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The 9 Health Benefits of Vacuum Cleaner you Should Know

Published by: Katherine Frame

Health Benefits of Vacuum Cleaner

Most of us find vacuuming or cleaning our home, in general, a hectic task. If you’re often tempted to skip the process, you’re not alone. No matter how much you hate to vacuum, the increase in dust and pollution has made it an integral part of our lives. 

Moreover, vacuum cleaners have several health benefits, and a clean home also ensures that we feel good mentally and physically.

In this article, we’re going to take you through the numerous health benefits of vacuuming, so let’s delve right into the article. 

The Health Benefits of Vacuum Cleaner 

Vacuume cleaning may not be your most favorite chore in the world, but it sure does come with several benefits. This section will discuss all the health benefits that a regular vacuum cleaning schedule can provide.

1. Keeps Allergies at Bay  

If you are asthmatic, suffer from allergies, or you’re generally allergic to dust and dirt particles, you need to take the cleaning process up a notch.

You cannot take the process lightly as the dirt particles, microorganisms, and other irritants hidden in corners of your home, furniture, and carpets can trigger your allergies. 

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It would be best if you were vacuuming at regular intervals to keep coughs and colds at bay. Asthma patients are recommended to vacuum clean their homes once every week to keep the air clean at all times. 

2. Gets Rid of Dust Mites 

The naked eye cannot see dust mites, but these microscopic particles often make their way into our homes. The presence of dust mites can go unnoticed, but these particles can cause trouble.

These particles leave feces and body fragments that can further trigger allergy attacks. 

Vacuum cleaners come to the rescue when it comes to getting rid of dust mites. Not all vacuum cleaners can eliminate dust mites, so you should check the features of the vacuum cleaner before buying it. Buying the right vacuum cleaner can prove to be a game-changer. 

3. It’s Good for Skin 

Dirt & dust can not only cause allergies, but they can also cause rashes and itchiness if you have sensitive skin.

To maintain healthy skin, use a quality vacuum cleaner and be sure to make use of its attachments so that all the surfaces and surroundings stay clean. We’re sure doing so will keep your skin glowing all the time. 

4. Has a Good Impact on One’s Psychological Health 

A clean space can make you feel peaceful and good, as when it comes to one’s psychological health, the ambiance makes all the difference.

Clean surroundings will uplift your mood, and it will make you feel better on your low days. A good cleaning session can make you mentally peaceful, and it can also be very satisfying. 

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A clean surrounding can influence your mood, and vacuuming can prove to be highly relaxing. Moreover, there is no doubt that a vacuum cleaner can change how your home looks and feels.

It also extends the life of your upholstery, carpets, and furniture. Cleaning can also decrease your stress levels, and it keeps you motivated all the time. 

5. Creates an Exercising Schedule 

Research and studies show that vacuum cleaning proves to be a good way of exercise. If you create a regular vacuuming routine, you won’t have to worry about going to the gym as you’ll already be getting a good workout session. You can effortlessly work out without feeling like it as you’ll be concentrating on the task. 

An organized home will also allow you to concentrate on your diet and health, which will further help you lose weight.

Studies show that vacuuming proves to be healthy for your heart’s health as well. Not to forget, an organized home increases one’s effectiveness and efficiency to work. 

6. Maintains the Sanitation of your Home 

Sanitation should be one’s top priority. A clean home keeps you protected from viruses, harmful diseases, and bacteria. 

It also keeps microorganisms away from your home, and it ensures that you don’t live among germs like staph, salmonella, and E. Coli, which lead to dangerous infections and food-related diseases. 

7. Helps you Sleep Well 

A night of good sleep is vital to have a productive day. Messy surroundings can have a bad impact on your sleep cycle. 

On the other hand, clean space can help you sleep better. Our mattresses and pillows are home to a host of dust mites that can affect your sleep. Vacuum cleaning is the only way to get rid of these dust mites as our traditional cleaning methods cannot remove them appropriately. 

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While we’re asleep, our body has a slower breathing rate and hence, it becomes highly important to sleep in the fresh air. You don’t have to worry about breathing problems as the air will be extremely clean. Clean air will also lead you to wake up in a refreshing manner. 

8. Improves Air Quality 

Air quality is highly vital, especially when you’re someone who’s allergic or asthmatic. Vacuum cleaning gets rid of all such irritants and enhances the quality of your home’s air.

Moreover, even if you’re not allergic, inhaling dander, dust mites, dirt, and unwanted particles can harm your health in the long term. 

9. Prevents Mold Growth 

Dirty carpets and areas are prone to mold development as these areas are exposed to dirt and moisture. Especially if the humidity levels are high, it is a given that you’ll find mold there. 

To ensure that your carpet stays clean and mold doesn’t grow on it, you should vacuum it properly and regularly. You can also get your carpet cleaned by professionals once in a while to ensure accurate and efficient cleaning.

Mold can be harmful to your health in the long haul, so you need to keep in mind that your home stays moisture-free at all times. 

Is it Good to Vacuum every day?

For some, vacuuming is fulfilling and the best way to pass the time, while for some, vacuuming is a process they despise. 

If you fall in the second category, we’re here to help you out as we’ll tell you exactly how often you should be vacuuming your home and when you can skip it. 

Most of us have homes with various kinds of floorings. You can vacuum different floorings at different intervals as per the tips we’ve provided below. 

Hard Flooring

If you’ve got hard flooring at home, you can vacuum once a week. However, if your home is prone to a lot of dust and dirt, or if you have pets, you should vacuum more often.

Don’t prolong the cleaning process for more than a week as dirt and dust make their way into our houses through tiny spaces, and it is important to keep them out of your way. Don’t use any harsh chemicals on your hardwood floors. Use of the basic cleaners will suffice. 


If your carpets have high traffic, you should be vacuuming them daily. The entire carpeted area should generally be vacuumed two times a week, and carpeted areas with low traffic can be vacuumed once a week. 

If your house has rooms that don’t get used too often, you can settle with vacuuming once every two weeks. However, be sure to vacuum properly whenever you do. Don’t take the process lightly. 

Run the vacuum cleaner in different directions and run it twice to ensure no dust or dirt particle is left inside it. 

Do you have pets? 

If you’re a pet lover, it becomes necessary for you to be a vacuum cleaner lover. Pet hair and dander are most likely to be all over your house, and it becomes vital to clean it for healthy and allergy-free living.

Moreover, pets roam around everywhere and bring in various kinds of germs, dust, and dirt in your house with their paws. 

Your furry friends can bring home diseases with them. It becomes your responsibility to ensure that we keep your home clean to keep the environment healthy for you & your loved ones. 

To do so, you should be vacuuming daily. If you’re short on time, be sure to vacuum the areas where your pets hang out the most. You can also consider investing in a robotic vacuum cleaner that will perform the chore independently without you having to worry about it. 

Tip: Don’t prolong the process of cleaning any mess that your pet makes in the house. Cleaning immediately will ensure that your home doesn’t have unwanted odors. 

Final Thoughts

We’re sure you don’t enjoy the process of vacuuming, especially if you’ve got a lot on your plate. Nonetheless, vacuuming needs to be a regular part of your cleaning routine, as not doing so will have an adverse impact on your health. 

To make it easier for you to vacuum your home, you should be using a vacuum cleaner that comes with all the necessary features. Investing in a good vacuum cleaner will ensure that each corner of your home is free from dust, dirt, and other unwanted microorganisms.


Is vacuuming good for health?

Using a vacuum cleaner has always been associated with cleanliness and overall good health as a vacuum cleaner sucks all the dirt, dust, and unwanted particles around us. However, it is necessary to purchase a good vacuum cleaner because if you pick the wrong one, it won’t perform well. A cheap vacuum cleaner can spit dirt and dust back into the clean air, further leading to allergies and infections.

Why is vacuuming important?

There are several harmful particles and molecules present in the air that may not be visible to the naked eye. It becomes vital to get rid of these particles as they can be harmful to our health. Hence, vacuuming is important because a vacuum cleaner sucks all such particles and clears the air of our home.

What happens if you vacuum every day?

It is recommended to vacuum at least once every week. If you take more than a week to vacuum your home, it can have an effect on your health as your allergies may get aggravated.

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