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12 Most Popular Vacuum Cleaner Brands You Should Know

Published by: Katherine Frame

Most Popular Vacuum Cleaner Brands You Should Know

When we pick a vacuum cleaner, we often choose to keep the brand in mind instead of looking at the specifications or features of the models. There are several brands that manufacture vacuum cleaners in the market today. Hence, it becomes crucial to pick the right option as buying a vacuum cleaner is an investment & choosing the wrong one will prove to be an expensive decision.

Brands often manufacture vacuum cleaner models with similar specifications, further making it difficult for you to choose.

In this article, we’ll talk about the most popular vacuum cleaner brands to help you ensure that you pick a vacuum cleaner that fits all your needs. 

The Popular Vacuum Cleaner Brands

It is no surprise that vacuum cleaner brands are available in abundance in the market in today’s times. Out of all of them, the following are our top choices that certainly stand out from the rest: 

1. Dyson Vacuum Cleaners

Dyson is a pretty well-known name among popular vacuum cleaner brands, which is mainly recognised for its range of products. Their vacuum cleaners aren’t priced at a very cheap rate.

However, their high quality and effectiveness are certainly worth every penny. With their impeccable performance, these bagless machines won’t fail to surprise you. 

2. iRobot Vacuums

iRobot is a famous manufacturer of some very practical and high-quality robot vacuum cleaners, which are specifically formulated to keep your houses neat and clean at all times. They are strong, versatile, and are meant to last for long years.  

3. Miele Vacuums

Among their other famous domestic appliances, Miele’s vacuum cleaners are one of the best products by the company.

The canister vacuum cleaners by Miele are popularly recognised to be durable, challenging, and resilient. They complete their chore effectively and are meant to endure for ages. 

While they may not be one of the cheapest choices available in the market, they prove to be worth every penny in the long run. This is why Miele vacuum cleaners are one of the top picks of most households. 

4. Shark Vacuum Cleaners

One of the best-known choices in the world, Shark vacuum cleaners offer a range of household products, and vacuum cleaners are certainly the most impeccable of them all.

Vacuum cleaners by Shark feature great quality, a decent warranty, as well as a reasonable price. You can easily decide what model to pick based on your requirements and preferences out of their feature-rich series. 

5. Bissell

Next on our list of most popular vacuum cleaner brands is Bissell, which offers a range of vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners, as well as a few other accessories.

Bissell’s appliances are usually the top picks in various categories for their rich quality and performance offered at attractive pricing. 

6. Hoover

Hoover is a well-known manufacturer of hand-held, stick, upright, as well as cordless vacuum cleaners. Their return policy is specified to 30 days, and the company also offers very effective customer service.

Whether you choose Hoover’s bagged vacuum cleaners or bagless, you are assured of receiving outstanding cleaning performance no matter what. You can use them on your carpets, cars, bare flooring, and anywhere else! 

Their HEPA vacuum cleaners and WindTunnel technology are two highlights of this brand that certainly help it set itself apart from the crowd.

Apart from that, reduced noise, improved air quality, maximum convenience, and incredible versatility make Hoover one of the best choices available in the market today. 

7. Electrolux

Whether it is their standard canister vacuum cleaner models or the powerful UltraCollection, one brand that makes sure to fulfil everyone’s needs is Electrolux. Known for their high quality and exceptional performance, vacuum cleaners by Electrolux are the ones to stand out from the crowd. 

Apart from their collection of fresh vacuum cleaner models, the company also offers generic as well as genuine vacuum cleaner components that are meant to assist the customer in repairing their machine on their own.

From hoses to brushes, they have made everything available for the customer to deliver nothing but the best service. 

8. Kirby

Kirby is popularly known for its series of upright vacuum cleaners that feature the ability to transform into hand-held or canister formats. How interesting, isn’t it? While their prices may vary from one distributor to another, one can easily find all their products as well as parts online. 

Prepared using die-cast aluminium, vacuum cleaners by Kirby are unique considering that most other vacuums are prepared from plastic. This also makes Kirby’s vacuum cleaners far more strong and durable as compared to other alternatives available in the market. Their average lifespan is considered to be more than 30 years. 

9. Rainbow

Featuring a special water-based technology for filtration, Rainbow vacuum cleaners trap all the dirt and dust in your room together with poor odours. 

Benefits of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

What makes this brand unique is that their vacuums don’t make use of a vacuum bag and instead feature a special container that works for holding water inside it. Users will need to empty this container after every use.

While it may seem like a task to some, the truth is that these vacuum cleaners have been proven to offer a much better quality of air and cleaner surfaces. 

You can easily use Rainbow’s vacuums on carpets, stairs, household furniture, as well as hardwood. 

10. Bosch

If you are someone looking for a new vacuum appliance for yourself or vacuum bags, belts, or filters for your old Bosch vacuum cleaner, we must tell you that this brand has it all! Bosch features a range of different components that deliver superior performance and last for ages. 

11. Black & Decker Vacuum Cleaners

Black & Decker is another well-known vacuum cleaner brand that offers hand-held, stick, and upright vacuum cleaners. While noise may be an issue for these vacuums, the brand certainly stands out in all other ways.


Vacuum cleaners by Black & Decker feature superior functioning and work to trap all the dust on the surface, leaving it much cleaner and fresher. They are built strong and provide great value for money as well. 

12. Kenmore

Popular for their canister, robot, hand-held, stick, as well as upright vacuum cleaners, Kenmore is a prominent brand known to deliver high-quality household appliances that offer great performance.

With a distinct 60-day return period along with a 1-year warranty, these vacuum cleaners are a decent choice. 

Apart from providing new vacuum cleaners, the brand also offers belts, bags, filters, hoses, as well as repair elements for your old machine. The best part about this brand is that everything is available at a reasonable price while also offering outstanding service. 

Which is the Best Vacuum Cleaner Brand? 

According to last year’s statistics, it has been pretty evident that Dyson is highly trending in not only the country but in the entire world. 

Found in 1991, Dyson has established itself as a top vacuum cleaner brand over the years owing to its superior performance and effective service. The brand offers a series of vacuum models that aim to fulfil the requirements as well as preferences of anyone and everyone.

All in all, after extensive research, it may be safe to say that Dyson is a clear winner and the best vacuum cleaner brand according to us. 

What to Look For in a Vacuum When Buying

Before you start hunting for a new vacuum cleaner, you should jot down your needs and requirements along with the budget, as it’ll narrow down your options and make it easier for you to make the final decision.

In this section, we’re going to talk about the things you need to look for when buying a vacuum cleaner: 

  • Consider the area that the vacuum cleaner is going to clean. Is it an ample space, or is it small? 
  • What is your purpose for buying a vacuum cleaner? Is it for your home or your office? 
  • Do you have pets or kids at home? 
  • Do you want a bagged vacuum cleaner or a bagless vacuum cleaner? 
  • What type of flooring does the space have? 
  • Is there anyone at home who is allergic or asthmatic? 
  • Don’t forget to look at the features such as maintenance of the vacuum cleaner, handling, and ease of use. 
  • Be sure to check that the vacuum is effective and efficient. 
  • Suction power is another vital feature that needs to be considered. 
  • Ensure that your vacuum has a considerable dirt bin or dust bag capacity, or else you’ll have to empty it frequently. 
  • Do you want a wet vacuum cleaner or a dry vacuum cleaner? 
  • What is the air filtration method used in the vacuum? 
  • Does the vacuum produce a lot of noise, or is it minimal? 
  • What all tools and attachments does the vacuum come with? 
  • What is the weight of the vacuum cleaner? 

Ask yourself these questions and keep these pointers in mind while making a purchase. We’re sure that these points will help you pick the right model as per your needs. 


To conclude, there are a variety of vacuum cleaners available in the market with various features and specifications. It is upto you to decide which vacuum cleaner fits your requirements and budget.

The top brands that manufacture vacuum cleaners include Dyson, Bissell, iRobot, Miele, and Shark. We recommend you thoroughly go through this guide before you purchase a vacuum cleaner, as we’ve discussed each and every aspect in detail. 


How much does a vacuum cleaner cost?

The cost range of a vacuum cleaner varies with the type of vacuum cleaner. An upright vacuum cleaner ranges between $300 and $1800, while a canister vacuum ranges between $175 and $3400. Similarly, a backpack vacuum cleaner will cost you anywhere between $350 and $1700.

Why do vacuum cleaners lose suction?

Vacuum cleaners can lose suction due to various common reasons such as blocked airways, clogged filters, or a brush bar that is tangled, among others. Correcting these issues can instantly improve the suction power of your vacuum cleaner.

How long should vacuum cleaners last?

A good quality vacuum cleaner usually lasts for about eight years. However, how long your vacuum cleaner will last depends on its quality and your way of using it. If you don’t use the vacuum cleaner often, it will last longer. Moreover, taking proper care of the vacuum cleaner and maintaining it at appropriate intervals makes all the difference as well.

What is the highest amp for a vacuum?

The highest amp for a vacuum cleaner is 12 amps.

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