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Rainbow vs Dyson vacuum: Which is the Best?

Published by: Katherine Frame

Rainbow vs Dyson vacuum Which is the Best

Today, we’re going to compare two vacuum brands, one of which is the oldest, and the other is newer. We’re talking about Rainbow vs Dyson vacuum if you haven’t guessed the names already. Rainbow has been in the industry since 1936, while Dyson was established in 1991. 

When it comes to home appliances such as vacuum cleaners, people often look to buy the latest models with new features. Gone are the days when people used to clean their houses manually. Nobody has the time to put in the effort as lives have become busier; thus, a vacuum cleaner has become an essential appliance

If your cleaning lifestyle depends on a vacuum cleaner, and you want to buy a new one, we’re here to help you choose between Dyson and Rainbow. 

Should You Buy Rainbow or Dyson?

Both Rainbow and Dyson have a unique appeal and style to them, and choosing the right brand for yourself can be challenging. The task especially becomes complicated when you must consider various factors before buying.

This is the reason why it is wise to compare both brands and make the decision-making easier. In this section, we’ll be discussing all the important factors: 

The Type of Surface You’ll be Vacuuming

The type of floor you’ll be vacuuming is a critical factor for consideration. If you’ll be vacuuming only carpeted floors, any of the two brands should be good for you. 

If you’re vacuuming hardwood and carpeted floors, you should pick a Dyson.

Vacuum Cleaner’s Type

The vacuum cleaner’s format is another vital factor. Mainly, there are 5 types of vacuums: 

  1. Handheld vacuums. 
  2. Canister vacuums
  3. Robot vacuums
  4. Upright vacuums
  5. Stick vacuums. 

The three main types of vacuums out of these are canister, stick, and upright vacuums. 

Dyson makes mostly stick and upright vacuums, while Rainbow mostly develops canister vacuum cleaners. You should pick the brand depending upon your choice of format. 

Vacuum’s Price Tag

Both Rainbow and Dyson are high-end brands, and neither of the two can be termed budget-friendly options. However, when compared with each other, Dyson is cheaper than Rainbow. 

Benefits of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson is still an affordable option for many, while most people find the price a deal-breaker for buying a Rainbow, considering it is highly priced.

Nonetheless, Rainbow offers worth for the price you pay with its strong and durable vacuums.  

Availability of the Vacuum 

Availability becomes a concern in the case of Rainbow vacuums. If you want to buy a vacuum but don’t want to go out of your way to get it, you should drop the idea of getting a Rainbow and stick to buying a Dyson. 

It is easy to find Dyson vacuum cleaners across the web or in stores that sell vacuums. On the other hand, you’ll only find reconditioned and refurbished vacuum models of Rainbow online. 

The Benefits of Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Moreover, Rainbow vacuums are also not easily available in stores. To get a Rainbow, you’ll have to schedule a door-to-door meeting with their official store and then finalize the purchase. 


The vacuum’s performance is one of the most important factors. You may settle for paying a higher price and go the extra mile to buy the vacuum if you know that it’ll perform well and it’s worth the trouble. 

Starting with Dyson, Dyson vacuums are strong, powerful, and solid machines with a high-performance rate. Dyson also offers a variety of models so you can choose the best one for your house. 

One issue with Dyson vacuums is their longevity. Many customers have observed that most Dyson stick vacuums start developing issues within five years. However, this isn’t the case with Dyson’s upright models. 

Talking about Rainbow, the brand builds vacuums based on water technology. The company uses water for the vacuum’s main functioning, and it uses a HEPA Neutralizer Filtration System to help you keep your house spotlessly clean. Rainbows come with long-lasting, powerful motors. 

A Rainbow vacuum can last for up to 20 years, and the heavy-duty models last decades. This makes a Rainbow worth its price. However, Rainbow’s suction power is weaker than Dyson’s. 

Suction Power

Another important aspect is the vacuum’s suction power. Dyson vacuum models tend to have a powerful suction compared to Rainbow. Good suction power ensures the removal of unwanted pet hair and dander, dust and dirt from your home. 

Given they have good suction power, Dyson vacuums are more efficient, and they effectively clean your home. 

Rainbow vacuums may not have equal suction power, but most of their vacuums come equipped with an extra upholstery tool to make up for it. 

Additional Attachments 

When you buy a vacuum cleaner, you expect it to come with certain tools and additional attachments. Dyson and Rainbow offer a variety of accessories with their vacuum cleaners. Let’s quickly have a look at them. 

Rainbow’s Accessories 

  • A MiniJet upholstery brush
  • Power Nozzle with LED lights
  • JetPad equipped with microfiber pads
  • RainJet attachment 
  • AquaMate: the carpet cleaner 
  • RainbowMate brush which is motor-powered 

Dyson’s Accessories 

  • Upright Models
    • Flexi-crevice tool
    • Pet groom attachment
    • Mattress tool
  • Stick Models
    • Dirt brush
    • Low-reach adapter 
    • Light-pipe crevice attachment 
    • Vacuum stands

Benefits & Drawbacks of Dyson and Rainbow 


Following are the benefits of a Dyson vacuum: 

  • Most retailers have Dyson vacuums available with them. 
  • Dyson vacuums are lightweight. 
  • Dyson vacuum cleaners are comparatively cheaper than Rainbow vacuums. 
  • Dyson offers powerful suction. 

Following are the drawbacks of a Dyson vacuum:

  • Dyson offers limited accessories. 
  • Dyson vacuums have a shorter lifespan. 


Following are the benefits of a Rainbow vacuum: 

  • Rainbow vacuums come with various accessories and attachments. 
  • Rainbow vacuums are strong and long-lasting. 
  • Rainbow vacuums deep clean your home with their water-based vacuuming technology. 

Following are the drawbacks of a Rainbow vacuum:

  • Rainbow vacuums are bulky. 
  • Rainbow vacuums are comparatively expensive. 
  • Rainbow vacuums aren’t easily available and must be bought from the distributor. 

Rainbow vs Dyson Vacuum — Which One Should Be Your Ultimate Pick? 

It clearly isn’t surprising to think that both Rainbow and Dyson are great at doing their job. You should take your requirements into consideration when you’re going to buy a vacuum cleaner for your home

Bagless vs. Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

From the basic cleaning features to various additional and advanced features, there are a lot of factors you need to keep in mind to make the right purchase. 

Dyson V11 Turbo Drive is a great option if you want to buy a good vacuum for cleaning carpeted and hardwood floors at a reasonable price. Dyson offers many other variants that are worth buying. 

Meanwhile, if you want to try out a vacuum equipped with various tools, you can buy a Rainbow E2 Type 12. This model by Rainbow is long-lasting, and it also features a new and enhanced water basin. 

No matter which vacuum cleaner you pick, you should ensure to maintain it regularly so that the machine lasts for a long time and works efficiently. 


Both Rainbow and Dyson are prestigious brands in the industry, and buying a vacuum cleaner from any of them will provide you with the satisfaction of a spotless home. Both are leading brands, and their vacuums are equally good, and the major factor that sets them apart is the price. 

If money is not a concern for you, we’re pretty sure that you’ll want to invest in a Rainbow vacuum cleaner, given its long-lasting, versatile, and deep cleans your home. 

However, money is still a vital factor for many people, and thus, it makes it difficult for everyone to invest in a Rainbow vacuum cleaner. Overall, Rainbows lead in performance, while Dyson vacuums win in various other aspects, including price. 

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