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Does the Shark IQ Robot Work on Hardwood Floors?

Published by: Katherine Frame

Does the Shark IQ Robot Work on Hardwood Floors

Does the Shark IQ Robot Work on hardwood floors? There is no doubt that the Shark Iq works well with carpets, but can it handle wood? Today’s question comes from a reader who has hardwood floors and would like to know whether or not they can use it.

As always, our questions are answered by experts in the industry so you can get straightforward answers from those who know best.

Do Shark IQ Robot Scratch and Damage Hardwood Floors? 

Remember that robot vacuums like the Shark IQ Robot are a hassle-free way to keep your floors clean. However, one of the major concerns is that they will scratch and scuff up your hardwood floors. 

Thus, the question you have in mind right now is, do Shark IQ Robot damage hardwood floors? The short answer to that question is NO.

This type of vacuum won’t scratch or even damage your hardwood floors. Many are manufactured with rubbery wheels and soft brushes safe for many surfaces, such as hardwood. 

Nevertheless, there’s a risk like with any vacuum. 

You see, small objects, sand, or dirt can get stuck underneath the vacuum or in the wheel. Most folks do not continuously monitor their robot vacuum while it is running. Thus, the debris could drag around for a bit of a while and scratch the floor.

How does Shark IQ Robot Work When Cleaning Hardwood Floors?

The Shark IQ Robot is a versatile vacuum offering enough suction. The benefit of this vacuum for hardwood floors is that it is gentle enough for vacuuming floors while providing powerful suction for deep carpet cleaning. Just make sure you turn the brush roll off before you glide over bar floors. 

Robot vacuum use on carpet

The transition from one-floor setting to the next is quick and straightforward as well. When cleaning hardwood floors, the Shark IQ Robot captured most of the debris. However, it strangely left a small collection of waste in the middle of the area after the cleaning. 

We’re not sure if that was a problem with the fragments reaching the dust bin totally or something exceptional to the floor type. 

In general, the Shark IQ Robot captured ninety-eight per cent of debris from the hardwood floors. 

How can you Stop Robot Vacuums from Scratching and Damaging your Hardwood Floors? 

Whatever the brand you have right now, you will find basic steps you can take to lessen the risk of your vacuum scratching and ruining your floors. 

1. Pick up cords or wires

Please take note that robot vacuums like the Shark IQ Robot can easily get tangled in cords or wires, drag them around and scratch your hardwood floors.

2. Pick the correct vacuum for your hardwood floors

Ensure you pick a robot vacuum created for multiple surfaces or hardwood floors. You can consider Shark IQ Robot that has zero complaints about scratching hardwood. 

3. Be there when the vacuum is running

Benefits of Robot Vacuum Cleaners

It may be highly tempting to go to work or sleep while your vacuum is running. However, it will help if you monitor the device for at least the first few cycles. Doing this will allow you to be there if anything goes wrong. 

4. Sweep hair

Did you know that hair can get trapped in the vacuum’s wheels and stop them from spinning? When the wheels do not rotate correctly, they can drag and rub your floor. 

5. Tape the pivot wheel

Putting a thick rubber band of electrical tape over the pivot wheel can stop scratches from happening. You will also need to change the tape often, but it is a fast and straightforward fix. 

6. Clean the vacuum 

Cleaning your Shark IQ Robot as often as possible to guarantee the wheels can spin freely is a great idea. Before use, always check if the wheels are clean and rotating as usual. 

7. Pick up big debris

Make sure you do not leave plastic, sand, dirt, or rocks lying around. Remember that the wheels could get caught on such items, drag them around, and cause scuffs, denting, or scratches. 

Final Thoughts

To sum up, damage or scratches to your hardwood floors is somewhat rare, especially when using the Shark IQ Robot. There are some instances when the robot vacuum malfunctions or the debris got stuck in the wheels.

The ideal way to lessen damage to your hardwood floors is always to keep the wheels of the vacuum cleaner, place electrical tape over the plastic wheels, shop within the leading brands, and pick multi-surface models. 

It will also help if you ensure you clean up any messes that involve hair, debris, dirt, and sand before starting your robot vacuum. Overall, most brands these days provide a good return policy. That allows you to test the device out in an inconspicuous area before you commit to it.

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