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How to Put a Belt on a Vacuum Cleaner Quickly [with Steps]

Published by: Katherine Frame

How to Replace a Vacuum Belt

Every component of a vacuum cleaner is essential for its excellent performance and efficiency. With that, make sure to keep the components of the vacuum in their top condition. 

In this article, we will discuss how to put a belt on a vacuum cleaner. Thus, replacing stretched or broken drive belts are among the common problems you may encounter with your vacuums.   

Steps on How to Put a Belt on a Vacuum Cleaner (Replace a Vacuum Belt)

If your vacuum cleaner’s motor is not running and the carpet cleaning doesn’t spin, the belt can have a problem. With this, you need to replace the belt. Putting the belt on the vacuum is easy. You can follow the steps below. 

1. Access the brush roll area and vacuum belt

The first step is to open the brush roll area to remove the bottom plate of the vacuum by unscrewing it. 

2. Removal of its old belt and brush roller

Next is to remove the old belt and brush roller. Make sure to look at their arrangement in the cleaner and how they connect to each other. Pull the brush roll out of the machine and slide it out of the belt loop. You can now remove the other end of the vacuum belt on the motor shaft. 

3. Install your new vacuum belt on the motor shaft and brush roller

You can now slide the new vacuum belt around the motor shaft. Then, thread the brush roll on the other end of the belt. Make sure to install them correctly. 

4. Install brush roller with the belt properly 

You can place the brush roller with the belt in its correct position.

5. Reassemble the vacuum cleaner

Lastly, you can return the vacuum’s bottom place and other accessories you removed for accessing the brush roll area. 

You can watch this video to put your new vacuum cleaner belt…

How do you change a belt on a Hoover vacuum?

You can change your Hoover vacuum’s belt through the following steps.

1. Unplug your Hoover vacuum 

Turn the cleaner upside-down and put the motor and vacuum part on the countertop with the handle hanging down towards the floor. SO, you can work on the underside of the machine. 

2. Locate the two plastic release levers near the vacuum’s front wheels

You can push the levers outward to release the vacuum’s bottom panel.

3. Remove the old belt and roller 

You can slightly stretch the belt to remove it from the small shaft. Then, you can remove the roller which is across the vacuum’s front edge. You can now also remove the belt. 

4. Put the new belt around the roller 

You can put the new belt around the roller and fit it to the middle of the bar. 

5. Replace the vacuum’s bottom and push retaining tabs back in their position

Replace the bottom of the machine and push the retaining tabs in place. Turn on your vacuum and see it already works properly. 

How do you change the belt on a Hoover whirlwind?

In changing the belt on a Hoover whirlwind, you should look into the vacuum belt and brush roll area first. Next, remove the brush roller and your old belt. Then, you can place your new motor shaft and its brush roller vacuum belt. 

You can now install the brush roller with the belt in its proper position. Lastly, you can now reassemble your vacuum. 


Generally, replacing your vacuum belt is an easy task. You can do it with yourself, allowing you to save more money and time. By simply following the steps above, you can put the belt correctly in your vacuum cleaner. 


How to stretch a vacuum belt?

The bottom of the vacuum comes with four screws. You can take these out to access the belt and brush roll. Then, you can lift the brush roll up and out. Put the new belt over the pulley of the motor and around the brush roll. You can pull the brush roll to stretch. Reassemble the cleaner.

What can I use instead of a vacuum belt?

Instead of a vacuum belt, you can use a duct tape as a temporary fix. Keep in mind that this belt is best for temporary use since it can damage your vacuum cleaner when overuse.

Can you repair a vacuum belt?

The vacuum belt can be repaired by replacing it with a new one. However, if you have a permanent vacuum belt, you can check for debris and dirt buildup.

Can you use a vacuum without a belt?

If your vacuum cleaner doesn’t have a belt, the brush roll will not spin. Most vacuums don’t pick up debris without a belt.

Can you fix a broken vacuum belt?

If you have a broken vacuum belt, you can check them for debris or wear. If it is damaged, it is better to replace your vacuum belt with a new one.

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