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How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner Cover (Step by Step)

Published by: Katherine Frame

How to Make a Vacuum Cleaner Cover

If you don’t have any space in your closet to store your vacuum cleaner, and you don’t like to put it in your home as a showpiece, you’re in the right place. Most vacuum cleaners look bulky, and they may not be the best sight for your eyes.

However, not everyone has the space to store vacuum cleaners appropriately, and that’s where vacuum covers come in handy. 

This article will discuss how to make a vacuum cleaner cover with ease and perfection. This cover will not just make the vacuum cleaner bearable to look at, but it will also keep your vacuum away from dust and debris present in the air. 

Let’s start! 

Things You Will Need to Make the Cover

  • Sewing machine. Alternatively, you can do it the old-school way by using a thread and needle. 
  • Scissors. 
  • The fabric of your choice. 2 yards should be enough. 
  • Measuring tape. 

Getting Started with the Process

You’ll find a plethora of designs and patterns for making a vacuum cleaner cover on the web. However, most of these patterns won’t be suitable for you to try if you’re a beginner.

In this section, we will discuss the steps of making a cover for an upright vacuum cleaner. The cover is going to be very basic and beginner-friendly.

If you wish to put any embellishments on the cover, you can stitch those too! Moreover, if you wish to have a smaller or larger cover, you can modify the fabric size and cover dimensions accordingly. 

1. First things first, cut the fabric in the following dimensions:

  • 55 inches in length. 
  • 15 inches wide. 

2. Cut another strip of fabric that is in the following dimensions:

  • 65 inches in length. 
  • 15 inches wide. 

3. Step three calls for cutting two more strips of the fabric. The strips should be 55 inches in length and 10 inches wide. Now, take one side of both these pieces and measure 10 inches from there. Mark the point and cut the fabric from there to form an angled corner. 

4. Now, take one of the 55X10 inch pieces of fabric and sew its longest edge with the 55X15 inch piece. 

5. Repeat this process for the second 55X10 inch piece on the opposite side of the 55X15 inch piece. 

6. Now, move along the top edge and carefully stitch the 65×15 inch piece of fabric to the 55X15 inch piece of fabric. 

7. Take the angled piece of fabric and stitch it to the 65-inch piece of fabric. Once you’re done stitching everything, the end product should look like a box of fabric with one end that is angled. 

8. Lastly, hem the fabric’s bottom edge and then turn the cover inside out. 

What is the purpose or function of a case or plastic cover on a vacuum cleaner?

Plastic covers are used to keep the vacuum cleaner dust-free when not in use. This ensures that the vacuum is in good working condition when next used. The cover also protects the vacuum cleaner from being damaged by dust and other particles that may get stuck into it. 

Most people use plastic covers over their vacuum cleaners to help them protect their investment and also ensuring they maintain its good working condition whenever they need to use it. 

Plastic covers can be easily removed as well as attached so that you can easily access your vacuum cleaner when it needs to be used without any wastage of time. 


What is a vacuum cover?

A vacuum cleaner’s cover is a piece of cloth sewed in such a way that it perfectly fits on your vacuum cleaner and covers it properly. You can either buy a vacuum cleaner cover from the market or stitch it at home.

Why do you need a cover for your vacuum cleaner?

A vacuum cleaner cover hides the bulky and boring look of the vacuum cleaner. Moreover, covering the vacuum cleaner will ensure that it doesn’t get dirty, especially if you’re short of storage space, and keep your vacuum cleaner out in the open.

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