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How to Use a Rainbow Vacuum Properly?

Published by: Katherine Frame

How to use a rainbow vacuum

Unlike most vacuum cleaners available in the market, Rainbow vacuums don’t come with a dust bag. Instead, Rainbow uses water to vacuum your house and get rid of dirt and dust. This system makes the process easier for you and is convenient as it doesn’t require you to buy vacuum bags now and then. 

In this guide, we will talk about how you can set up and use a Rainbow vacuum cleaner. Without further ado, let’s delve into the article!

How to Use a Rainbow Vacuum

Before we tell you how to use a Rainbow vacuum cleaner, we recommend you always use the correct attachments for different tasks. 

Benefits of Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

This will ensure that you vacuum easily and efficiently. You can also add a fragrance to the vacuum to give your home a fresh and clean vibe.

Also, make sure that you clean the water basin and empty it soon after use. If you leave it for too long, the basin will start smelling. 

1. Setting the Rainbow Vacuum

Water Level 

While setting up the Rainbow vacuum, you need to start by filling the water basin with the right water level. It is important to have the right water level as less water can hamper the capacity of your Rainbow to get a hold of dirt and dust particles. 

On the other hand, excess water can make the vacuum turn off on its own as it will aim to prevent water spills. 

To get the water level right, fill it up to the mark on the basin. 

Locking the Water Basin

The water basin has two side locks on it. To lock the basin, just tap on the locks properly. If the water tank doesn’t get locked properly, the vacuum’s suction will leak which will lead to a reduction in the Rainbow’s efficiency. 

Setting Up the Wheels

Once you’re done locking the water basin, put the vacuum into its dolly. Make sure that the alignment is correct so that the dolly can get locked properly. 

Connect the Hose 

Rainbow vacuum’s hose is of 2 types. One hose is electrical and the other is regular. Both the hoses get attached in the same manner. You need to attach them using the intake hole. 

The electrical hose has an electrical connection at the end of the hose, so to connect it with the Rainbow, you will have to open a window in the vacuum’s intake face. This is to ensure that the electrical plug gets connected. 

2. Using the Rainbow 

As we mentioned above, Rainbow uses water to get rid of dust particles and it does not come with a dust bag. The vacuum is highly good for the environment. 

Rainbow Vacuum Models History

The unique filtration system of a Rainbow vacuum cleaner sucks dirt, dust, and other microscopic particles with its HEPA Neutralizer Filtration System. This system is very effective as it gets rid of almost all the contaminants present in your home. 

The vacuum’s motor is powered by a super switched-reluctance technology that can perform all types of cleaning tasks. This technology increases the life of the motor as well. The vacuum’s accessories are effective as well. 

The vacuum will travel with you from one room to the other with ease. Its LED headlights highlight the area so that you don’t miss any spots. 

You can use the Rainbow to clean walls, carpets, and floors. The vacuum cleans your home’s air as well. The Rainbow does that by water-washing your home’s air. 

The air that Rainbow pulls is cleaned by its mechanism of swirling water bath which is then filtered using the HEPA neutralizer. It gives out fresh and clean air into your house. 


Rainbow vacuums are highly efficient and they are well-known in their class. This article discussed how you can use a Rainbow vacuum and following our guide will ensure that you can make the best use of it while ensuring that the vacuum doesn’t get ruined. 


How can I turn on my Rainbow vacuum cleaner?

Press the power button present on your vacuum cleaner to turn it on. Rainbow vacuums often start at a very high speed. To power it off, you need to press the power button as well.

Is it possible to use a carpet freshener while cleaning with a Rainbow vacuum cleaner?

It is okay to use a carpet freshener with a Rainbow vacuum, but you should not be using a powder carpet freshener. Powder fresheners can lead to stains and they can lead to crocking, and wicking. Your carpet can also get ruined because of it.

Is it fine for me to use baking soda with a Rainbow vacuum?

Baking soda has a very minute size and it can clog the Rainbow’s filters. Baking soda can also ruin your vacuum’s motor.

Can I shampoo my carpet while using a Rainbow vacuum?

It is easy to transform your Rainbow vacuum cleaner into a carpet shampooer by using extra attachments. Rainbow Aquamate is an attachment that you can use to clean the carpet properly.

What does a Rainbow vacuum’s warranty cover?

Rainbow and all the attachments and accessories come with a four-year warranty and Rainbow’s electric/motor controller comes with an eight-year warranty. The vacuum’s warranty doesn’t cover any kind of wear and tear that happens due to regular usage.

Is it okay if I clean liquid messes using a Rainbow vacuum cleaner?

Yes, you can easily clean liquids using a Rainbow vacuum. You should read the owner’s manual before you start picking liquids.

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