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Shark Vs Dyson Vacuum: Which Brand is Best?

Published by: Katherine Frame

Shark Vs Dyson Vacuum Which is the Best

When you’re looking to buy a new vacuum cleaner, we’re sure you want the best one for your home. When looking for the right vacuum cleaner brand, you must’ve come across Shark & Dyson. 

Both brands are leaders in manufacturing vacuum cleaners, and their vacuums are some of the best machines you can invest in. We think that they’re equally good, but if you’re someone who likes thorough comparisons, we’re here to ease things out for you. 

This guide will go through the vital features, performance, and overall qualities of these brands to help you decide which brand’s team you’re in. 

So, let’s get started and help you make your next thoughtful purchase. 

Shark Vs Dyson Vacuum Overview 

Before we get into the details, let’s quickly give you an overview of both the brands so that you can get an idea of their journey and goals. 

Starting with Dyson, it is a renowned brand well-known across the world. Dyson introduced the bagless vacuum cleaner in 1983. Since then, it has continued to innovate and create the latest vacuums with impressive features. 

Dyson is famous for its performance and designs. It manufactures premium vacuum cleaner designs with premium quality and sleek looks. Moreover, Dyson has premium prices for its products. 

Talking about Shark, it is not as reputed and recognized as Dyson, but it is catching up with its quality and performance.

Shark Vacuums

The Shark takes over Dyson with its affordability and offers a range of quality vacuum cleaners. The best thing about Shark is that it provides value for money. 


Comparing the two in technology, Dyson’s vacuums have breathtaking features. Its vacuum cleaners have features like recording and displaying data on its LCD screen and the technology to spot invisible particles on floors, among various others. 

It also has impressive designs and performance that make it stand out. The latest models of Dyson are pricey, but they compensate for the price with impeccable performance and power. It also has budget-friendly options, but they lack jaw-dropping features. 

On the other hand, Shark has a variety of models and keeps launching new models regularly. They don’t provide as rich features as the Dyson, but they’re budget-friendly and are equally great in performance. 

Does the Shark IQ Robot Work on Hardwood Floors

The main difference between Shark and Dyson is that Dyson focuses on the latest technology, and Shark has its focuses on performance.        

User-friendliness & Design

Now onto the design and user-friendliness, both Shark and Dyson go neck to neck. Dyson’s vacuums are well-built, and the brand offers premium quality in its products. You’ll fall in love with the box opening experience of your new Dyson vacuum as it gives a very elite feel. 

Dyson puts a lot of thought into its design and overall product feel. The brand also fills its vacuums with additional features. However, some customers may feel that Dyson’s vacuums are bulky and heavy. All in all, Dyson’s vacuums excel in design and are extremely manoeuvrable and user-friendly. 

Shark also won’t disappoint you in terms of design and user experience. Shark builds effective and sturdy machines with valuable features like Lift-Away Technology, MultiFLEX wand, and various other features and benefits that attract customers. 


A vacuum’s performance differs from one model to the other. Generally speaking, canister vacuums perform well on hardwood floors, and upright vacuums portray overall power and performance. If you compare Dyson and Shark directly, Dyson offers more pick-up and power than Shark. However, Shark offers excellent power and performance for everyday use as well. 

Dyson Vacuum

Another aspect you need to consider is the type of area you need to vacuum. You should look for a specific model if you have pets at home. Similarly, it would help if you looked for a vacuum that meets your requirements as per the space you’ll be vacuuming. 

It would be best if you also considered the attachments and other useful tools that the vacuum comes with. Most vacuums by Shark and Dyson come with everyday tools like dusting brushes, pet tools, and crevice tools.

Exceptional tools such as a motorized brush are available with certain models. When compared with Shark, Dyson offers more tools with its machines. 

Battery Life

The battery is another critical aspect that needs to be considered. The actual battery life of a vacuum differs from the stated battery life as the actual battery life of your vacuum will depend on the floor you’re vacuuming, the setting you’re using to vacuum, and the attachment you use for the same. 

Both Dyson and Shark offer good battery life in their vacuums, with a battery life of up to 60 minutes in their premium models. Most of their models also have removable batteries. 


Hopping onto the price, Dyson’s vacuums are pricier than Shark’s. Dyson’s vacuums range from $399 to $899 models.

On the other hand, Shark’s vacuums range from $150 to $650. Shark keeps offering various discounts on its products as well. In terms of price, Shark wins over Dyson.  

Variety of Products 

Both Dyson and Shark offer a range of products. Shark has a plethora of robot, cordless, handheld, and corded vacuum models with various features. 

Dyson also offers various additional features with impressive power and unique specifications. 

Debris and Dirt Pick-up 

The primary task you want your vacuum to perform is to suck dust, debris, allergens, and other unwanted particles.

Talking about this factor, both Shark and Dyson are equally good. They both get the basic job done. Shark’s vacuums are a pro at picking up food crumbs and large pieces in one go. However, it will take time for you to suck such large particles with Dyson. 

Pet Hair & Dander Removal 

Shark also wins over Dyson in collecting pet hair and dander. You also won’t have to worry about hair getting stuck on the brush roll with your Shark vacuum. 

Talking about Dyson, it collects pet hair and dander efficiently, but they might get tangled around the brush. Shark is also great because it has self-cleaning brush roll technology, which ensures that pet hair doesn’t get stuck on the brush roll. Moreover, Shark vacuums are also equipped with Duoclean technology for better working. 


The complete range of Dyson’s vacuum cleaners has HEPA filtration with cyclone and 5-layer filtration technology, making it stand apart. Dyson’s vacuums ensure that dirt and dust stay at bay. Its pre and post-filters also filter microscopic particles while eliminating 99.97% of unwanted particles that aren’t even visible to the naked eye.

Moreover, these filters are washable, which makes them work efficiently at all times. 

On the contrary, Shark vacuum cleaners feature the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal technology, which helps them easily trap irritants and allergens. These vacuums also ensure that you only breathe clean and fresh air. Higher Shark models also feature the HEPA filters


Everybody looks for a long-lasting vacuum cleaner that works effectively and efficiently throughout its course of life. This is the reason why warranty becomes another vital factor of consideration. 

Shark offers a five-year warranty on its vacuums, which gives its customers a sense of trust. At the same time, Dyson provides a 2-year parts and labour warranty on its products. 

You Should Buy a Shark Vacuum Cleaner if

  • You like a vacuum cleaner with LED lights. 
  • You want to invest in a powerful and valuable machine. 
  • You want your vacuum to have an extended warranty. 
  • You’re looking for a vacuum equipped with a self-cleaning roller brush. 
  • You want to have a variety of vacuums with considerable differences to choose from. 

You Should Buy a Dyson Vacuum Cleaner if 

  • You want your vacuum to have impressive battery life. 
  • You’re looking for a powerful vacuum cleaner
  • You want your vacuum to be equipped with the latest technologies. 
  • You’re looking for top-notch filtration. 
  • You want your vacuum to be user-friendly and accessible. 


To conclude, both the brands come with a set of strengths and weaknesses. And which one is the right brand for you depends upon your requirements and your budget. 

If technology is an important factor for you, and you’re not under a budget, you should pick a Dyson. However, if budget is a concern for you and you’re looking for efficiency, power, and effectiveness without having to spend too much, Shark should be your best bet. 

Moreover, you should also try out the vacuum in the store before making the purchase. Doing so will ensure that you’re satisfied with the product performance and don’t end up buying the wrong model. 


Are Dyson vacuums better than Shark vacuums?

The factors where both the brands differ from each other are suction, weight, and price. Dyson builds heavier vacuums with a focus on powerful suction compared to Shark. Moreover, Shark manufactures budget-friendly vacuums while Dyson’s vacuums are expensive.

Is Shark more powerful or Dyson?

Regarding performance, canister vacuum cleaners tend to work effectively on hardwood flooring. And upright vacuums prove to be more powerful than their cordless counterparts. If you compare Dyson and Shark as a whole, Dyson’s vacuums win over Shark with a little more power and efficiency.

Are Shark vacuums worth their price?

Shark provides quality, reliability, performance, customer satisfaction, and impeccable service; thus, their vacuum cleaners are worth every penny.

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