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Are HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Bags Washable? Answered!

Published by: Katherine Frame

Are HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Bags Washable

High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance or HEPA filter in a vacuum cleaner is a type of filter designed to eliminate 99.95% of tiny particles that pass through it. HEPA filter vacuum cleaner bags can collect pollutants from the house. 

This filter in a vacuum is perfectly designed for you if you have serious contaminant problems or dust allergies. 

But are HEPA vacuum cleaner bags washable? In short, it depends. Let’s understand this in detail…

What are HEPA Filters Made of?

HEPA filters are made up of a haphazard web of fibers. Some HEPA filters have coatings of distinct extracts or compounds to improve their utility. Good examples of it are the catechin filters which can be seen in ACs.

HEPA Filter

Moreover, these are composed of interlaced fibers having below 1-micron diameter, twisted or turned in various directions to make some fibrous maze. 

The threads of HEPA filters are so tiny wherein a big share of media mat, which consists of air. The mat’s openings are typically smaller compared to 0.5 microns, which allows the HEPA filter materials to gather particles with 0.3 microns. 

Are HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Bags Washable?

If your vacuum uses a reusable HEPA vacuum cleaner, then the HEPA bags are washable. Washable HEPA bags saves money in the long term. 

To wash reusable HEPA vacuum cleaner bags, detach them from the vacuum unit and tap loose dirt onto the garbage. Then, rinse the outside filter using lukewarm or running water. 

When washing these cleaner bags, it is advisable not to brush the filter or utilize anything abrasive onto the filter. It is because this can cause permanent filter damage that would somehow decrease its effectiveness. 

It’s also advisable to wash these HEPA vacuum cleaner bags after every 3-4 uses. A clean HEPA filter will result in better airflow and filtration.

Where are HEPA Filters Used?

HEPA filters are utilized initially in factory and laboratory settings. But today, these filters are now used in some consumer products like vacuum cleaners, cars, and air purifiers. Most vacuum cleaners utilize HEPA filters in their infiltration systems. Using these filters trap fine particles like pollen, house dust, and small dirt that trigger asthma and allergy symptoms

HEPA filters in a vacuum cleaner allow the device to filter the air so that even the tiniest particle will not go through it. Thus, you can have the guarantee that your house will be dust-free. These filters in a vacuum are perfect for getting rid of pet hair from the flooring, couch, carpet, or any surfaces at home. 

How Long Do HEPA Filters Last?

It is good to learn that not all filters are equally made. Some of these air filters are made using an inch-thick material and need more replacements. But to make sure that HEPA filters will function up to their maximum extent, it’s a good idea to change the filters twice or thrice per year. 

However, you may also change your HEPA filters in your vacuum as often as possible, especially if you think that the product requires proper maintenance.

It is highly recommendable to know the actual lifespan of the HEPA filters for you to change them once needed properly. In this way, you can have the assurance that the health or safety precautions will be achieved. 

You may opt to change your filters in your vacuum if you have noticed the following in your device:

  • Dust and dirt are accumulating on the air vents
  • Your allergies worsen unexpectedly
  • The air filters look damaged or dirty

By learning the actual lifespan of your HEPA filters in your vacuum cleaner, you can have the chance to change them once required, giving you proper and successful cleaning procedures at home. 

When Cleaning a HEPA Air Filter is Not Recommended?

If you have vacuum cleaners at home, you should know that a HEPA air filter is not highly recommended. Although washing or cleaning sounds good since water can remove and clean the dirt from the device, you should also know that water may cause a problem since it may be the reason to have moisture on the device. 

Some of you might think that washing the HEPA air filter in your vacuum can completely clean the device. However, you might generally help the mold and moisture to exist. The moisture on the air filter may become a nice area for mold to thrive. And once the mold thrives inside the air filter, it may start to release spores. 

Aside from that, water might damage the air filter. Although you have various plans to make the filter dry with whatever methods you have in your mind, cleaning the filter using water could damage the fiber in the air filter. Thus, the air filter will start to malfunction. 


HEPA filters in vacuums can help you clean the house effectively and efficiently. These make sure that even tiny particles like dust, dirt, or any debris in your home can be removed. Thus, it gives you a clean-free home environment.

These HEPA filters are good to be used, especially if you have family members who have asthma and allergy problems. 


Are Vacuum Cleaner Bags Washable?

Reusable vacuum cleaner bags are washable. In fact, some people wash and clean these cleaner bags to reuse the cleaner bags in the next cleaning days. This helps them save a big amount of money since they may utilize the cleaner bags for their next days.

Can You Wash and Reuse a HEPA Filter?

Most experts say that HEPA filters should not be washed and reused. Even if you try to clean or wash the HEPA filter of your vacuum, there’s nothing it can do to enhance the performance and efficiency of the air filter. And if you wash the HEPA filter, it will cause the opening of holes, making it worse afterward.

Do HEPA Vacuum Bags Have Fibreglass in Them?

HEPA vacuum bags don’t have fiberglass. It is because these are made up of melt-blown materials. Also, cloth HEPA vacuum bags are made to provide the highest protection level and infiltration available. Thus, these are created using polypropylene materials.

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