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Vacuum Cleaner Attachments Explained! [2022 Guide]

Published by: Katherine Frame

Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

Vacuum cleaner attachments can make cleaning easier especially on those hard-to-reach areas of your home like upholstery, stairs, and hard-to-clean corners. But choosing the right vacuum cleaner attachment can be very confusing.

So here’s a complete guide on how you can choose the right vacuum cleaner attachments for your home cleaning needs…

Different Vacuum Cleaner Attachments 

You can use different kinds of vacuum attachments for performing different chores. The majority of the vacuum cleaners available in the market today provide any standard attachments along with them such as a dusting brush or crevice cleaner. 

By using appropriate attachments, you can access the areas that are usually hard for you to reach and hence, stay untidy. 

Apart from these basic ones, you will also find certain attachments that you can buy separately to suit your requirements. Some of these attachments are a fan-blade duster, car-cleaning nozzle, computer cleaner, and more. 

The following are fourteen different kinds of attachments that you can use with your vacuum cleaner. All of them have been divided into three different categories based on their availability and requirements. 

Now without any further ado, let’s have a closer look at different vacuum attachments: 

Standard Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

Most of the vacuum cleaner models provide these attachments. They are used for different purposes that are basic across all households. 

1. Extension Wand

A standard extension wand works to expand the length of the hose of your upright vac by 18 inches.

It helps you to reach various spots in the house such as chimneys, fan blades, door frames, light fixtures, etc. It avoids the hassle of using a ladder in your house and requires less effort. 

So many items get misplaced under beds or couches so you can also use this for reaching and getting out those items. 

2. Upholstery Tool

This wide attachment leads to the great suction on upholstery textures. It also works to withdraw lint and traps all the dust on your cushions, carpeted stairs, chairs, couches, and mattresses. 

3. Crevice Cleaner

This attachment has a thin shape with a curved tip and helps you reach any tight areas in your house such as corners, between cushions of the couch, around air vents, along the baseboard, car seats, and many others.

It can also be used for cleaning the coils of your refrigerator.

4. Dusting Brush

This round attachment has long and smooth bristles. It helps to clean bookcases, framed pictures, lampshades, window sills, blinds, table legs, clocks, and much more. 

In case your vacuum cleaner offers flexible suction, it can also be used for some sensitive chores like cleaning the knick-knacks in your house. It is worth mentioning that it cleans all these small areas without causing any scratches on the surface. 

Add-on Vacuum Cleaner Attachments

These attachments are purchased separately from the particular brand of your vacuum cleaner. You can read the uses of all of them and then pick what you need. 

1. Fan Blade Duster

It is used for reaching areas around your fan blades and gets rid of all the dirt present there. 

2. Floor Sweeper

It is a wide brush that is used for cleaning tile or wood floors. You can also use them to vacuum your carpets and rugs. 

3. Multi-Angle Brush

You can clean your wardrobes, light fixtures, door frames, and other spots that are usually difficult to access using the soft nylon bristles of this tool. 

4. Power Brush

Its brush roller rotates and works to clean carpeted stairs, small wardrobes, and any other tight areas in the house. 

5. Mattress Refresher

Use this tool for taking off dust or allergens on your mattresses. You can also use it for upholstery and other furniture. 

6. Car-Cleaning Nozzle

It works to trap the tiniest dirt particles on your car mats. You can also use it for porch furniture. 

7. Radiator Brush

It is a slim piece that is fixed to the crevice attachment. You can use it for cleaning all kinds of radiators, the coils of your refrigerator as well as vent slats. It traps all the stubborn matter that you earlier thought is difficult to get rid of. 

Novelty Attachments

These attachments may not look like they are important but play an essential role in cleaning various spots in your house. 

1. Computer Cleaner

Take the grime out of your computer keyboard using this attachment. It is also great for cleaning the inner areas of sewing machines.

2. Pet Groomer

If you have a pet in your house that sheds a lot of furs all around your house, this attachment is all that you need.

You can use it for brushing your pet and picking up the loose fur so that your pet’s hair doesn’t end up getting trapped in various spots around the house. 

3. Drain Unclogger

You can use this attachment with your wet and dry vacuum cleaner for trapping any gunk or any misplaced items dropped in the sink, tub drain, or showers. It is suggested that you use rubber gloves to keep your hands clean as the picked-up objects are usually gross. 


These were various types of attachments that you can use with your vacuum cleaner for cleaning different spots around your house. Each one of them is used for a specific purpose and is effective in cleaning various spots in your house. 

While some of them are highly essential and recommended for you to purchase, others may be subjective and you can purchase them separately based on your needs. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

How long is my vacuum cleaner going to last?

Consumer Reports say that a vacuum cleaner is designed to work properly for eight years. However, this number may be subjective depending on the brand as well as your personal use. If you are someone living in a one-room flat, likely, you won’t be vacuuming much often in comparison to someone living with their spouse, children, and pets in a 3,500 sq ft bungalow.

Is it fine if I use my vacuum cleaner daily?

You will not face any problems in the long term even if you vacuum daily or even a couple of times every day. Having said that, you should clean your carpets once every week at a minimum, and the most-used areas must be vacuumed daily or on alternate days.

How do I clean my vacuum cleaner attachments?

Vacuum attachments don’t require much maintenance and are pretty simple to clean. All you need to do is fill your sink or container with some warm water. Now add any mild detergent such as dish soap in it and mix them well. Add your vacuum attachments to this mixture and let them sit for about 40-60 minutes. Before taking them out, scrub them properly for a few seconds. If you see any hair stuck on your attachment, take a toothbrush and take it out.

When should I change the vacuum?

Although the considered lifetime is 8 years, a vacuum cleaner may also be used for up to a decade if you carefully follow all the instructions provided by your manufacturer and take proper care of it in terms of cleaning and replacing the filters. After that, you must try to change your vacuum cleaner as it will start to become ineffective in picking up the waste.

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