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Can You Use Robot Vacuum on Carpet? Explained!

Published by: Katherine Frame

Can You Use Robot Vacuum on Carpet

Indeed, the older versions of robotic vacuums should not be used on rugs and carpets. However, nowadays, the advanced version of vacuum cleaners works well in carpets at home.

In fact, these cleaning tools are now well-equipped with better technologies to provide a good performance level on different surfaces of your house.

So in this post, we’ll help you find out if you can use your robot vacuum on carpet or not…

Are Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Worth for Your Investment?

Numerous types of robotic vacuum cleaners can be found and purchased in the marketplace. Almost these various types have unique designs, shapes, pros, cons, and features.

Some of these brands and models are pretty expensive in comparison to the other regular quality. That’s why it is highly advised to choose the best quality robotic vacuums that would be suitable based on your tastes, preferences, and budget.

To know if your chosen vacuum cleaners are worth your investment, you should first admit that all models of vacuums are different from one another.

All those things differ based on performance level and price. If you are not satisfied with the products that you have purchased from your supplier, then you may have just chosen the wrong model for your home. It is crucial to pick the ideal one based on your choices to meet your standards and expectations.

If you purchase high-quality vacuum cleaners for your home, then you will surely have the benefits and advantages that you’re looking for. Some of these benefits include:

  • It saves your precious time to clean your house.
  • It helps you clean your house without directly supervising or monitoring the device.
  • It gives you a shiny floor result as the device mops the floor.
  • It manages the pet hair from the ground or any surface of your home.
  • It does the recharging on its own and starts its cleaning session on its own.

These modern cleaning tools help you clean your house and give you more time to do some other chores at home. Although some products are quite pricey, it is still good for your investment.

How Do Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Work on Rugs and Carpets?

Perhaps some of you may say that cleaning rugs and carpets at home is quite a burden compared to cleaning hard floors. But, if you utilize an ideal cleaning tool in cleaning the rugs and carpets, you can surely clean them without any difficulty.

To effectively clean and get the debris and dust from the carpet, your vacuums must need additional fan speed, suction power, and better contact with fabric carpets.

Some low-quality types or models of vacuum cleaners almost fail once they attempt to clean rugs and carpets.

So, as a rule of thumb when purchasing a vacuum cleaner, it is always necessary to check the reviews about the product. This may give you an idea about the products advantages and disadvantages.

Thus, it gives you an insight into whether the product is good for your home or not.

With the newest versions of robotic vacuum cleaners, most of these models can effectively perform rugs and carpets. Their advanced technology features allow the carpets and rugs to be detected.

Robot vacuum use on carpet

Once detected by the robotic vacuum, it enhances its suction power and improves its performance level to effectively perform its job while in these areas. It enhances its capacity suction to two times than the normal power and improves the speed of its fan to ten times than its usual speed.

All these things happen automatically and smoothly because of the various cleaning technology modes. It also means that your vacuum cleaner will provide smooth transitions as it moves closer on rugs or carpets from the hard floor.

Can Robotic Vacuum Cleaners Go from Hardwood to Carpets?

Generally, the majority of the types of robotic vacuum cleaners can efficiently go from hardwood to carpets.

As mentioned earlier, these provide a smooth and efficient transition from hard floors to rugs or carpets when cleaning procedures are ongoing.

However, some models that can be found in the market only work well on a specific kind of floor. So, it is recommended to choose and buy a vacuum cleaner that can manage different hard floors, rugs, and carpets without any problem.

Robotic vacuum cleaner contains huge rubber tires, which help the device to have some grip on the floor. With modern design, these rubber tires are useful in shifting their cleaning from floors to rugs and carpets.

Aside from that, when the machine comes on the carpets or rugs, it requires additional suction power to manage these areas.


Using a robotic vacuum cleaner on your rugs and carpets is not that troublesome, especially if you utilize some smart vacuum types. So, it’s better to pick the best-performing model under the average product price as a piece of advice.

Suppose you’re looking for a specific type or model of vacuum cleaner which performs best on the rugs and carpets. In that case, the first thing that you may consider is your budget, followed by the products’ features according to your preferences.


Are Robot Vacuums Good on Carpet?

Robotic vacuum cleaners are good on carpet, but not all types and models. If you want to make sure that your vacuum cleaner can work well on carpet, then pick a robotic vacuum that has advanced technology features. These will give you the guarantee that the device can work even on different surfaces at home.

Can You Use a Roomba on Carpet?

Yes. You can use a Roomba on the carpet because of the advanced tech features highly designed for carpets and various surfaces at home. Once Roomba detected a carpet, it immediately changes its suction power to effectively get the dust and debris from the carpet surface.

Does the Shark Robot Work on Carpet?

The shark robot works well on the carpet. It can pick up around 80% of cat litter, dust, and debris on carpets within 5 minutes. It also provides powerful suction to completely remove dirt from the carpet surfaces in your home.

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