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How to Vacuum a Shag Rug (The Right Way)

Published by: Katherine Frame

How to Vacuum a Shag Rug

How one interacts with their environment is often intangible but relatively connected to what materials you use in an area. For example, one looks up to the kings and queens of past centuries, who employed a sense of royal luxury through shag rugs. 

They are made from rich fibers and come in all colors to bring extra panache to the room.  However, they can also become a hassle for many owners due to being a dust magnet. This article goes over how you can effectively clean the rugs and make them dust-free.

How to Vacuum a Shag Rug?

Let’s now see how you can vacuum a shag rug properly…

1. Whack the carpet 

A shaggy rug tends not only to collect the dust but sticks to the surface of your favorite carpet. An excellent way to get rid of the larger particles is by simply beating them to remove the deposit. 

Next, merely remove the furniture sitting on the rug and roll them to avoid additional dust spills over the floor. You then take it outside, wear a mask, thump the carpet on the floor, or take a broom to whack the shag rug.

2. Type of Vacuum to Select 

Many vacuum cleaners are available to deliver performance cleaning for shag rugs. However, where they differ is their form factor and utility for different household requirements. 

Difference Between Stick Vacuums and Upright Vacuums
Upright vs Stick Vacuum

So, let’s see what purpose each type best fulfills for proper cleaning of shag carpets. 

  • Upright Vacuum Cleaner: Having a dog with shaggy hair and shag carpet means many shedding of hair all over the house. More specifically, these hair strands stick close to the rug’s surface area. These cleaners work remarkably well in ensuring that no dog hairs cling to the strands of the carpet area. Another plus is that they do not require you to bend over and strain over your back. 
  • Stick Vacuum: Stick vacuum cleaning is the way to go for complete ease of use and lightweight management. They come in a cordless form factor that gives one portability comparable to other options. In addition, their filtration systems tend to be very plug and play; you can clean them out in a few minutes, ready to go again.

Note: It is generally recommended to clean your shaggy rug once a week to maintain good upkeep. 

3. Cleaning both front and back 

A common oversight during the cleaning process tends to be focusing on the front surface and not on the backside. A shaggy carpet can capture as much dust on its fiber as underneath its surface. A good rule of thumb is to vacuum it monthly with a vacuum to collect all the dust. 

Put the nozzle pressure on low and gently start to go from left to right to ensure a more uniform cleaning process. Another option is to pull the rug away from the powerhead; however, avoid it if suction is too strong.

4. How to avoid damaging the fibers 

Shag Rugs are not like your typical surface or even rugs, for that matter, as they have large flowing fibers. To ensure that the texture remains intact and vacuum cleaner doesn’t change the soft huggable fabric, it needs these select features…

  • Adjustable Suction — no shag rugs are like the other ones as they have different materials like wool, nylon, faux fur, etc. It means that every rug requires a level of control over the amount of suction being applied to it. High suction could mean irreparable damage, while low suction might not catch the dust particulates properly.
  • Use Cervical Nozzle — Shag rugs require extreme care and a gentle touch when proper vacuum cleaning. Out of all the attachments that come with a standard cleaner, the cervical and upholstery end are excellent for gentle cleaning. Going for a simple, clean upholstery attachment can be used gently in a front-to-back motion on your rug. Then, apply the cervical nozzle with force and edge to edge cleaning process in a left to right motion. 
  • Avoid a Beater Bar — It will remove the curliness of your carpets, making the strands more straight-shaped. They can significantly harm the stands on the shag rug’s surface.

You can also watch this video to see how to vacuum a shag rug…


Shag rugs have been a centerpiece of homes across the globe and bring a nice classiness to the interior. Unfortunately, they have also been difficult to clean and maintain upkeep for an extended period due to proper tools. 

However, modern vacuum cleaners and technologies have simplified the process with adjustable controls and unique modes. 

The key to the perfect shelf life of the rugs is consistent cleaning both front and back. You can make a simple house roof by not walking on top of them, only barefoot to keep them clean for a longer period. 


How to clean a large shaggy rug?

To provide a proper clean, you can buy a dry shampoo solution to sprinkle onto the rug. Please wait for the official manufacturer’s recommended time to bond with the dust particle. Once the process is complete, vacuum the carpet on large motions front to back, cleaning it end to end.

How to vacuum a fluffy rug?

Vacuuming a fluffy rug is all about cleaning them at a low suction power and gently cleaning them in an orderly fashion. As long as you do not apply extreme pressure or beater head on them, they will maintain their fluffiness.

How to vacuum a polyester shaggy rug?

Polyester tends to be far less fragile and tends to have more tensile strength. Adjust the suction pressure to the appropriate setting and do a hard front to back motion ensuring a proper clean. Once you’re done with it, flip it over to do the same on the back end.

How to vacuum a high pile rug?

Try to find a vacuum cleaner with a button with a high pile functionality built into it. Go through the cleaning process with one foot on the rug to keep its position for cleaning. In the end, do the same process for the backside and around the general area.

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