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How to Unblock a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner: Complete Steps

Published by: Katherine Frame

How to Unblock a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Complete Steps

One main issue experienced by many Dyson vacuum cleaner owners is a block vacuum. If something is stuck inside the vacuum cleaner’s hose, it will have trouble picking up dirt and grime. Never allow the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner to dwindle; here is how you can eliminate the obstruction. 

How to Unblock a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner 

Unblocking a Dyson vacuum cleaner is easy and simple to do. All you have to do is to follow the steps before.

  • Turn off your vacuum cleaner. 
  • First, you need to check the canister. You also need to check the vacuum cleaner base, as this is where the blocking takes place. You also need to check the hose. 
  • To check if there is a blocking in the hose, you need to remove it from the wand. The blocking can happen on the top of the other side of the hose.  It is easy to detach the hose, and you will see a red button at the base of the wand; just push it and pull up the hose, and that‘s it. 
  • If you see some blocking, just remove it using a long stick, and ensure no dirt or grime is left behind prior to returning the hose. 
  • There can also be a blockage on the part where the wand and the hose are connected, so check this out. 
  • The last thing that you need to check is the small red hole at the base of the Dyson vacuum cleaner. Just pull it out to know if there is some debris inside. Pull them out using your hand, or you can use a stick to eliminate them totally. Make sure to slide this part into the base. 
  • And last but not least, check the cleaner head. Blockage can also happen in this part. Just push the tab down to open the cleaner head and then eliminate the debris. Just slide it back to click into place.

You can also watch this video to see how to unblock a Dyson vacuum cleaner…

How to Unblock a Dyson DC40 

This is one of the most used and sought after vacuum cleaner from Dyson, and unblocking it is easy and fast. Just follow these tips:

  1. Remove the C clip to loosen the machine head assembly. You can remove the head by just pulling it forward. 
  2. Visually check for obstructions: Check these areas for typical blocks or clogging, which will affect the suction of your Dyson DC40 vacuum cleaner. 
  3. Examine the screen below the cyclone assembly for dust and fibers. These can also restrict the flow of air in the machine 
  4. Check the hose at the back for blocks. Open and check it. 
  5. Get rid of excess fibers, congestion, and hair from the brush roll. In due course, the brushroll can overheat and require replacing. Regular maintenance will prolong the lifespan of your vacuum cleaner as well as the parts. 

How to Unblock a Dyson Light Ball

It is easy to unblock the Dyson light ball. Simply follow the steps below: 

  1. Unplug your cleaner and then switch it off 
  2. Press the catch on top of the dust bin to undo it from the machine. Press it while holding it over a dust bin to empty it. See the nozzle connection in the dust bin and get rid of some blockages prior to returning it to the right place. 
  3. Turn around the base of the hose until it clicks in place and twists away from the cleaner to eliminate. 
  4. Squeeze the undo catches and see the inside of the hose for some dirt. Clean them all. 
  5. Pull the tube away from the machine and check the inside for some blockages. 
  6. Lower handle and rotate the vacuum. You can utilize a coin to turn the soleplate lock. Turn its end caps and eliminate. Glide out the brushbar and utilize scissors to eliminate the strings that might be hindering or restricting movement. 
  7. Reassemble the machine and then restore the power. 

How to Unblock a Dyson Cordless Vacuum

It is also simple and easy to unblock your Dyson Cordless vacuum cleaner. All you need to do is to follow the steps below.

  1. Hold your vacuum cleaner by its handle and then pull the red lever and lift it upward to undo the cyclone. Keep on until the dust bin is totally open.
  2. Push the red bin to undo the catch situated to the back of the clear bin assembly.
  3. Get rid of the clear bin very carefully and then clean the blockages.
  4. Put back the part and ensure they are in the right place. 

How to Unblock a Dyson Ball Animal 2

Some blockages may occur in some parts of your Dyson Ball Animal 2, such as:

Clogged Brushbar

  1. Switch off the machine and also don’t forget to unplug it
  2. Flip over the machine to expose the base
  3. Check for carpet threads and hairs in the rolling brushbar, preventing the brush from turning around. Spin the brushbar using your hand to see some debris and dirt. 
  4. Cut any carpet fibers and hairs that are caught on the brush bar using scissors. Pull them and throw them away. 

Mini Turbine Attachment

  1. Attach a coin in the indent on the circle on the side of the attachment and rotate it, so it lines up with the unclogged sign. 
  2. Pull it outward and far from the attachment. You will see a mini brushbar. 
  3. Pull that mini brushbar out of your machine head and check for some debris and dirt. 
  4. Cut caught grime from the brushbar using a scissor. 
  5. Slide back the brushbar into the cleaner attachment head. 
  6. Put back the yellow circular fastener and once more utilize the coin to return to the locked state. 

Clogged U-bend

  1. Lay down the vacuum cleaner on its side. 
  2. Flip open the cover of the u-bend that is situated at the bottom of the cleaner in the rear by pushing the button on the interior of the U shape as well as pulling down the cover. 
  3. Get rid of some visible blockages at the base of the hose as well as bend the cover.
  4. Put back the u-bend cover. You can do this by means of clicking it back into place. 

How to Unclog a Dyson Vacuum Hose?

To maximize the full potential of the Dyson vacuum cleaner, you need to perform unclogging of the vacuum on a regular basis. You can do it by following the steps below: 

  • Pull the machine wand upward and off of the hose.
  • Get rid of the opposite part of the hose from the bottom of the cleaner 
  • Twist the hose around and then bang on the side using your hand to eliminate some blockages. Slide the hose on top of the broom handle to make sure that the block is pulled out totally. 
  • Turn back the hose and replace the cleaner’s wand at the other end. 


How do you clear a Dyson blockage?

It is easy to clean a Dyson blockage. You have to check each part of the vacuum cleaner like the hose, the attachment head, the u-bend, and many others.

Why is there no suction on my Dyson?

If there is no suction on your machine after unclogging, just ensure the dust bin is empty, remove the filter and test the suction. It must take no more than five seconds of working to do so. Eliminate the filters out any issues with the filters.

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