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How to Unclog a Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner [Step by Step]

Published by: Katherine Frame

How to Unclog a Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner

Are you one of those who started to have a smelly Dyson vacuum? Do you notice a sudden loss of suction in your device? Do you still remember the last time you cleaned your vacuum? Before purchasing and getting a replacement, it will help if you consider cleaning your Dyson Animal vacuum first.

This post aims to offer you all the information you need on how to unclog your Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner. If you’re ready, let’s dive in!

How to Unclog a Dyson Animal Vacuum Cleaner 

No matter how you protect your vacuum, dirt, debris, hair, and dust will find their way into your machine, and that stops its suction power with them.

Here is your DIY guide that will take you out of the trouble of getting a new vacuum cleaner. 

  1. A quick inspection can help you identify whether the cleaning head or the hose is hiding the culprit. For starters, remove the hose from the rest of the machine. You can drop a coin down the hose while holding it upright to test if it is clogged.

    You will know if the house is the issue based on whether the coin falls straight to the ground. If your hose is fine, probe the cleaning head. Turn the vacuum upside down to check the beater bar. Do you discover a significant amount of hair or other dust particles stuck in there? Then you know what you must clean. 
  1. For cleaning the vacuum hose, you can use any of the tools below:
  • Coat hanger
  • Mop handle
  • Broom handle

    If you need to clean the vacuum cleaning head, you can utilize any of the tools below:
  • Scissors
  • Screwdriver
  • Industrial pipe cleaner 
  1. For hose clogs, the mop or handle of a broom should be more than enough for getting rid of the blockage. Hold the hose up and slowly push the item to the other end. Keep your hose as straight as possible when the handle goes through it so you will not cause any damage. 

    If the cleaning head is blocked with a more oversized item, you can use an industrial pipe cleaner to work it out of the area. Further, a screwdriver works for scraping-out items. Slowly snip through the hair until all of it can be removed. 
  1. Plug your vacuum in and use it on a carpet or wooden surfaces. Even better, try both surfaces. 

Why is my Dyson Animal losing suction?

The most typical reason for your Dyson Animal vacuum losing its suction is because the filters are blocked. When these machines lose suction, it usually is down to a handful of typical problems: 

  • clogged filters
  • a tangled brush bar
  • an overflowing dust container
  • blocked airways

Fixing those can substantially and instantly enhance the cleaning power of your vacuum. 

How to take apart a Dyson Animal Ball

Often, it’s essential to take apart your Dyson Animal Ball. You may need to take one apart to remove dust build-up or find a small item you have vacuumed up.

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Unplug the vacuum cord by pressing down on the top of the bar door, below the handle, and pull outward. Find the bag collar and where it connects to the suction tube. Pull the collar from the top and pull the bag from the vacuum’s body and discard it. 
  • Squeeze the release tab at the top of the dirt receptacle. Pull it forward and lift it straight up and away from the vacuum. Pull the lid straight off the top of the dirt cup to replace the filter. Remove the filter by pulling the filter housing’s top toward the center. Lift the filter from the housing. 
  • Remove the screw from the secondary filter at the bottom of the dirt receptacle cavity. Pull the filter retainer straight up and out of the vacuum and pull the filter out. 
  • Remove the screws from the headlight lens and lift it from the vacuum, and set it aside. Detach the headlamp bulb by pulling it out of the socket. 
  • Lower the handle to the lowest setting and turn your machine upside down. Remove the screws from the bottom plate, then lift it from the vacuum and put it aside. Slip the edge brushes from the sides of the bottom plate for replacement or cleaning.

Lift the alligator brush and slip it away from the drive belt. Slide the belt off the drive pull and remove that from your vacuum. 

How to clean your Dyson Animal vacuum cyclone component

In a big sink, run lukewarm water over the grid of small filtering holes, spinning the unit to let every section of holes rise until the water runs clear. Pour or spray water into the main hole at one end of the vacuum, then pour it out and repeat until the water runs clear. 


One of the common issues found in Dyson Animal vacuum cleaners is low suction force. This issue can be fixed by either cleaning your device or replacing some components of your vacuum. At times, it will help if you seek an expert to repair your appliance efficiently.  


How do you clear a clogged Dyson?

Turn the device and unplug from the outlet. Flip it over so the bottom of the base is uncovered. Check the rolling brush bar for carpet threads or caught hairs that could stop the brushes from rotating. Cut any fibers or hairs caught on the brushes with a scissor.

How do I clean my Dyson Animal vacuum?

A great place to begin is with the dust canister, as all Dyson Vacuums are bagless. Make sure you unclog the machine first. Then empty and scrub the dust canister. Finally, remove and wash the filters.

How do you unclog a Dyson Ball Animal 2?

Just do the same steps outlined above. Dyson Ball Animal 2 has the exact mechanisms as the other Dyson vacuum cleaners.

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