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How to Repair & Fix Vacuum Cleaner Power Cord (6 Steps)

Published by: Katherine Frame

How to Repair and Fix Vacuum Cleaner Power Cord

The power cord of the vacuum cleaner has to undergo a lot of stress, from being hung while vacuuming your house to being wrapped up all around the device after vacuuming is done.

This pressure can cause damage to the power cord, leading to no suction in the vacuum or the complete failure of the power supply. There are three main areas where the damage occurs-at the plug, in the center, or at the switch area.

In this article, we will assist you with the steps that you can take to repair a vacuum cleaner power cord.

Common Causes

Before stepping into the procedure of repairing your vacuum cleaner power cord, let’s have a look at the common causes that damage the power cord:

1. Cord Stretching

Cord stretching may occur when people unknowingly extend the wires too long while vacuuming. It makes the wires in the cord break loose which disrupts the transfer of electrical current to the device. 

2. Split Cord

Another general damage that might occur to the vacuum cleaner power cord is a split cord. Some people wrap electrical tape around the damaged area to fix the cord.

And so the brush roller on the bottom of the vacuum cleaner is vulnerable to run over the taped cord. 

3. Chewed Cord

If you have a pet at your home, then there is a possibility that your pet will not like the sound of the vacuum cleaner, or they are likely to be afraid of it. In that case, the aggressiveness of the pet may lead to the chewed or bitten cord.

4. Twisted Cord

The cord of the vacuum cleaner might twist from one end if you wrap it all around the vacuum cleaner after the vacuuming is done. It will make the wire threads inside the cord break easily which, in turn, will run down the motor of the vacuum cleaner.

Steps to Repair a Vacuum Cleaner Power Cord

Follow the steps given below to repair a vacuum cleaner power cord:

1. Investigate the damaged area of the cord

First, you need to examine the power cord. Check the damaged area, whether the defect is at the plug, in the center, or at the switch.

2. Tape it only if there are surface damages to the cord

You can use electrical tape in case of any trivial damage. Avoid using masking, shipping, or duct tapes. Electrical tapes are shock-sensitive and insulate the inner thread-like wires to prevent sparks and shocks.

3. Fix the cord

To fix the cord, you can either interweave the wires together or you can cut the cord and replace the plug with a new one. 

Follow these steps to interweave the wires together:

  • Cut the damaged area of the power cord.
  • Strip about half an inch of the external plastic part of the cord so that the thin thread-like wires are exposed. 
  • Twist the wires together.
  • Wrap the lines with a thick layer of electrical tape.

4. Replace the electric plug

Cut the cord about two to three inches above the plug and strip the external plastic wire about half an inch so that each wire is seen clearly.

Uncover the new plug and attach each wire corresponding to the terminals inside the plug. Place the cover back and tighten the screws using the screwdriver.

5. Additional Help

If you are unable to fix or repair the vacuum cleaner power cord yourself, you can take it to the local electronic repair professional. If the cord is severely damaged, they can either remove the damaged area or replace the whole cord with a new one.

6. Test the Vacuum Cleaner

After you have successfully repaired the power cord, plug in the device and check whether the vacuum cleaner is working properly. In case the problem persists, there must be a problem in some other part of the vacuum cleaner. Hence, a local professional is the lender of the last resort.

You can also watch this video to see the steps of repairing the vacuum cleaner power cord…

Additional Suggestions to Fix Vaccum Cleaner Power Cord

You can avoid common mistakes to prevent your vacuum cleaner power cord from getting damaged. A few of them are:

  • Keep the power cord away from the brushes rolling on the surface of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Don’t use the wrong extension cord. Always check the amp rating or wattage of the vacuum before connecting the extension cord.
  • Keep the power cords away from pets. They might get aggressive and damage the cord.
  • Make sure that you are not pulling the cord while vacuuming the whole house. 
  • Check the vacuum cleaner power cords or any other parts of the device every month to prevent sparks or shocks from the vacuum cleaner.
  • Don’t wrap the cord all around the vacuum cleaner when not in use. 


Vacuum cleaner power cords are vulnerable to damage as they are generally not very durable. It’s not very difficult to fix it all by yourself. However, you can make your old vacuum cleaner back to life with these simple steps. 

You can also follow additional tips to prevent the power cord from damage. It will save you an extra cost to buy a new one. I hope this article will be of great help to you. Happy cleaning!


Is it safe to put electrical tape around exposed wires?

Though high-quality electrical tapes are used to fix or repair minor cord damage, they should never be used to cover exposed wires. It might give you an electric shock as the currents are still passing through the wires when it is put to use.

Can you replace a vacuum cleaner power cord?

Yes, you can replace a vacuum cleaner power cord if you are an average do-it-yourself person. All the cords are fixed to the motor of the vacuum cleaner in the same manner, irrespective of the brand. You can browse the procedure or watch tutorials on the internet that will assist you to replace the vacuum cleaner power cord.

How do you clean a vacuum if it isn’t working right?

Firstly, clean the brush as it is one of the dirtiest parts of the device. Your vacuum may not work properly if it is super dirty. Then, use a screwdriver to remove the roller and clean it with a soap-water solution and a sponge or a microfibre cloth. Moreover, if you find the hose of the vacuum cleaner to be clogged, bend the hose back and forth to remove the filth out.

How much does it cost to replace a vacuum cleaner power cord?

The estimated cost of replacing a vacuum cleaner power cord is around $15 to $30.

How does a vacuum cord retractor work?

A retractable cord gets twisted back into the device when it is pulled at a limited distance from the appliance. When you accidentally pull the power cord of the vacuum cleaner beyond its extendable limit, tension is created on the cord which retracts you from moving ahead. It gets coiled up inside the vacuum cleaner. Therefore, it is similar to the coiling of a fishing wheel.

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