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Bagless vs. Bagged Vacuum Cleaners: Pros & Cons Explained!

Published by: Katherine Frame

Bagless vs. Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

The debate between bagless vs. bagged vacuum cleaners is an interesting one.

You have the people that swear by the benefits of a vacuum cleaner with bags, saying that just because a vacuum is bagless, it’s not necessarily better.

Then you have those that are convinced that there’s no point in having a vacuum with a removable, reusable bag to store dust and dirt when there are models available which trap dust inside a sealed unit.

So which is better? We’ll answer this question for you in this post. Let’s get started…

Bagless vs. Bagged Vacuum Cleaners

Both bagless vs. bagged vacuum cleaners have their advantages and disadvantages. Personally, I find that the bagless vacuum is a better option for many reasons such as easy to empty dust cup, more powerful suction etc.

Bagless vacuum cleaners have also been praised for their convenience, cleaning speed, and durability, but they are not without faults.

While bagless vacuum cleaners tend to be cheaper than bagged ones, over the long term, their dust collectors get clogged more frequently.

Bagged vacuum cleaners generally use post-motor filters, which allow the vacuum cleaner to work effectively for much longer periods of time.

Vacuum cleaners with bags generally filter particles out of the air through a paper filter. But this filter becomes increasingly ineffective as it becomes filled with more particles—especially if the particles are fine dust particles (like those from drywall, concrete, or sanding).

Let’s now check the pros and cons of two vacuum cleaners to understand which one of the two will be best for you. Let’s start with the bagged model…

✅ Bagged Vacuum Cleaners Pros

A bagged vacuum cleaner is a vacuum cleaner which requires the replacement of bags as well as filters to collect dirt, dust and debris.

The purpose of using these bags is to collect as much dirt inside the bag as possible so that it does not clog the filters or motorized parts inside the vacuum cleaner. These types of vacuum cleaners also feature HEPA filter technology which helps keep the air inside homes clean.

Let’s have a look at some advantages of using a bagged vac. 

1. More Hygienic 

A bagged vacuum cleaner has been famous for its hygiene. This is not only because all the waste is accumulated within the bag of the machine but a lot of other reasons. 

Various advancements in technology have made it possible for the waste to stay within the vacuum bag not only when you are using the machine but also when you take out this bag for removal. 

You can easily throw away the vacuum bag without causing any mess. This helps to avoid any possible allergens appearing in the atmosphere and affect the user’s health. 

Moreover, you don’t need to change or clean its filter very frequently unlike the case with a bagless vac. 

2. Suggested for People with Allergies 

A bagged vac is highly suggested for people who suffer from dust allergies.

Its bag is an effective filter itself and works to pick up various kinds of waste present in your house. The airtight bag makes it difficult for the debris to flee back into the house and impact your health.  

3. HEPA Filter

The majority of the bagged models have a HEPA filter that works to catch up a great number of allergens roaming inside your house. A HEPA filter is greatly suggested for people with allergies. 

4. Do not Need much Maintenance 

A bagged vac usually needs slighter maintenance as compared to bagless models. This is because of a lot of reasons but primarily, the vacuum bag is capable of holding debris of almost 2 pounds. This is why you won’t be required to replace it much often. 

Moreover, as the filter is fitted inside the bag itself, you don’t need to clean it ever and you’ll know when to change it at just the right time. 

❌ Bagged Vacuum Cleaners  Cons

1. Need to get Extra Bags

The bags in these models need to be changed whenever they get full. This implies that you will be spending some extra bucks on merely using the vacuum cleaner in your house apart from the primary cost of purchasing it. Also, the price rates of these bags can differ based on your vac model. 

Therefore, before making your choice, keep in mind your cleaning routines and accordingly think if you find the extra cost worthy enough for you. 

Moreover, a lot of times, you won’t even be able to get access to your replacement bag if your vacuum model is relatively old. And in the worst-case scenario, if the company has stopped manufacturing more bags for the model, your vacuum cleaner is just going to sit useless for you. 

2. Reduced Performance when the bag is filled

As your vacuum bag will fill, the performance of the appliance will begin falling. Moreover, it is not very easy to make out when the bag is filled. 

✅ Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Pros

Bagless vacuum cleaners are a popular alternative to bagged vacuum cleaners. Bagless vacuums have won out because of their versatility and efficiency, and the fact that the user doesn’t need to purchase replacement bags.

The absence of bags is one of the biggest selling points for consumers, but it’s important to choose the right type if you want bagless vacuuming to become a pleasant experience instead of an aggravation.

Let’s have a look at the common pros and cons.

1. Cheaper 

Comparatively, a bagless model is much cheaper. You don’t need to keep buying extra bags to use this machine. Moreover, you can always empty its dust canister and keep using it again. 

2. Know when it’s Empty 

These models feature a clear dust chamber through which you can always know when you need to empty it. You can also check the effectiveness of your vac from this chamber. Because of this, your machine will also not lose its performance as you will keep clearing it on time. 

3. Environment-Friendly Choice 

These are relatively more environment-friendly. They don’t make use of any extra bags that will have to be thrown away from time to time. If you are too conscious of the environment, you can also clear your dust chamber directly in the compost pit. 

❌ Bagless Vacuum Cleaners Cons

1. High Allergen-Exposure 

Usually, when you clear the dust chamber of this model, allergens or dust may get the chance to escape. This is because these models have a chamber that is air-tight instead of a bag.

Hence, you can’t just take out the entire bag and throw it away and instead, you have to empty this chamber. 

2. Requires more Maintenance 

This con is slightly more subjective as a lot of people may not be affected by this.

Since the bagless model accumulates all of the waste of your house in its chamber and because of its way of functioning, many customers have found this vacuum cleaner model to get much dirtier. Hence, they have to spend time maintaining their vacuum so that it keeps operating properly. 

Moreover, you need to stay highly careful while you are clearing your dust chamber. It is recommended that you do it outdoors as a lot of allergens may make their way out and enter your house again. If you follow that, it may not get much dirty in the true sense. 

Final Verdict — Bagless vs. Bagged Vacuums

The fact is that it’s not possible to declare any one type of vacuum cleaner as the best option.

Both of them have their set of pros and cons and work effectively at their respective places. You must keep all of the above-mentioned factors in your mind and then choose the type that suits your requirements, cleaning routine, allergies, and budget adequately. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which is a better option: bagless or bagged?

A bagless vac is a more eco-friendly choice in comparison with the bagged type. A bagged vac may use a great number of bags till they last. However, if you get a bagless cleaner, you don’t have to thrash away any unnecessary elements apart from the debris in your house.

Why can bagless vacuums be poor?

In case you or your family members have any kind of allergies, it may be a terrible idea to purchase a bagless machine for your house. These types of vacuum cleaners start leaking the waste over a period as the environment or temperature around them changes.

Moreover, when you go on to empty your bagless, it can further trigger your allergies.

What is the reason behind the poor suction of a bagless machine?

One of the major reasons behind the poor or no suction of a bagless machine is the blockage of its filters. The filters in a bagless, just like any other vac, need to be cleaned or changed regularly.

The dust chamber of a bagless device needs to be emptied on time if you wish to maintain its suction capacity to its fullest. Generally, these dust chambers have a filter set inside them that may accumulate a significant amount of dust.

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