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How to Use a Car Vacuum Cleaner at Home?

Published by: Katherine Frame

How to Use a Car Vacuum Cleaner at Home

The vacuum cleaner has come to evolve as an extremely crucial machine in contemporary times, especially for household purposes. Without a decent and effective vacuum machine, your cleaning process is likely to be a lot messier than it would be. However, what if your appliance isn’t working properly and you need to clean up the mess at your home urgently? 

Well, in those cases, you make use of your car vacuum cleaner. Now we know that a car vacuum cleaner isn’t compatible with household sockets.

This is why in this article, we are going to thoroughly enlighten you on how to use a car vacuum cleaner at home. Let’s dive right into the article. 

How to Use a Car Vacuum Cleaner at Home?

In general, a car vacuum cleaner is very different from a household vacuum cleaner in terms of how they are powered and connected. On the one hand, a house vacuum system uses the alternating current or AC source, whereas a car vacuum cleaner uses direct current or DC. 

Car Vacuum Cleaner

For using your car vacuum cleaner at home, it is important to first work out with the conversion of the power source. By converting it, you will easily operate the appliance in your house with great ease. 

Take a look at the power rating on your car vac, which is generally valued at a rating of 12V DC. The rating of power supply from the meter for households is ideally 220V. After you have taken a look at the power rating of your vacuum, you will now need to figure out the amount of current that the appliance needs to safely function without any harm being caused to it. 

The immediate job is to determine a method for transforming a power supply of 220V AC to a power supply unit of 12V DC. The requirement of power supply is 100W as a car vacuum cleaner uses almost ten amps.  

The Alternatives 

PSU Unit

This is the easiest and the most reasonable way to power a car vacuum cleaner, as many households already possess a PSU unit.

PSU Unit

This equipment will make sure that you are getting a power supply of almost 400W without resulting in any issues with the functioning of your appliance.

To ensure a proper connection, follow all the steps mentioned below: 

  • First and foremost, you will need to take out the external casing of your vacuum cleaner, which will disclose the section of power in the machine.
  • Once you have reached the power section, just cut the power connection off through the inserted batteries.
  • After that, connect the connection cables of your vacuum cleaner to your PSU unit before using a connectable wire to provide the necessary power through the socket.
  • Once you are done with this, set up the PSU unit at a decent posture and properly align it with your vacuum and the mains for amplifying conductivity. This step is crucial to make sure that any type of accident remains prevented during your process of cleaning. 

Other Alternatives 

In case it seems a bit too strange for you to make use of the PSU unit or you have any troubles in removing the external cover of your vacuum cleaner machine.

You can choose to simply skip the method as mentioned above as you have other alternatives to use your car vac for household purposes as well. 

As you would know, a car vacuum features a separate pin for cigarette lighters, so you will be required to have a power source that should provide eight amps at the car vacuum’s power rating of 12V. 

Simply head to any online shopping website like Amazon or eBay, where you will easily find plenty of socket devices with a similar power rating. Once you have found equipment for yourself, you will now need to purchase or get the plug for cigarette lighters for attaching it to your power supply. 

A Two-in-one Vacuum Cleaner

One of the most convenient ways that will help you avoid all the trouble of conversion of the power supply is to make use of a two-in-one vac machine. The majority of these appliances feature a special removable mechanism that makes the appliance highly convenient and portable. 

It would be best if you were looking for these features when you go to pick a two in one vacuum cleaner for your car & home: 

  • The vacuum cleaner should come with two separate modes of cleaning. You should be able to use it as a traditional vacuum cleaner with an extended handle, and you should also be able to use it as a handy car vacuum cleaner. 
  • Ensure that your vacuum cleaner has a connector, as when you use it to clean your car, it will have to get connected to the car’s port. 
  • The vacuum cleaner must be light in weight as it has to be capable of performing both kinds of cleaning jobs. 
  • Don’t forget to check that the vacuum cleaner comes with various accessories that will be required to clean your car and home separately. 
  • It would help if you also prefer a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter because it will perform well considering the job of the vacuum cleaner. 

Final Thoughts 

As you can see for yourself, there are plenty of ways through which a car vacuum cleaner can be used for household purposes with great ease. Having said that, just like any other DIY project, you are likely to face a few minimal perks with every method. 

Once you figure everything out properly, you will be good to go. We suggest you go through all the alternatives properly before you pick the right option for yourself. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is it possible to use a vacuum cleaner on AC?

Yes, it is very simple to clean an AC using a vac machine. You can just use the appliance over the unit’s surface, especially the fans, filters, evaporator, ducts, pipes, and coils.

Is a vacuum cleaner really required in a household?

A vacuum cleaner is essential for every household. A lot of dirt and debris gets collected in our house regularly, and it is important to get rid of them as it not only makes your home look dirty but also brings various health problems with it.

I want to use my car vacuum cleaner at home. Can I do that?

A car vacuum cleaner is powered by direct current, and a vacuum cleaner made to clean homes is powered by alternating current, making them different from each other. However, you can use a car vacuum cleaner to clean your home by figuring out how to convert the power source. Once you successfully find a way to convert the power source of the vacuum cleaner, you can easily use a car vacuum cleaner to clean your home.

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