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Complete Guide to Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners Troubleshooting

Published by: Katherine Frame

Rainbow Vacuum Troubleshooting

Rainbow is a well-known brand for vacuum cleaners and air purifiers. Vacuum cleaners are costly, making them investment purchases, and hence, people tend to buy Rainbow vacuums because the brand is trusted for building quality products. 

If your Rainbow vacuum is not working properly and you’re wondering what’s wrong with it, we will discuss a few common issues along with their solutions in this Rainbow vacuum troubleshooting guide.

We will also discuss the benefits of having a Rainbow vacuum at home. Let’s get started…

Rainbow Vacuums 

As a brand, Rainbow is growing rapidly and has become a trusted brand for customers for getting vacuum cleaners and air purifiers.

Rainbow® Cleaning System

Rainbow is famous worldwide, and the brand is known for building vacuum cleaners that clean your home with utmost accuracy and leave fresh and clear air for you to breathe. 

These vacuums also come equipped with several features which make them stand apart from other vacuum cleaners available in the market. 

Rainbow Vacuum Troubleshooting 

If you’re having issues with the working of your Rainbow vacuum cleaner, the first thing you should do is detach the vacuum’s water bowl. You’ll find latches on the water bowl. Simply release them and lift the water bowl off. 

To check if the water bowl is broken, look at the tab on the bowl. The tab should have smooth edges. If your bowl’s edges are jagged, it means that it is broken, and you need to get a new one. 

However, if the edges seem smooth and the bowl seems fine, it is not the problem. When you put the bowl back in the vacuum, see if the latches lock it tightly or if they are broken. Broken latches may be the reason why your vacuum cleaner isn’t turning on. 

Now that you’re done checking the water bowl, it is time to check the safety switch present underneath the vacuum cleaner. The safety switch gets pressed when the water bowl is latched in its place. If not pressed properly, the vacuum won’t turn on. 

Before you start checking the switch, take note to be careful with that area because the vacuum spins speedily once you turn it on. 

To check the safety switch, turn the vacuum cleaner on. If it turns on, it means that there’s no issue with the safety switch, and your water bowl is the culprit. If you’ve checked everything and the vacuum turns on with the water bowl attached as well, you’re good to go. 

If you see your Rainbow blinking red light, it means that the vacuum won’t turn on because of an issue with the power nozzle, wand, brush roll, or hose. To check these parts, ensure that the hose is attached to the wand and the wand is attached to the powerhead. 

Check the power nozzle’s bottom if all these parts seem to be clean and moisture-free. The vacuum cleaner is not going to turn on if the brush roll is clogged or the belt is damaged. 

Because Rainbow vacuum cleaners don’t use dust bags. Instead, they use water to trap dust and dirt. They need extra care and regular maintenance to ensure that they keep working smoothly. 

If your vacuum stops working because of a power issue, you may be able to fix it, or you’ll need a professional to help you fix the problem. After plugging the Rainbow, take a look at the circuit breaker and cord to see if there’s any serious issue or if the cord needs to be replaced. If that is the case, call a professional for appropriate assistance. 

It would be best if you also considered resetting the motor by turning the power switch off and allowing it to cool down. After doing this, plug the vacuum back on and see if it functions normally. Contact an authorized professional to get the vacuum repaired if it still doesn’t start. 

You can also watch this video for Rainbow vacuum troubleshooting…

Pros of a Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner 

Let’s discuss a few of the many benefits of Rainbow vacuums: 

1. Efficient & Effective

Rainbow vacuum cleaners come equipped with a powerful motor. Having a powerful motor means that Rainbow vacuums work effectively & efficiently as you won’t have to clean an area more than once. 

This feature makes the vacuuming process faster and easier for you, and you won’t have to worry about performing the task incorrectly.

2. Does not Require Dust Bags

Rainbow vacuums aren’t heavy on your pocket in the long run as they don’t require vacuum bags now and then. A Rainbow vacuum does not use a vacuum bag, as it uses water to get a hold of the dust and dirt particles.

Once you’re done vacuuming, all you need to do is throw the dirty water and refill the liquid compartment with fresh water. 

3. AHAM Certification 

Rainbow vacuums have a certification from The Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers, proving that these vacuum cleaners clean the air properly and reduce pollutants. 

4. Uses the Mechanism of Water

Rainbow vacuum cleaners are good for the environment as they use water to go through the process of collecting dirt and dust from your house.

5. Spectacular Suction

Rainbow vacuum cleaners have great suction power as they come with a cyclonic system, which makes the air inside the vacuum cleaner spin at a very high speed.

The system allows the vacuum to collect unwanted particles with speed and ease. Moreover, this system also prevents clogging, allowing you to live in high-quality air. 


A Rainbow vacuum cleaner is superior to its counterparts as it comes with spectacular specifications and many useful features. 

We have specified a few common problems your vacuum cleaner may face with time and regular use. You should keep your vacuum cleaner clean and maintain it regularly to keep these issues at bay. 


Is buying a Rainbow vacuum worth the money?

Rainbow vacuum cleaners are well-built, long-lasting, and strong. These vacuum cleaners are durable, and buying them is value for money.

Are Rainbow vacuum cleaners long-lasting?

Unlike most vacuum cleaners, Rainbow vacuums don’t use dust bags to collect dirt and dust. Rather they use water’s mechanism to perform the job. This makes them long-lasting.

Will a Rainbow vacuum cleaner help with your allergies?

A Rainbow vacuum cleaner is helpful and suitable for a household with people who have allergies or health issues such as asthma. Rainbow vacuums eliminate a good amount of allergens from your surroundings.

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