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The Entire History of the Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

Published by: Katherine Frame

Rainbow Vacuum Models History

No doubt, vacuum cleaners make our day-to-day life convenient and live in a clean, safe space. When it comes to popular vacuum cleaners, Rainbow vacuums are among the top choices. They are also one of the first bagless canister vacuums sold to the market.

Rainbow vacuum cleaners have an interesting history. Keep reading and discover the complete Rainbow vacuum models history…

The Rainbow Vacuum Models History 

The predecessor to the Rainbow called “Rexair Cleaner” was first sold in 1929. In 1955, it was repackaged and branded as the Rainbow. 

This is a quick table on the Rainbow vacuum models history…

1940BBlack Diamond
1990D4CSpecial Edition1
1994D4CSpecial Edition2
1998E-2e Series1
2000E-2e Series2
2004E2 Type 12e Series1
2006E2 Type 12Gold2
2008E2 Type 12Silver
2011E2 Type 12Black1
2012E2 Type 12Black2
2017RainbowMate RM-12Black
Entire Rainbow Vacuum Models History

Rainbow Vacuum -/A

Year: 1936

This Rainbow vacuum is not considered a “model” but as “series A” on the top nameplate.

Rainbow Vacuum B

Year: 1940

Model B is similar to the series A except for the water pan change, front nameplate, and black color. The improved water pan comes with a built-in flange so that the full rubber gasket/diaphragm to lay on with the rubber gasket on top.

Rainbow Vacuum C

Year: 1950

Model C is exactly similar to the two previous models except for the silver with red trim color change. Other improvements include curved bottom, floor tool, and locking rug. This model also introduced a plastic water pan and an optional, larger water pan.

Rainbow Vacuum D/Gold

Year: 1955

The model C gold had the “Rexair” company name on the front top cap. Then, it was replaced with the “Rainbow” word and a full-color rainbow across it by the end of 1960. The is because of the operation changes within Rexair and the sales offices.

Rainbow Vacuum D/Chrome 

Year: 1961

Th model D chrome is the same as the gold version except for the color change. It also has the word “Rainbow” since the sales offices became independent distributors and to separate it from the manufacturer’s name. 

Rainbow Vacuum D2

Year: 1974

The D2 model was the first to use the commonly available power nozzle. It is easy to use and repair. It comes with more turbines or fans than previous models.

Rainbow Vacuum D2A

Year: 1979

The D2A model was first introduced to homeowners in 1979. It features a metal separator and a separator bolt. It is also famous for its easy-to-use water pan.

Rainbow Vacuum D3C/D3A

Year: 1980

The D3C/D3A model was the first for Rexair to have an all-plastic outer shell and had a similar motor with D2A. This version features a three-prong receptacle to be suitable with the R-1650A power nozzle. 

Rainbow Vacuum D3C

Year: 1982

The D3C model features a cap cover assembly with an inner baffle and handle. The main housing includes a motor gasket, latches, switch, and main power cord. Then, the dolly and hose assembly includes dolly wheels, molded end, and coupling.

Rainbow Vacuum D4C

Year: 1986

The D4C model was a major change compared to the Rainbow vacuum D3. The number of motors parts and the dimensions were reduced. The main power switch is located to the top of the Rainbow. As a result, it is a lot easier to turn on or off the motor. 

Rainbow Vacuum D4C/Special Edition 

Year: 1990 (Version 1) 1994 (Version 2)

The D4C Special Edition was the last batch of the D series. This model ran from 1990 to 1994 and had two versions. The first version had the same motor as the Rainbow D4C, but its motor vent had several improvements.

In 1994, the second version was introduced with few changes. The dolly and decals on the latches were removed. 

Rainbow Vacuum E-2/e Series 

Year: 1998 (Version 1) 2000 (Version 2)

The E-2 model e series comes in two versions. The four screws in the first version were removed to enable access to the HEPA filter. The second version comes with easy to remove rear cover to allow changing the HEPA filter with ease. Initially, this model features two color variations. 

Rainbow Vacuum E2 Type 12/e Series 

Year: 2004

The E2 Type 12 model e Series features two speed Hurricane motor design. The cap cover assembly includes a side lens, handle pad, and the main power switch. The main housing assembly includes HEPA filter, latches, rear cover, and faceplate.

Rainbow Vacuum E2 Type 12/Gold 

Year: 2006

The E2 Type 12 Gold has the same stripes as the E-2 model e series in the early production. After several revisions, the sound-reduced version was introduced. The motor has some improvements to increase durability.

Rainbow Vacuum RainbowMate RM-12/Silver 

The RainbowMate RM-12 model Silver series is the first miniature version. Plus, the serial numbers are not stamped.

Rainbow Vacuum E2 Type 12/Silver 

Year: 2008

The E2 Type 12 Silver has two versions, but the differences are found in the motor. The second version had design improvements the improve the pump or motor’s durability.

Rainbow Vacuum AquaMate AM-12 (IV)/Black 

The AM-12 (IV) model black series is the only AquaMate version explicitly built to suit the Black model Rainbow. This model has connections that fit the hose connection of the Black series.

Rainbow Vacuum Power Nozzle PN-12/Black 

The Power Nozzle PN-12 model black series has two versions. The belt’s location distinguishes the two versions. The first version features a belt located in the brush roll’s center, while the second version has a belt located on the brush roll’s side.

Rainbow Vacuum E2 Type 12/Black 

Year: 2011 (Version 1) 2012 (Version 2)

The E2 Type 12 model Black series had two versions. The difference between the two versions is the added LED light to the face plate’s front for troubleshooting purposes. This model has new white and blue LED lights, and the collapsible arms are removed. Plus, the cord is removed manually.

Rainbow Vacuum Power Nozzle PN3/SRX

The Power Nozzle PN3 model SRX series features a stainless steel brush roll that easily replaces brush strips. It features an easy-to-adjust air vent system. The streamlined design helps redirect the airflow, particularly when vacuuming thicker carpets that restrict the air movement from the bottom. 

Plus, the vents have openings from the top that enable the airflow to move to ensure maximum cleaning performance.

Rainbow Vacuum RainbowMate RM-12/Black 

Year: 2017

The Rainbowmate RM-12 model black series was introduced in 2017. This model has an LED light and a pivot arm that makes cleaning at various angles easier. It is also built with connections that work with the black version’s self-docking wands. 

Rainbow Vacuum RHCS19/SRX

Year: 2019

The RHCS19 model SRX series features a four-speed motor for cleaning the air and vacuuming thick carpets and an all-new motor to increase airflow by 30 percent. An added timer turns off the vacuum after 30, 60, or 90 minutes if used as an air cleaner.

Who Should Use Rainbow Vacuums 

The Rainbow vacuums are perfect for those who look for powerful motors to ensure more accessibility and faster cleaning. These vacuums also feature very sturdy motors, and the parts are made from high quality materials. In return, you can enjoy the benefits of the vacuum cleaner for a long period.

Check out this video and learn more about Rainbow vacuum…


Rainbow vacuums are among the powerful units available on the market today. These vacuum cleaners can handle any messes without being too heavy to move around or difficult to use. 

The history of Rainbow vacuums shows that each unit is designed to match everyone’s needs. 


How do I know what model my Rainbow vacuum is?

The Rainbow vacuum cleaner serial number has two parts. You can find the actual Manufacture Serial Number on the top of the unit, while the three numbers found on the bottom serve as Manufacture Date. The Manufacture Date is read in two parts: the first number refers to the manufacture trimester, and the two last number refers to the year of the manufacturer.

When was the first Rainbow vacuum made?

The birth of the first Rainbow vacuum cleaner occurred in 1955. Because of the more powerful motor and more streamlined and sleek design, Rexair executives rechristen the vacuum as Rainbow.

Is Rainbow vacuum a ripoff?

No, Rainbow vacuum is not a ripoff. The company has been around for many decades, and many homeowners are satisfied with the products. Each vacuum is made from high-quality materials and comes with an impressive set of features.

What’s the newest Rainbow vacuum?

The newest Rainbow vacuum is the RHCS19 model SRX series. It features a timer that turns off the vacuum after 30, 60, or 90 minutes when used as an air cleaner. It has a low profile to prevent tipping over. It also features soft, forward-facing buttons to enable you to switch between functions with ease.

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