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Why Does My Vacuum Smell Like Burnt Rubber?

Published by: Katherine Frame

Why Does My Vacuum Smell Like Burnt Rubber

Do you smell like a burnt rubber while vacuuming? A burning smell indicates various problems with your vacuum cleaner.

As you probably know, a vacuum cleaner contains many components working together to provide suction and remove debris, dust, and dirt from the flooring. 

Once an issue occurs during the vacuuming process, you may notice a burning smell that indicates that your appliance starts to fail to operate correctly.

Why Does My Vacuum Smell Like Burnt Rubber? 

The most common reason why your vacuum smell like a burnt rubber is the damaged vacuum belt. This belt may suffer stretching, tearing, or heat blistering, which creates a burning odor like a burnt rubber. 

Once you notice that smell, ensure to replace the belt to solve the problem and prevent further damage. 

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Why Does My Vacuum Smell Like Something is Burning?

If you smell similar to burnt rubber while vacuuming the floor, the belt is either stretched out or burned out and snapped. In some cases, the belt may be extremely heated from the motor’s RPM. Replacing the vacuum belt can eliminate that burning odor.

Your vacuum may also emit a burning odor if debris lodged between the belt and brush roller. Ensure to turn off and unplug the appliance and then carefully pull the object from it. Non-working brush roller may be the culprit for the burnt rubber smell because it is not turning or broken in half. 

The motor issue is another cause of the burning odor. If you see that both the brush roller and belt work properly but a burning smell still lingers, the faulty motor may be the problem. You can contact an authorized service center to inspect your vacuum cleaner.

What to Do if New Vacuum Smells Like Burning?

Any burning smell coming from the vacuum cleaner is not normal, and you need to diagnose the problem. If your new vacuum smell like burning, consider doing the following things:

1. Check if there is smoke 

Various things cause a vacuum to smoke. A lighted cigarette end is smoldering inside the bag or has been sucked into the appliance, the drive belt jammed, or the electric motor run too hot.

2. See if the wall plug or cable is hot

An overworked motor usually causes a hot wall plug or cable. It also means that there is a loose connection between the mains and the vacuum cable. So, check if the cable wires are help tights in the plug terminals to solve the issue.

How to Repair and Fix Vacuum Cleaner Power Cord

If you notice that the plug is still hot, check if a tight fit between the socket and the plug. You can also plug the vacuum into a different socket to diagnose the issue or seek help from an experienced electrician.

3. Check if the hair has gotten tangled in the vacuum’s rotary brush

Hair wrapped around the rotary brush ends and pulled in toward the bearings can cause a burning smell. You have to remove the hair because the friction against it produces a burning smell.

Why Does My Shark Vacuum Smell Like Burning Rubber?

The main reason why your Shark vacuum emits a smell like burning rubber is an object is being sucked, or the belt is broken. Excess fur or hair around the roller brush can also be the reason for this issue.

Why Does My Dyson Vacuum Smell Like Burning Rubber?


If your Dyson vacuum has a damaged belt, it can cause a burning smell. That sudden burning odor similar to burnt rubber is produced by stretching, tearing, or heat blistering belt. Ensure to replace the belt as soon as possible.

Why Does My Bissel Vacuum Smell Like Burning Rubber?

The Bissel vacuum smells like burnt rubber because of a broken belt or hair or fur that has gotten around the rotary brush. Unplug the vacuum and wait for the rotary brush to stop spinning.

If there is no burning smell, the problem may be the electrical wiring.

Why Does My Vacuum Smell Like Rotten Eggs?

The stinky bags are the common cause of smells like rotten eggs in the vacuum. If your vacuum is bagless, ensure to empty the canister and use soapy water to clean the filters.


Clean also the vacuum’s hose and canister. Then, rinse them with water. Allow the filters to air dry and dry metal or plastic parts with a clean cloth.

Final Thoughts 

A burning smell like burnt rubber during the vacuuming process is an indication that there is something wrong with your vacuum. 

The belt is either suffered from the blistering heat, tearing, or stretching. Hair around the rotary brush or motor issues can be the culprit as well. You can diagnose the problem yourself or contact a professional technician. 

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