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10 Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners (with Pros & Cons)

Published by: Katherine Frame

Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners

It is crucial to have a great vacuum cleaner machine in your home at all times. It is going to assist you in making your cleaning process much faster and way more efficient. 

Nonetheless, you will find various kinds of great vacuum cleaners in the market, that it will become a challenging task for you to choose the ideal one that will suit you and your home the best. 

This is why in this article, we have mentioned some of the best kinds of vacuum cleaners that will make the work much easier for you. 

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

There are so many different kinds of vacuum cleaners with the latest technologies available in the market today that the process of choosing the right vacuum cleaner can become overwhelming for anyone who doesn’t know all about them. 

Each type has its own set of advantages & disadvantages. In this section, we’ll discuss every type of vacuum cleaner in detail. 

1. Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Canister vacuum cleaners are one of the most popular vacuum types. These vacuum cleaners show the best results on areas covered with carpets, hard surfaces, stairs, and cars. A canister vacuum cleaner comes with a suction hose. 

Maneuvering is easy with a canister vacuum cleaner as it is equipped with a retractable cord. These vacuums are highly versatile and easy to handle. They also work the best around furniture and are extremely powerful. 

2. Upright Vacuum Cleaner

An upright vacuum cleaner is another type that comes under one of the most popular vacuum cleaners. These vacuum cleaners are made to cater to large spaces, and hence, if you have a home with large carpeted surfaces, an upright vacuum cleaner is the perfect option for you. 

An upright vacuum cleaner uses a beater-brush which works via a motor. This brush removes the dust & dirt using suction power. An upright vacuum cleaner is also very versatile as it comes with several attachments for various uses. 

Upright vacuum cleaners are available as both a bagged upright vacuum cleaner and a bagless upright vacuum cleaner. 

Both types are available in the market, and it is up to you to pick the right one as per your budget and requirements. Upright vacuum cleaners give the best results on carpeted flooring & hardwood floors.


Their height is also adjustable, making them convenient. Their power & affordability are another points that make them popular in households. 

3. Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Handheld vacuum cleaners make it easy for you to clean areas that are otherwise not easily accessible. These vacuum cleaners are portable, compact, easy to store, and effective for cleaning small spaces. 

If you need a vacuum cleaner specifically to clean your car, you should consider buying a handheld vacuum. These vacuums are incredibly lightweight & handy. Moreover, they don’t make a lot of noise. 

4. Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Sweeper vacuum cleaners, also known as stick vacuums, fall between a handheld vacuum cleaner & an upright vacuum cleaner. These vacuums are light in weight, and they are highly convenient as they are battery-operated. 

However, they are built with the features of a traditional vacuum cleaner, making them effective & efficient on hardwood flooring. 

You can use a stick vacuum cleaner to clean your washrooms or even the kitchen. These vacuums come with a cup instead of a bag for storing the sucked-up dirt & dust. They are available in both types, cordless & corded, and it is elementary to keep them as they don’t take up much space. 

5. Wet And Dry Vacuum Cleaner

A wet and dry vacuum cleaner comes with an interesting feature: it can clean both wet & dry areas. Hence, from milk & water to dust & dirt, a wet and dry vacuum cleaner can take care of it all. 

6. Pet Vacuum Cleaner

As the name suggests, a pet vacuum cleaner is specifically designed to clean pet odors, hair, and other unwanted particles that your pets may get into your house. They are different from the rest of the vacuums as their beater brush can be easily detached and cleaned compared to traditional vacuum cleaners. 

If you use a traditional vacuum cleaner to get rid of your pet hair, the chances are that the vacuum cleaner will get clogged. 

7. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

A robotic vacuum cleaner is the best for those who don’t like the process of vacuum cleaning. Set up the robotic vacuum cleaner, and all you’ll have to do is sit and relax as the robotic vacuum cleaner will do the job for you. 

This vacuum cleaner is also appropriate for those who don’t get a lot of time to clean, as the robotic vacuum cleaner will help you save your time & energy. 

These vacuums are compact but not highly powerful or efficient compared to an excellent upright or canister vacuum. 

With every passing day, the popularity of these vacuums is increasing because they are highly convenient & people prefer using them because of their highly tiring and busy routines. 

8. Backpack Vacuum Cleaner

As the name suggests, a backpack vacuum cleaner comes in the shape of a backpack. You can use this vacuum cleaner by wearing it on your back, making it convenient for those who cannot bend their backs. 

However, if you’re on the lookout for a powerful vacuum cleaner, you should not opt for this type as while it has good suction power, it cannot beat a canister or wet and dry vacuum cleaner. 

9. Carpet Cleaner or Deep Cleaner

A carpet vacuum cleaner is made so that it uses lukewarm water to get rid of spots & stains present on the carpet. These vacuum cleaners treat your carpets appropriately, and they are also named carpet shampooers or carpet extractors. 

A carpet cleaner uses warm soapy water along with the brushes & technology of a vacuum to clean your dirty carpet. This type of vacuum cleaner is not suitable for homes, as it is not meant for everyday use. 

10. Central Vacuum Cleaner

A central vacuum cleaner is a type that does not need to be unplugged & plugged time & again. Hence, if you’re someone who’s tired of plugging the vacuum in & out, a central vacuum cleaner is the right option for you. These vacuum cleaners come with an internal wired system and a long hose. 

They can easily get connected to any wall port in your house, and the long hose will allow you to vacuum all around the house without getting troubled. The dirt and dust will pass through the hose and then enter the vacuum cleaner tubes, fourth getting into the vacuum’s container. 

Vacuum Types Comparison Table

Here’s a quick table explaining all the types of vacuum cleaners and their pros and cons…

Backpack Vacuum Cleaner → Lightweight. 
→ Appropriate for people who have back issues. 
→ Easily pick dust & soil efficiently. 
→ Easy to handle. 
→ Furniture, carpets, and floors. 
→ Does not make a lot of noise. 
→ Small storage bag. 
→ The adjustability of straps can be hard. 
Wet and Dry Vacuum Cleaner → They can clean both wet & dry spaces. 
→ Appropriate for industrial areas & homes. 
→ The filters are separate, making it easy to wash them. 
→ Come with a nozzle that will clean hard-to-reach spaces. 
→ It can be used to inflate pools & mattresses. 
→ Does not make much noise. 
→ They are corded, and hence, you’ll need multiple power plugs in the house to clean larger areas. 
→ If you are vacuuming things like vomit or urine, the vacuum cleaner easily gets smelly. 
→ Difficult maneuverability. 
Central Vacuum Cleaner→ Highly powerful compared to other vacuum cleaners. 
→ Provides better indoor air quality. 
→ Easy to use. 
→ If the bag/container gets completely filled, it does not affect the suction power. 
→ Very quiet.
→ Very expensive. 
→ It cannot vacuum stairs easily. 
→ It is not very energy efficient. 
→ You’ll have to carry a very long hose all around the house. 
→ It does not vacuum carpets efficiently. 
Canister Vacuum Cleaner → Extremely powerful suction power. 
→ Light in weight. 
→ It comes with several tools and attachments to clean various surfaces. → Has the ability to clean curtains, upholstery, furniture, and stairs.
→ Moderate noise levels. 
→ Very bulky. 
→ Not easy to store & maintain. 
→ It needs to be assembled before you start using it. 
→ Not appropriate for those with back issues. 
Carpet Vacuum Cleaner→ Warm water provides extra help in cleaning. 
→ Prevent bacterial growth. 
→ Good for deep cleaning carpets. 
→ They can be very heavy. 
→ Bulky. 
→ Not easy to store.
Upright Vacuum Cleaner→ Easy to maintain & store. 
→ They can stand on their own. 
→ Come with various attachments. 
→ Can clean both carpets and hardwood floors. 
→ Appropriate for cleaning large areas. 
→ Don’t take much space. 
→ They can be very heavy. 
→ They can make a lot of noise. 
→ Won’t be able to vacuum stairs. 
Handheld Vacuum Cleaner → Appropriate for crannies and nooks. 
→ They are perfect for cars as they are handy. 
→ Come in both types: corded & cordless. 
→ Can easily pick up pet dander & hair. 
→ Don’t take up much space. 
→ Easy maneuverability. 
→ Don’t make a lot of noise.
→ Not appropriate for everyday use at home. 
→ Don’t have a high suction power. 
Stick Vacuum Cleaner→ Easy to use & easy to store. 
→ Light in weight. 
→ Come in both types: cordless & corded. 
→ They can efficiently clean hardwood floors. 
→ Appropriate for cleaning small spaces. 
→ Not very powerful compared to traditional vacuum cleaners. 
→ Bin capacity is not very high. 
→ They can be very noisy. 
Pet Vacuum Cleaner→ Good for cleaning both hardwood floors & carpeted flooring. 
→ Quite powerful. 
→ Gets rid of pet odors and grabs ahold of pet dander & hair. 
→ Difficult maneuverability. 
→ They can be very heavy.
Robotic Vacuum Cleaner→ You won’t have to vacuum using them. 
→ They’ll vacuum the house on their own.
→ They can navigate through tight spaces. 
→ It can be controlled via your smartphone. 
→ Easy to store. 
→ Easy to maintain. 
→ Not appropriate for cleaning huge messes. 
→ Small bin capacity. 
→ It can be costly. 
→ Not appropriate for cleaning carpets. 

Vacuum Parts 

When you talk about a modern vacuum cleaner, you’ll observe how it comes with various parts that join together to make the machine work.

In this section, we’ll discuss all the different parts of a vacuum cleaner along with their use & importance: 

  • Belt: A vacuum cleaner’s belt is the part that connects the brush to the motor. Hence, the belt is the reason why the brushes of your vacuum cleaner can move so fast, making it possible for the vacuum to capture all the dust particles. 
  • Indication Light: The job of this light is to turn on when the bag of your vacuum cleaner gets full. Therefore, this light turns on to inform you that you need to change your bag, further making it possible for the vacuum cleaner to work efficiently. 
  • Built-in Heater: Deep vacuum cleaners or carpet cleaners often come with a built-in heater that warms up the water before use. This is because these vacuums use warm water to get stains out of carpets. Hence, the heater allows them to work efficiently. 
  • Headlight: Are you cleaning in a dark space? Some vacuums come with a headlight which helps the user spot unwanted components & obstructions that may be in the space while you’re cleaning it. 
  • Upholstery Attachment: The upholstery tool is a bristled brush that comes in handy for cleaning curtains, furniture, and various other surfaces. 
  • Filtration: Most vacuum cleaners come with a good filtration system. The filters are used to get rid of dirt & dust particles from the space while cleaning it with a vacuum cleaner. 
  • Brush system: Different brushes in different sizes are made for their own specific use. These brushes allow you to be deep clean your home as they scrub the surface properly. 
  • Crevice tool: Crevice tool is another vacuum cleaner attachment used for cleaning places that are not easily accessible for the vacuum cleaner to reach.
  • Dusting brush: As the name suggests, a dusting brush is an attachment used to dust hard surfaces. 
  • Motor: We say that a vacuum cleaner is powerful when it has good suction power. The more, the merrier. This is because having more suction power reduces the time taken to clean using a vacuum. The power of a vacuum cleaner is measured in volts, watts, & amps. 
  • Motor Protection: The use & purpose of this system is to protect the motor of your vacuum from overheating.
  • Pet brush: Pet brush is again a bristled brush that is used to eliminate pet hair and pet dander from different surfaces, stairs, and furniture of your home. 
  • Carpet-height adjustment: With this feature, you can adjust the brush roll’s height to ensure it is in the right place to clean the carpet. 
  • Onboard tools: Deluxe hoses, upholstery brushes, and crevice tools are a few of the many onboard tools that you may require during the process of vacuum cleaning. Various vacuum cleaners come with multiple tools to help you do the job with ease. 
  • Tank capacity: The water tank won’t need to be refilled again & again if it has a good capacity. Every model of vacuum cleaner comes with a different tank capacity, and you should choose it wisely. The standard water capacity of a vacuum cleaner is 1 gallon. 
  • Cleaning path: The cleaning path is referred to as the vacuum’s ability to grab ahold of dust & dirt particles. Vacuum cleaners with a large cleaning path can clean faster and grab a very good amount of unwanted particles. 
  • Retractable cord: You’ll often find a retractable cord in canister vacuum cleaners. This feature is for easy maneuvering, and it also helps with storage.
  • Edge cleaner: An edge cleaner can allow you to pick dust from every corner. This feature specifically helps when you’re cleaning space with wall-to-wall carpeting. 
  • Self-propelled motor: This feature basically propels the vacuum for easy maneuvering. 


According to our research and experience, we provided you with a list of the most appropriate vacuum cleaners above that will suit your respective needs as well as the budget. 

There are many factors that you would need to consider while making your choices, such as your kind of flooring, desired accessories, the weight of the machine, and much more. So we hope you keep all of it in mind and only then make the final purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many types of vacuum cleaners are there?

There are 10 types of vacuum cleaners namely: canister vacuums, upright vacuums, robotic vacuums, stick vacuums, deep cleaners, central vacuums, pet vacuums, handheld vacuums, wet & dry vacuums, and backpack vacuums.

Which type of vacuum cleaner is best?

The best kind of vacuum depends solely on your requirements. For instance, if you have a large and carpeted household, an upright vac is probably the best pick for you. However, if you wish to have a more portable and lighter machine, a cylinder vacuum is the way to go. Another compact and less messy choice can be the cordless vacuum if that’s your priority. Hence, you must keep your needs in mind and choose the one that is best for you.

What kind of vacuum cleaners do hotels use?

In hotels, we will most often find upright vacuum cleaners being used the majority of the time. The central unit of the machine is run by a solitary motor while lying horizontally on the hotel flooring. The vacuum dust bag is located outside of the central unit of the machine, and the beater brush works to boost dust removal from carpets.

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