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Bagotte BG600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop Review 2022

We've spent over 30 hours testing this robot vacuum cleaner by Bagotte, and we think it's a great choice for you. Let's take a look at why!

Published by: Katherine Frame

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Bagotte BG600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop

Quick facts about Bagotte BG600

β†’ Brand: Bagotte

β†’ Capacity: 0.6 L

β†’ Weight: 3.18 kg

β†’ Dimensions: 12.4 x 12.4 x 2.7 inches

β†’ Wattage: 28 watts

β†’ Max Runtime: 100 minutes

β†’ Surface recommendation: Carpet and hard floor

β†’ Included components: Robot vacuum cleaner, 600 mL Capacity Dustbox, Remote Control, Dock & Recharge, Pre-set Daily Cleaning Schedule


– Extremely affordable

– Comes with an easy installation process

– Easy to use and maintain

– It doesn’t make a lot of noise while working

– Includes a magnetic strip

– Multiple cleaning modes to make the process fun and easy

– Strong suction power

– Remote control system and auto-redocking feature


– Doesn’t follow a standard cleaning pattern

– Isn’t capable of mapping the area

– Cleaning can only be scheduled for the entire day rather than for a particular day

Expert’s Rating


Our Verdict

The Bagotte BG600 robot vacuum is a great choice if you’re looking for a robot vacuum that can do more than just clean your floors. It’s perfect for people who want to clean their homes while they’re out running errands or working because it’s smart enough to mop your floors at the same time as it vacuums them.

Best Prices Today: Bagotte BG600

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Are you someone who wants to experience what it feels like to own a robot vacuum without having to invest big bucks? If that is the case, the Bagotte BG600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop is the perfect option for you. Not just inexpensive, this vacuum cleaner also has great looks, and it is so slim that it can easily slide under your furniture. 

It comes with numerous features that enhance the user experience, and it vacuums the house incredibly. The Bagotte BG600 mop’s strong suction power makes it a charmer. Other features such as automatic redocking, large dustbin, scheduled cleaning, and six cleaning modes make it a great bargain. 

Now that you are familiar with the basics of this robotic vacuum cleaner let’s go through its benefits & drawbacks, features, and best qualities, alongside discussing its alternatives available in the market. 

Why Should You Buy the Bagotte BG600 Vacuum?Β 

The simplicity and convenience that this robot vacuum cleaner offer is what attracts most customers to it. If it is your first time purchasing a robot vacuum cleaner, investing in the Bagotte BG600 should be the right choice.

It will allow you to explore the world of robot vacuums without having to risk a huge amount of money. 

The best part about getting this vacuum cleaner would be that you won’t have to mess around with wires or use your brain in the installation process that a regular vacuum cleaner asks for. This vacuum cleaner is versatile, and it comes with a remote control that makes it handy. 

It is also very convenient to clean this vacuum cleaner’s brush roller and dustbin. Another feature that makes this robot vacuum cleaner the choice of many customers is how quietly it performs its job. It makes the least possible noise, and it has a long-lasting battery. 

To add to its list of benefits, it is an excellent option for pet owners as it manages to pick up pet hair with effectiveness and ease. Homes with low-lying furniture are also more likely to be compatible with the BG600 given its sleek design, making it possible for the robot vacuum to slide under the furniture easily. 

Performance of Bagotte BG600

The Bagotte BG600 robot vacuum cleaner is a high-performance machine that can clean your home both efficiently and effectively. 

The vacuum’s suction power is strong enough to pick up dirt and debris with ease, yet gentle enough not to damage delicate surfaces like hardwood floors or rugs. 

The vacuum comes with multiple different cleaning modes so that you can choose how much effort you want it to exert while cleaning: normal mode will cover most areas around your house; and MAX mode will provide extra suction power for tougher jobs.

The BG600 can also be programmed to clean your home at specific times of day, so it doesn’t waste any precious battery life while you’re not there.

It has sensors that allow it to avoid stairs and other obstacles, so that it can get into even the smallest corners of your home without having to worry about getting stuck or damaged

Features of Bagotte BG600 Robot Vacuum

Here are all the features of this robot vacuum cleaner…

1. Compact Packaging & Easy Installation 

The Bagotte BG600 comes packed in a lightweight and compact box.

Setting up the vacuum cleaner is effortless as the process hardly takes a few minutes. 

2. Modern Design

This robot vacuum has a very modern, slim, and sleek look and feels that makes you want to get it in an instant. 

3. Battery Life, Suction Power, & Cleaning Modes

This BG600 Max Robot Vacuum boasts a 2000Pa high suction power, and it comes with six modes of vacuuming. These modes include spot cleaning, adjustable suction, and auto-scheduling.

Moreover, the robot vacuum’s battery has a 100 minutes life sufficient for cleaning your house correctly. 

4. Sensors & Smart Technology 

The vacuum automatically switches to maximum power when it steps on carpets or rugs to clean them. It also comes with sensors to ensure that the robot vacuum doesn’t fall.Β 

In addition, the vacuum cleaner features magnetic tape that needs to be used by you to stop the vacuum cleaner from going past certain areas.

You can also watch this video to see the unboxing:

Alternatives to Bagotte BG600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Here are a few alternatives to the Bagotte BG600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop: 

1. Roborock S5 MAX Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Roborock S5 MAC Robot Vacuum Cleaner performs the cleaning tasks with excellence. This device comes with laser navigation that is advanced and precise and it has very good battery life. 

The vacuum does not consume too much water which ensures minimal water wastage and it also features a thorough voice control system to enhance the user experience. It is very easy to maintain the vacuum cleaner and it boasts intelligent and smart programming. 


  • It is compatible with virtual barriers. 
  • This device comes with the mapping feature. 
  • It features precise water control. 
  • It comes with several vacuuming modes. 


  • It may not fall under your budget. 

2. ECOVACS Deebot 500 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

The ECOVAC Deebot 500 is an incredible alternative to the Bagotte BG600 as it features selective cleaning modes and includes the auto-cleaning mode to make the vacuuming experience even better for you.

This device is suitable for cleaning hardwood flooring and it comes with very strong sensors.

It is incredibly easy to assemble this vacuum cleaner and It can easily get connected to Google Home & Alexa. Lastly, what makes this vacuum cleaner a great option is that it gets charged quickly and has a cleaning time of over 100 minutes. 


  • Comes with a max suction mode which doubles its sucking capabilities. 
  • It can get integrated with Google Home and Alexa for voice controls. 
  • Comes with an app that lets you track cleaning history and real-time data. 


  • Does not feature the mapping technology. 
  • Does not have a lot of features compared to its counterparts. 

3. Eufy by Anker, BoostIQ RoboVac

You can count on the Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S to efficiently pick up dust and dirt properly. This robot vacuum has an incredible runtime and it recharges itself automatically to ensure it’s always ready for use. 

The robot’s smart technology enables it to prevent itself from colliding with different objects or furniture kept in the house. It also comes with a glass-top cover to provide protection from scratches, which gives you another good reason to buy this device. 


  • It is highly affordable. 
  • It does not make too much noise while cleaning. 
  • Comes with a remote control to control its functions. 
  • Automatically increases suction power after detecting carpets. 
  • Its suction power can go up to 2000 Pa. 


  • It does not have systematic navigation. 
  • It is not compatible with magnetic strips or virtual boundaries. 
  • Does not have an app. 


The ECOVACS DEEBOT U2 Pro comes with a pet care kit, making it an ideal option for pet owners. This robot vacuum’s long battery life ensures that it can vacuum for many hours and its advanced features enable it to follow the back-and-forth pattern of cleaning. 

This vacuum cleaner features the OZMO Mopping Technology and it cleans hardwood floors with ease. The best part about this vacuum cleaner is that it lets you switch between mopping and vacuum functions with a click of a button. 


  • Has a long-lasting battery. 
  • Comes with an app and voice control feature. 
  • Charges automatically by going to the dock. 
  • Has a large dustbin. 
  • Performs both wet and dry cleaning. 


  • Not the cheapest option. 
  • May make too much noise. 


Incredible features at a perfectly affordable price, the Bagotte BG600 robot vacuum cleaner is the best buy for those who want good vacuum cleaning features under budget. The BG600 performs well with a 1500Pa suction power that is good enough for picking up dust and dirt particles. 

All in all, the vacuum cleaner is simple, and it is an ideal purchase for those who are not introduced to a smart and complicated technology. 


Bagotte BG600 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Mop

β€” Best Budget Robot Vacuum

The BG600 is easy to set up and use and offers multiple settings for different types of floors. Overall an impressive robot vacuum with high suction power.


What is the charging and running time of the BG600 robot vacuum cleaner?

The voltage of the BG600 vacuum is 100 – 120 volts. It takes 300 to 360 minutes to charge the vacuum cleaner, and once charged, it runs for about 100 minutes.

How often should I replace the filter and brush of the BG600?

To ensure that your cleaning experience doesn’t get hampered, you should replace the filter, roller brush, and other accessories every two to three months.

What do I do if my BG600 doesn’t schedule the cleaning?

If your BG600 is having trouble scheduling the cleaning, check the power switch present at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner to ensure that it is turned on. Once checked, look at the scheduled date and time to see if they are correct. Lastly, check the battery of the vacuum.

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