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Do Robot Vacuum Learn Your House for Navigation?

Published by: Katherine Frame

Do Robot Vacuum Learn Your House

Robot vacuum cleaners, which are also referred to as “robovacs,” are vacuums that are robotically powered used for cleaning houses.

These have a combination of robotic drives and sensors that learns your house floor plan and navigates it like a map. From room to room, it keeps an orderly house.

But do the robot vacuum learn your house actually to avoid areas of a room with more dirt? Can the robot eventually run into walls, furniture, and the floor until there’s just a trail of empty space left unvacuumed before it turns itself off? Let’s learn all this in detail…

How a Robot Vacuum Navigates Your Home?

It’s so surprising to know that this kind of vacuum cleaner can completely clean around your home by getting rid of the dirt, dust, and debris inside your home. Perhaps, you might be wondering how it works or how it navigates your home. You may be thinking that it has an installed camera on it to navigate the whole place in your home

Generally, a robot vacuum doesn’t have any camera on it. It has only sensors that can detect bumps, walls, and cliffs. If the robotic vacuum feels that it gets closer to home stairs or something else with hindrances, it quickly stops and shifts its direction. 

There’s also a cliff sensor that can measure the distance from the obstacles. It utilizes infrared lights in accomplishing the job. Another feature of a robot vacuum cleaner is a bump sensor. This sensor allows the unit to gauge furniture and boundaries. The obstacles in your house trigger the sensors of the unit. 

Aside from that, its wheels have sensors, allowing the cleaner to measure the specific distance it has covered. 

Do Robot Vacuum Learn Your House?

In these recent times, robotic vacuum cleaners are cleaning equipment that are worth investment. It is because it can clean your whole floor without directly controlling it. This makes the product more prominent than any other traditional vacuum cleaners.

So, if you would like to purchase a machine that can effortlessly clean your home, then you may opt for Roomba

The newer versions of robotic vacuum cleaners can learn the layout of your house. That’s why this device can effectively clean your home even without directly supervising it. These newer versions are quite expensive compared to the older ones because of their features. 

It is indeed practical for robotic vacuums to learn the layout of your house to do the tasks efficiently. This device labels a map on its corresponding application based on the room, allowing the vacuum to take the path. 

As a robot vacuum learns your house, it can perfectly perform the tasks using the help of the sensors. It has sensors that can detect various types of bumps, cliffs, or any hindrances when cleaning. 

Which Robot Vacuums Have the Mapping Technology?

There are several robotic vacuums that contain mapping technology. A robotic vacuum mapping feature allows the device to make an accurate layout or map of your home.

This map is then utilized to create an effective path in cleaning your house and ensuring that there will be no spots to be missed. Aside from that, it helps the robot vacuums to know precisely where they must do the cleaning. 

Robotic vacuums with mapping technology can be purchased in the marketplace. However, these are quite expensive compared to those products with random patterns in cleaning only. To give you some examples of robot vacuums with mapping technology, the following are listed below:

1. iRobot Roomba i7+

Although this product is expensive in the market, rest assured that it will give you the best performance in cleaning your house.

This device boosts its suction power in some areas with more dirt or debris, allowing it to suck all dirt in the areas. This is also an ideal cleaning tool in getting rid of your pets’ hair from the floor or carpet

2. Ecovacs DEEBOT T8 AIVI

The manufacturer of this product is proud enough to say that it has a longer lifespan than any other brand or model. It also provides a great performance level in terms of cleaning your entire floor at home. 

It can avoid the carpet once it is in mopping mode. And if it’s in a vacuuming mode, it increases its suction power, allowing you to achieve a well-cleaned home.

You may also set different water levels utilized on the mopping tasks. Aside from that, it allows you to program the areas where it must not clean. 

These two products are just some of the best examples of vacuum cleaners with mapping technology. You may opt to use any of those models based on your preferences. 

How to Get the Most Out of Your Robot Vacuum Cleaner?

A robotic vacuum cleaner helps in cleaning your home easier and more efficiently. That’s why it is important to set the device properly and do the maintenance as required. If you own a robotic vacuum cleaner, then here are essential tips that you must do to maximize its benefits:

1. Setting it up in the right area

It is crucial to install the home base of the device in the right area to make sure that the device can dock properly. Avoid setting up its home base near overly hot or cold areas like room heater or AC vent. Place it in a dry & cool area. 

2. Downloading the app

Some robotic vacuums work well even without the app; however, you won’t use other functions and features like virtual boundaries, remote stop/start, and auto-schedule. 

3. Clearing the floor

If you’re about to clean your home using this robotic vacuum, then you need to pick up the toys, cables, clothing items, and other things lying on the ground. These can cause the device to malfunction. 

4. Monitor the device on the first cleaning

It’s better to be there, monitoring the device on the first cleaning to determine some possible trouble spots for cleaning. If this happens, you can get the robotic vacuum from that area or get rid of the things that cause the issue. 

5. Setting up a schedule

You can set a schedule for the device to clean. This is perfect, especially if you’re busy doing something.

6. Removing the dust/dirt from the bins after cleaning

Doing this thing can keep your robotic vacuum in a better working condition. Thus, it maintains the best cleaning performance level or robot vacuum and a long lifespan.

7. Inspecting and replacing brushes and wheels

Regular inspection of the brushes and wheels will help you maintain their good condition, guaranteeing that the product will last longer. 


Does Roomba Learn Your House?

Roomba learns the layout of your house because it has a feature that can perfectly do it. It has a mapping technology that can help you memorize the layout of the entire house.

Why is My Roomba Not Cleaning the Whole House?

Not all Roombas can clean your entire house. Only those models with special capabilities can do a perfect cleaning procedure. Some Roombas don’t have a proper combination of mapping, run time, resume, recharge to clean the house effectively.

Can I Pick Up Roomba and Move It?

If you pick up the Roomba and put it in another place, then it may find it difficult to find its home base. So, it is advisable not to pick it or manually move the device in your desired area.

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