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How to Change Bag on a Miele Vacuum Cleaner (Step by Step)

Published by: Katherine Frame

How to Change Bag on a Miele Vacuum

Founded over 114 years ago, Miele has been known in the industry for developing top-notch commercial and domestic appliances that stand out in their arena. Miele makes various vacuum models to cater to your lifestyle, and each of them is designed to keep unwanted particles at bay. 

However, just like the all manufactured machines out there, Miele vacuum cleaners need maintenance to ensure that their performance doesn’t deteriorate with time, and that includes changing the vacuum bags. 

This article will walk you through the process of how you can change the bag on a Miele vacuum while discussing some benefits of Miele vacuum cleaners. 

Let’s get started…

How to Change Bag on a Miele Vacuum

Miele vacuum cleaners are designed to last. They are meant for long-term use, but all you need to do is maintain them, which involves replacing the vacuum bags. 

Miele makes it very easy for you to change the vacuum bag. There are two bags for Miele canister vacuum cleaners- FJM and GM. These bags are color-coded. 

GM bags are blue, and they are made for large vacuum cleaners. FJMs are red, and they are made for smaller-bodied vacuums. Now, let’s quickly take a look at how you can change Miele vacuum’s bag: 

  1. First things first, unplug the vacuum cleaner. 
  2. Now, you need to access the vacuum’s bag chamber by pulling the release latch and lifting the lid. You’ll see the bag fitted there. 
  3. To get the bag out, hold its base and pull the small handle on top of the bag. 
  4. Slide it out and throw it away. The ring on the bag will remain closed so that dirt and debris don’t get out when you pull the bag. 
  5. The color on the bag will determine whether it is FJM or GM, making it easy for you to pick the right bag. 
  6. Putting the bag in is as simple as it is. Take the new bag and slide it into the holder while allowing space for the arrows to line up. Click the bag in its place and tuck it properly. 
  7. That’s it! You’re all set to start vacuuming again. 

You can also watch this video to see how to change bag on a Miele vacuum cleaner…


  • When you open the vacuum’s lid, the bag comes out of its place. So, if you open the lid and don’t change the bag, make sure that you push the bag back in its place before you start vacuuming. This is highly important to ensure that you don’t end up damaging the vacuum. 
  • Don’t pick up any liquids, and stay away from construction dust because it will clump up your vacuum’s motor. Construction dust can even kill your vacuum. 

How to Change Filters on a Miele Vacuum 

  1. When you take the bag out for changing it, you’ll get access to both the filters. 
  2. The first filter is present right below the vacuum bag. You can pull its tab to get it out. 
  3. You’ll find the other filter inside the bag’s container. 
  4. You can simply take these filters out and put the new ones back in to change them. 

Benefits of a Miele Vacuum Cleaner

Miele is well-known for creating quality products in the market. Miele aims to provide reliable, durable, and powerful machines to its customers. This section will discuss the benefits of a Miele vacuum cleaner. 

1. Recognizing Bags Made Simple

It often gets confusing to pick the right bag for your vacuum cleaner. Miele makes it easy as you can pick the right dustbag for your Miele vacuum cleaner by checking the color on the bag and the key lock as Miele color-matches the two to make it convenient for you. 

2. Clean Air

Apart from providing a good filtration system, Miele vacuum cleaners are also known for returning clean exhaust air to the room. The vacuums prevent dust and debris from escaping, ensuring that you breathe clean and fresh air. 

3. Powerful Suction

Considering the bags and filters are changed on time, the suction power of a Miele vacuum cleaner will always be on top of its game.

You’ll notice that the hygiene and cleaning performance of a Miele vacuum will always be like you’re using it for the first time. 

4. Good Capacity Dust Bags

The original dust bags of a Miele vacuum cleaner are made of a specific fleece material allowing it to trap high amounts of dust and debris. Moreover, the vacuum cleaner comes with dust diffusers that evenly spread the dust particles inside the bag, creating more room in the bag.

Hence, it is ensured that the dust bag is utilized to its full potential. Using original Miele dust bags will allow you to use fewer dust bags in total. 

5. Reliability & Technology 

Miele vacuum cleaners are reliable as the manufacturer tests them before they get circulated in the market.

Miele does not compromise on the durability of its vacuums, and its fascinating technology is what makes its vacuums a game-changer. The machines aim for minimum energy consumption, making them one of the best in their class. 


Vacuuming is a chore that is loathed by most people out there. However, it can get fun when it becomes an easy task. Miele vacuum cleaners make vacuuming fun as they do all the work, allowing you to clean your house quickly and with ease. 

In this guide, we discussed the benefits of a Miele vacuum cleaner, how to change a Miele vacuum’s bag, and how to change a Miele vacuum’s filters. We recommend you change the bags and filters of your vacuum cleaner on time to ensure that the vacuum performs efficiently. You should note that maintenance is the key to the long life of any machine. 


Is it worth it to spend money on a Miele vacuum cleaner?

Yes, it is definitely worth it. Miele vacuums are durable and powerful. These vacuums are built to handle any mess, and their top-notch engineering is what makes them stand out.

How long do Miele vacuum cleaners last?

On average, Miele vacuum cleaners last for a minimum of twenty years. However, you need to ensure that you maintain the vacuum cleaner properly so that it lasts longer.

How long do Miele bags last?

A Miele bag lasts for around three months. It is suggested to change the bag once every three months. However, if you have upgraded from a low-quality vacuum cleaner to a Miele, you’ll need to change the bags more frequently in the first few months as the Miele vacuum cleaner will pick up dust left behind by your previous vacuum.

Do all Miele vacuum models come with bags?

Yes. All Miele vacuum cleaners use Intensive Clean, AirClean, or self-sealing bags.

Does Miele use only one type of bag in all its vacuum cleaners?

No. Miele bags are designed to cater to various models, and hence, their specifications change as the vacuum cleaner changes. You should consider the vacuum’s model number and the type of bag it’s using before getting new vacuum bags.

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