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What Is Numatic Vacuum Cleaner? And Are Numatic Hoovers Good?

Published by: Katherine Frame

What Is Numatic Vacuum Cleaner

We always want to live in a clean and convenient home. However, due to your busy schedule, you don’t have enough time to clean your house. 

Fortunately, with the help of advanced technology, you can now use vacuum cleaners to keep your home clean and organized. There are many vacuum cleaners in the market. 

So, you should choose the best vacuum cleaner for your specific needs. Among the top brands in the market is the Numatic vacuum cleaner. In this article, we will learn about this product.   

What is a Numatic vacuum cleaner?

The Numatic vacuum cleaner is the number one in professional cleaning in the UK. It is made and designed in the UK. This vacuum cleaner has excellent performance, reliable and sustainable cleaning for all. 

The original commercial vacuum cleaner of Numatic is Henry which is their iconic Henry Hoover vacuum cleaner. Henry, popularly known as Henry Hoover, is the brand name provided to the canister vacuum cleaner designed and sold by Numatic International. 

Numatic Vacuum Cleaners

They provide a wide collection of vacuum cleaners that have the performance you can trust. The Numatic vacuum cleaner is also equipped with top-quality accessories. 

With its functional features, the Numatic vacuum cleaner can offer a good value for your money. This floor care technology can provide you with comprehensive cleaning. If you have high standards for your cleaning needs, opting Numatic vacuum cleaner is the best solution. You can also avail them at a reasonable cost. 

The Numatic vacuum cleaner is available in different colors, sizes, and designs, so you can choose the machine that suits your taste and cleaning needs. 

Are Numatic Hoovers Good? 

Yes, Numatic hoovers are good. They are durable, tough, and efficient in residential, industrial, and commercial cleaning environments. 

In addition to its high performance and durability, Numatic Hoovers come with an elegant and cute design of smiley faces. Numatic hoovers come with different handy fixtures to improve their cleaning efficiency. 

Numatic hoovers are a good investment since they are equipped with energy-efficient motors. The products of Numatic are built to last. With this, buying your Numatic hoover is a good investment for your money and time. 

The cleaning technology is easy and safe to use. You will not regret choosing Numatic Hoovers. 

You can also watch this video to learn how to use Numatic hoovers…

What is the meaning of Numatic?

Numatic is derived from Numatic International, which is a brand that offers a human-like face on the vacuum cleaner’s body. It also means a truly ‘all-in-one’ machine since it can work with wet and dry vacuuming. 

In addition, Numatic also derives from the word pneumatic, which is using or relating to gas like wind or air. It also worked or moved through air pressure and adapted to inflated or holding with compressed air. Numatic also means having air-filled cavities. 

What are Numatic HZ-type vacuums?

The Numatic HZ-type vacuums are designed to meet 99.997% filtration efficiency. These vacuums are also equipped with engineering features to ensure that they can be used efficiently and quickly and maintained daily. 

Some of the Numatic HZ-type vacuums include HZ-200-2, HZ-250-2, HZ-370-2, HZ-390L, and HZ-570-2 vacuum cleaners. They can offer you with quality cleaning performance that you always expect. 

A HZ-type vacuum cleaner can help you maintain cleanliness in your living environment on a budget. Numatic HZ-type vacuums are ideal to use in environments where hazards are present. 

Why is Henry Hoovers so good?

Henry Hoover is so good because of their excellent cleaning performance. They are like workhorses that keep on going due to their wand attachment setup. They’re also easy to use and can help you save more time and effort in cleaning your home or commercial building. 

The best thing about Henry Hoovers is that they are also energy-efficient. It means that you can save more when it comes to your energy bills. It produces good suction that can pick up any type of visible debris and dirt. 

You don’t need to doubt because Henry Hoovers can handle daily jobs. It is long-lasting up to 8 years, especially if you provide it with proper maintenance. 

Henry Hoovers come with big capacity and long reach. It is the best choice if you want to have thorough cleaning on a budget. The cleaning equipment is also easy to clean and maintain. It is a practical choice to keep your home clean and safe. It is easy to maneuver for hassle-free operation. 

Henry Hoovers can help eliminate pollutants that can bring illnesses like respiratory infections and allergies. By keeping your home clean, this equipment is also beneficial in enhancing your indoor air quality. 

So, you can breathe fresher and cleaner air in your place. They have a durable construction that can withstand frequent usage. 

What is the difference between Henry Hoover and Numatic?

Henry Hoover and Numatic are both efficient and quality cleaning machines. The difference between the Henry Hoover and Numatic is the addition of a new floor tool. 

It is known as the Henry Xtra AiroBrush, a powerful brush that can eliminate more dirt and dust from carpets. Additionally, the vacuum is among the quietest cylinders. 

What is the most powerful Numatic Hoover?

The most powerful Numatic Hoover is the Numatic George GVE370. This model is a dry and wet vacuum that is considered an ‘all-in-one’ machine by Numatic. 

It is perfect to use for drying floors after cleaning, vacuuming upholstery, and unblocking sinks. This Numatic hoover can be your versatile cleaning machine that will save your time and energy in cleaning your home. 

The George Numatic hoover has a 1000W power rating which is more powerful compared to other Numatic vacuums. The equipment has a big 15-liter capacity for dry materials and 9 liters for wet cleaning. 

The best about this vacuum cleaner is it can perform different tasks. You can easily switch it between dry and wet cleaning. It also comes with different accessories.

Numatic George GVE370 is designed for professional cleaning. It can provide you with a powerful performance at just a wallet-friendly cost.


To sum it up, a Numatic vacuum cleaner can be your powerful cleaning tool. As mentioned above, the vacuum cleaner has innovative features that will offer you efficient and quality cleaning performance. The time, effort, and budget you invest in this vacuum cleaner are all worth it. 

The Numatic vacuum cleaner is available in different designs and styles. With their superior quality accessories, you can maintain cleanliness in your living environment. The cleaning machine is built to last for long-lasting and reliable cleaning efficiency. 

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