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Why is the Vacuum Keeps Spitting Out Debris?

Published by: Katherine Frame

Why is the Vacuum Keeps Spitting Out Debris

Vacuum cleaners are simple machines that are made to clean your house, but if your vacuum cleaner starts doing the exact opposite of that? It is not a pleasant sight to look at your vacuum cleaner while it spits out dirt and dust instead of sucking it. 

However, it can be easily fixed. If your vacuum keeps spitting out debris and dirt, you’ve landed on the right post.

Let’s start the guide! 

Why Does Vacuum Keeps Spitting out Debris and How Can You Fix It? 

In this section, we shall discuss the reasons why your vacuum must be spitting out debris and how you can solve it:

1. Remove or Clean the Vacuum’s Container 

If the vacuum’s container is filled with dirt, you should clean it instantly so that it can start collecting the dirt properly. If not cleaned, the vacuum will keep spitting the dirt as it won’t have any space to store it.

2. Clean the Filter

The HEPA filter of the vacuum cleaner can easily get clogged. To blow clean air, the vacuum’s filter needs to be cleaned. If the filter is dirty, the vacuum will blow out filthy air. To clean the filter, check the label to see if it is permanent or washable. 

If it isn’t washable, doing so will damage the fibers that remove the harmful particles. If it is washable, take the filter and rinse it using water, and remove all the dust so that the filter gets cleaned appropriately.

3. Clogs 

When dirt and other large particles get accumulated in the vacuum cleaner, they get stuck and further clog the machine. Clogs usually take place behind the hose, the brush roller, or the air duct of the dust cup. 

To get rid of the clog, try removing the accumulated dust from the vacuum by using a stick. Clogs are often found in hard-to-reach places and hence, a stick will help you get rid of them properly. 

4. Does Your Vacuum Have a Spraying Option? 

Some vacuum cleaners available in the market can be used to spray water or paint. These vacuums are called combination machines. If you have this type of vacuum cleaner, it could be that your vacuum is in spray mode instead of vacuum mode.

If this is the problem, you can simply switch the vacuum’s mode to correct it.

5. Reverse the Vacuum’s Plug

Your vacuum must be spitting dirt because it is not able to suck any air. This problem can occur when the vacuum is plugged in reverse or when the electric motor of the vacuum is plugged in reverse.

If this is the case, try reversing the plug of the vacuum cleaner and check if it works properly. 

6. Check the Vacuum’s Bag

If you’ve forgotten to fit the vacuum’s bag, or if you have not done it properly, it will cause the dirt to circulate inside the machine itself and as it won’t go in the bag, it will be released in the air again. 

If your vacuum bag is damaged, you should replace it. Or if the bag is not fitted properly, do so to ensure that the vacuum doesn’t spit out dirt. 

7. Check the Vacuum’s Fan Belt

At times the electric motor’s drive belt can get twisted which can lead to the poor performance of your vacuum cleaner. Even a single twist can cause the vacuum’s fan to move in the opposite direction. 

If this is what has happened with your vacuum cleaner, turn it over and remove its belt. If the belt looks broken, worn out, or damaged, replace it. Doing so will solve the problem.

8. Hose

Cleaners have both the option to blow the air or suck it. This depends on where the hose of the vacuum is connected. It could be the case that you might’ve connected the vacuum’s hose to the blowing option. 

If that is the case, you should simply connect the hose to the other end so that the vacuum shifts to sucking the dirt instead of blowing it out. 

Here’s a video you can watch to see all the reasons of why your vacuum keeps spitting out debris…


There can be numerous reasons why your vacuum cleaner is spitting dirt. The bag can be poorly fit or you must’ve completely forgotten about it. It can also be because the bag is full and it cannot contain more dirt. There can be various other reasons behind this problem. 

You should go through this guide to find the right solution to this problem and stop your vacuum cleaner from spitting dirt and dust. 


Should I spend on getting my vacuum cleaner repaired?

We don’t recommend you get your vacuum cleaner repaired as it is not worth it to get it fixed after 5-7 years. However, it makes sense to get certain vacuum cleaners repaired when the repair is minor and can be done easily.

Which vacuum cleaner lasts longer?

Upright vacuum cleaners last the longest compared to other types. These vacuums have a durable and robust design. However, several other factors play a role in figuring out the lifespan of a vacuum cleaner.

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