In that case, you should contact any local Kirby service provider to get the vacuum fixed or its parts replaced. 

You can also watch this video if your Kirby vacuum won’t turn on and you’re looking to fix it…


Kirby vacuum cleaners can stop working if you use them regularly and don’t maintain them whenever necessary. Ensure that you maintain your vacuum cleaner and deep clean it at least once every year. 

Moreover, there may be certain other issues that may hamper the functioning of your vacuum cleaner. We have discussed all the common problems in the article above, and we hope it helps you fix your vacuum. 


Why has my Kirby stopped working?

If your Kirby is not turning on, take a look at the safety switches. Then, you’ll want to check if there are any issues with the belt. A worn-out belt can be the reason why your vacuum isn’t working.

What is the warranty period of a Kirby vacuum cleaner?

Kirby vacuum cleaners come with a three-year warranty. Under the three year warranty, you can get your vacuum cleaner’s defective parts replaced. You can get the replacement done through an authorized distributor of Kirby.

What is the meaning of the green light present on my Kirby?

The green light on your Kirby indicates that the brush roll is spinning properly. If you turn your Kirby on and don’t see the green light, it means that your Kirby’s brush roll or the belt is hampered and needs to be fixed or replaced.

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