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How to Empty and Clean Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bag [with Steps]

Published by: Katherine Frame

How to Clean Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bag

Vacuum cleaners come in different prices and types, making people feel dizzy when selecting a good piece. Generally, you will find two kinds of vacuum cleaners: bagged and bagless.

Are you using the former? You might want to learn how to clean a vacuum cleaner dust bag. Lucky for you because this guide got you covered! 

How to Clean Vacuum Cleaner Dust Bag? 

A vacuum cleaner bag is an essential part of your vacuum. Dirty air passes throughout the bag before it reaches the exhaust, serving as an air filter. The bog is dotted with holes allowing air elements to flow through and blocking most dirt particles from exiting simultaneously. 

That process enables the air to pass through the bag while debris and dirt get trapped. Do you notice your vacuum cleaner bag breaking or tearing? Dirt may begin to blow out of the exhaust. 

The bag should be changed regularly, depending on how you use the cleaner and how much dirt is present within your home. We suggest replacing and cleaning your vacuum cleaner bag every month.

However, big families with pets who are more likely to clean carpets through a vacuum might need to change the bag more often. 

  • Run the machine for approximately thirty seconds to ensure any dirt in the machine has filtered into the bag and unplug. 
  • For plastic bins or reusable bags, it would be best to take this project outdoors. Many models make it simple to pop the bin or bag out. Just dump the dirt in the bag and wash it with hot water. Attach once dry. Shake out the dust in a garbage bag and throw it in your washing machine or rinse with hot water. 
  • For disposable bags, put a piece of duct tape over the hole where the dirt meets the bag. Change it based on the instruction of the bag. 
  • If the brush roll or beater bar of your vacuum is tangled up with debris and hair, it’s time that you clean it. Remove the bottom plate, then detach the brush role and slide it from under the belt. You can use scissors to remove extra debris. Replace it, and you’re done. 

You can also watch this video on how to clean vacuum cleaner dust bag…

How to Remove Dust Bag from Vacuum Cleaner?

Ensure you have a new dust bag, face mask, the machine’s manual when removing the dust bag.

  • Turn or unplug the power to avoid any potential accidents. 
  • Open the top cover of your vacuum cleaner. Remember that the bag container differs along with the models and types of vacuum machines. 
  • Check the dust bag to ensure it is the right time to replace it. 
  • Now, be extra careful and gentle when removing the bag from the cleaner. Other models have a spring guide for holding the bag. You need to pull it slowly to remove the bag. Also, be cautious when removing it to avoid the dust from spilling. 

How to Replace Dust Bag from Vacuum Cleaner?

Methods for replacing dust bags from vacuum cleaners are more likely to change based on different models. Nonetheless, the process goes something along these lines:

  • Unplug your vacuum cleaner
  • Press the button to open the bag compartment
  • Slowly remove the bag and be extra careful not to break it
  • Place the new bag
  • Close the container compartment 

How to change the dust bag from Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner?

Do you have a Eureka Forbes vacuum cleaner and would like to know how you can change the dust bag? Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Remove the hose from the vacuum by twisting it 
  • Clip open the lid by pressing the button 
  • Gently and slowly pull over the locks of the dust bag and remove it. 
  • Empty the dust bag by removing the plastic knob 
  • Now put it back into the vacuum and plug it back to the cavity 


You will be shocked at what a little home maintenance could do for the longevity of your machine. We suggest changing your bag every two months, especially if you have kids or pets, and twice a year if not. 

Make sure you also practice caution if you see any damage to the bag. Splitting seams or weak spots may not hold up to the cleaning. The bag must be replaced if you find weak areas. 

We hope you find this guide informative and helpful. Please share your thoughts with us by leaving your comments below.  


Can we wash the dust bag of the vacuum cleaner?

It will depend on the bag itself. It would be best to take that route unless the manufacturer states it is good to do so. Remember that these bags are filled with fine dust. You may end up with caked-on mud once you submerge it in the water.

How do you get the dust out of a vacuum bag?

Just shake out all the dust in your garbage bag. You can also throw it in your washing machine or rinse it with water after removing the dust. Once you cannot get any more debris, shake it out over the trash a final time. Reinstall it then in your vacuum cleaner.

How do you clean a vacuum bag?

Turn the vacuum bag inside out and utilize the cold setting. Wash it then on a gentle cycle with detergent. Tumble dry the vacuum bag on a no-heat setting, air-only, or you can hang it outside in an excellent area to dry before using it again.

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