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Can we Use a Vacuum Cleaner on Wood Floors? Explained!

Published by: Katherine Frame

Can we use a vacuum cleaner on wood floors

Hardwood floors have always been trendy to add that final chic touch to your home, and lately, they have been more popular than ever. However, on the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that the hardwood must always be cleaned and shining rather than worn, trodden, or scratched. 

You did it right if you considered using your favorite vacuum cleaner on wood floors but didn’t because you were skeptical about it.  

Vacuum cleaners may result in harming the hardwood floors, however, merely when you use the inappropriate type. Surprisingly, certain types prove to be great for thoroughly cleaning the wood floors more efficiently than when used on a couch or a carpet. Certain kinds work great for both cases. 

Let’s see in detail how a vacuum cleaner works for wood floors and what’s the right type to invest in that will ensure the safety of your floor. 

Damages Caused by the Regular Upright on Wood Floors 

On wood floors, you can not simply go on to use that regular strong upright. Although it has powerful suction, the fact is that it is solely built to thoroughly clean the carpets and pick up dust and dirt that gets accumulated down the bottom of the fibers of the carpet.

Specifically, the beater brush in the vacuum, which normally has rigid bristles made of nylon, is used by the machine to do the job.

You wouldn’t like the idea of using the regular upright vac on your wood floors if you can’t think of using this rigid beater brush on them. This beater brush’s tough bristles and harsh functioning will scratch and highly damage your floors. Not only this, even the upright vac’s wheels can poorly scrape them. 

Do not ever consider using this regular upright vac on your wood floors, even though it may have the feature to switch its beater brush off. If you merely roll your hefty upright vac around the floor a bit, its wheels will certainly scuff it. 

What Kind of Vacuum to Use for Wood Floors? 

If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner specifically for your wood floors, keep in mind that the characteristics and kind of vacuum cleaner you use creates a great impact. 

  • To begin, you’ll be required to have a vacuum cleaner that has delicate bristles unlike your regular upright with stiff ones. You can also decide to go the easy way and choose a vacuum cleaner without a roller altogether. Rollers may sure be excellent for thoroughly cleaning the carpets, but for wood floors, they can certainly result in a lot of damage. 
  • Remember to check if your new vacuum cleaner has separate brush rolls for wood floors and carpets, or if you can switch it off. 
  • Furthermore, a decent vacuum cleaner for wood floors would provide powerful suction to access the spaces between the wood planks effectively.
  • A lot of vacuum cleaners allow you to manually adjust the suction capacity of the machine. 

For wood floors, this can be incredibly beneficial. For use on tight floorings such as tiles, flagstones, or parquet, a vacuum cleaner with a greater suction capacity is the ideal choice. 

On the other hand, it may not be a nice idea to employ full suction on loose floorings such as linoleum, laminate, or vinyl. A stick vacuum cleaner doesn’t normally have this feature, but since its suction strength is generally on the lower end, you won’t be required to change it. 

Types of Vacuum Cleaner Suitable for Wood Flooring

You will get merely a few choices when it comes to the vacuum cleaner’s type for use on wood floors. 

1. Canister Vacuum Cleaner

One great option is a relatively small canister vacuum cleaner that is incredibly lightweight. They don’t feature a rotating beater brush and are not as hefty as the regular ones.

They may be a little absurd for using daily, however, that is presumably what you’re searching for to substitute your regular broomsticks and dustpans. 

2. Light Stick Vacuum Cleaner

Light Stick vacuum cleaners that are specifically built for use on wood floors, as well as carpets, can be another good choice unless there is no carpet at your home. They don’t possess any rough bristles at the top or have separate vacuum attachments for use on wood floors and carpets. 


As a result, they do not scratch or damage the wood floor. A lot of light stick vacuums you will find will be cordless, making them fast and simple to use for cleaning. You can quickly use them for instances like post meals or your kid’s craft experiments. 

How to Have Your Wood Floor Looking New and Clean for Years

If you vacuum the wood floor regularly, it will keep it neater than regular sweeping would. This is due to the suction ability of the vacuum cleaner whereas brooms, on the other hand simply move dirt around, allowing it to accumulate into various spaces. 

Because the dust is collected in the vacuum bag and the filter in the vacuum cleaners, they can generally help you to get rid of maximum debris from the air, particularly the ones that possess a nice air filter.

Follow the vacuuming with a slightly wet cloth once every week (or perhaps more if necessary) to ensure your wood floor is completely neat and clean. This will keep your floor slightly moist, allowing them to remain lustrous.

You will certainly want to guarantee that you use a good mop as well as the cleaning solution that is formulated specifically for wood floors. However, that’s something you should think about once you’ve chosen the best vacuum for your wood floors. 


Vacuum Cleaners work great for wood floors as long as you’re using the right kind. You must also use the appropriate attachment when cleaning your wood floors with a vacuum.

Furthermore, in terms of their efficiency, vacuum cleans vary significantly. Hence, make your choice wisely. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which kind of brush attachments should I use on my wood floor?

For wood floors, both canister, as well as stick vacuum cleaners, come with two different kinds of brush attachments, multi-surface, and parquet brush. The parquet brush is usually the one that is included in vacuum cleaners specifically designed for wood floors.

What is the difference between a multi-surface and parquet brush?

The multi-surface brush is suitable for all other hard floors other than wood. When it comes to loose floorings, you will need to be cautious. Since this brush attachment lacks the long bristles of the parquet brush attachment, the brush may get clasped to your floor if the vacuum works on high suction.

On the other hand, for delicate flooring like wood, you should use this parquet brush attachment. The bristles on this brush are lengthy and smooth, so they won’t scuff your floor. If there is some loose flooring in your home, you can use this parquet brush attachment for that too.

What are some basic regular tips to keep my wood floor clean at all times?

You should refrain from wearing your footwear inside the house. This is an essential exercise for several reasons. First up, it certainly reduces the amount of dirt aggregation and any similar harm to your wood floor. To have your wood floors neat and scrape-free at all times, avoid unnecessary tip-toeing near them.

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