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Complete Guide to Kirby Sentria Troubleshooting

Published by: Katherine Frame

Kirby Sentria Troubleshooting

Kirby is a popular brand that has been in the industry for the longest time. One of the most widely recognised developments of the company is Sentria, an efficient vacuum cleaner packed with features. 

While a high cleaning ability is a must-have for any good vacuum, there may be times when the machine wouldn’t work properly. If you have been experiencing the same thing, you might be looking for some Kirby Sentria troubleshooting tips.

In this article, we are going to enlighten you on the same. 

About Kirby Vacuum Cleaners

Kirby has been in the market for more than 100 years, and they never fail to stun their customers with a range of feature-rich vacuum cleaner models to cater to one’s unique requirements.

Kirby’s products are easily accessible as they have an online presence, and their authorised dealership stores are spread all across the United Kingdom. 

What sets the brand apart from others in the market is that it has been in the market for the longest time, making it a trustworthy brand that customers can rely on. 

Moreover, Kirby uses quality raw materials to ensure that their vacuum cleaners are durable and well-built that last for years to come. 

About Kirby Sentria

After the successful launch of the Ultimate Diamond, Kirby launched Sentria in 2006, a spectacular vacuum cleaner that offered various benefits over the other vacuum cleaner generations. 

The Kirby Sentria not only comes with all the features of the previous vacuums, but it also comes equipped with several other new features specifically made to ensure that the vacuum is user-friendly. 

Are Kirby Vacuum Cleaners Worth Buying

Firstly, the best thing about Kirby Sentria is that it is lighter. The model also has a very sleek and modern appearance, and its bumper has 1.2 pounds less weight than the ultimate Diamond. 

Moreover, it has gentle curves and soft lines, which give it a very soft, sleek, and clean look. Keeping the customer’s comfort in mind, the Kirby Sentria comes with a redesigned handle. The headlights of the vacuum cleaner have been replaced with LED lights, and the upholstery tool has also been redesigned to ensure it picks up more dirt in one go. 

Kirby Sentria Troubleshooting

If you’re facing issues with the working of your Kirby Sentria, it can be due to the following problems:

The Air Filter

Your vacuum cleaner’s air filter performs the job of trapping dust particles as the air passes through the Sentria vacuum. A clogged filter will cause improper suction. This can be the reason why your vacuum is not functioning properly.

To unclog the filter, you should look at the owner’s manual for a detailed step-by-step guide. 

Sentria’s Blower Wheel

To check if your vacuum’s blower wheel is working properly, try to turn it with your hand. If it turns freely, you’re good to go. However, if the wheel doesn’t turn smoothly, check if anything is stopping it. If you don’t find anything, it means that the blower motor of your vacuum cleaner is creating the problem. 

Vacuum Dust Bag

If you have a full vacuum dust bag, it can cause your vacuum cleaner to work improperly. If that is the case, clean the bag or replace it if necessary. 

The Exhaust Filter

A clogged exhaust filter can be another reason why your vacuum cleaner is acting up. This is because a clogged filter hampers the suction power of your vacuum cleaner. You should clean the filter to ensure that the vacuum runs smoothly. 

Vacuum Cleaner Hose

A clogged hose can also be at fault. To check if the hose is clogged, detach it from the vacuum cleaner and stretch it to ensure it is straight. Now, take a flashlight and see if you can see the beam from the other end of the hose. If the beam is visible, it means that the hose is clear. If not, you’ll have to unclog the hose before using the vacuum cleaner. 

You can also watch this video for Kirby Sentria troubleshooting…

Pros of Kirby Sentria 

  • The Kirby Sentria is light in weight compared to the Ultimate Diamond. 
  • It comes with a carpet shampooer for deep cleaning the carpets
  • This model comes with a very powerful motor. 
  • The Sentria comes equipped with an LED headlight, making it easier to spot areas you may have missed. The LED light also helps in cleaning dark or low-light areas. 
  • It has an in-built system to manage large particles that come in the way of filters and clog the vacuum cleaner. 

Cons of Kirby Sentria 

  • It is light in weight compared to previous generations, but it is still very heavy and hard to manoeuvre. 
  • Several adjustments that took place to make the vacuum cleaner easy-to-handle and versatile need manual rendering. 


There may be a lot of reasons why your Kirby Sentria isn’t working at its utmost potential. We have talked about all of these reasons above, including a clogged air filter and an obstructed blower wheel, among others.

You must go through these various components of your vacuum one by one and then see where the problem is lying. 

By following our tips as mentioned above, you will be able to fix your Kirby Sentria in no time. However, if you still face any issues, you must reach out to a professional for further assistance. 

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What is the weight of a Kirby Sentria upright vacuum cleaner?

A Kirby Sentria upright vacuum weighs 35 pounds. If you wish to know the model number of your Kirby vacuum cleaner, you should look underneath the vacuum cleaner for the same.

Why is my Kirby vacuum not suctioning?

If your vacuum cleaner is not suctioning, you should check it for clogs. The hole present in front of the vacuum cleaner is where the vacuum’s suction occurs. Take a look at the hole to see if something is blocking it. You should try to move the fan in the hole to see if it turns smoothly. Moreover, you should also check the dust bag for any clogs.

Why does my Kirby have water leakage?

Your Kirby could have water leakage if the foam sponge or the suds screen is not in its place. If they are not in place, it could lead to the vacuum dispensing a lot of water.

What year is the Kirby Sentria?

The Kirby Sentria was launched in 2006. The model came out after the Kirby Ultimate Diamond vacuum cleaner.

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