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Shark vs Roomba Vacuum: Which One is the Better Buy?

Published by: Katherine Frame

Shark vs Roomba Vacuum Which One is the Better Buy

When deciding to buy a vacuum, the choice between a Shark vs Roomba vacuum can feel like an impossible decision. The internet is full of opinions on how these two types compare, but which one would be right for you?

In this guide, we will help you make a decision. Let’s get started!

What do Shark vs Roomba Vacuum Offer? 

iRobot manufactures Roomba robot vacuums, and iRobot focuses on building creative, innovative, and feature-rich robot vacuums that make your life easier.

iRobot also ensures that the company stays at the top of the market for its robot vacuums by researching thoroughly and regularly adding the latest technology to its vacuum models. 

The company launched its first robot vacuum back in 2002. iRobot’s robot vacuums may seem expensive for some customers, but they justify the prices by offering cutting-edge design and technology to make the cleaning process extremely convenient for you. Lastly, the brand has also made a name for itself and is renowned worldwide. 

Meanwhile, Shark is also a leading brand in the vacuum cleaner market, but it is not popular for robot vacuums in particular. It manufactures quality robot vacuums, but they fall in line with a range of stick, cordless upright, corded upright, hair dryers, and wet-dry vacuums. Shark also provides offers on its products. 

The bottom line is that both the brands are popular for their vacuum cleaners, but Shark builds budget-friendly quality vacuums. At the same time, iRobot focuses on specifications, the latest technology, design, and other factors specific to robot vacuums. 

Variety of Models

Starting with models, iRobot offers a range of 7 robot models, which are available all across the world. The models vary in suction power and other essential as well as additional features.

The affordable models of Roomba will usually follow a random route to clean your house, while the pricier high-end models will clean your home with a proper set path. 

Roomba Models

Most of Roomba’s mid and top-range models also come equipped with self-emptying technology, which ensures that the robot empties its canister into the disposable bag.

This bag can hold 30 days’ of dust and dirt. Moreover, various Roomba designs also come with various smart technologies such as voice control, mapping system, and the date and time scheduling, among others. 

Some models can also detect objects in the way and are featured with the technology to escape any obstacles that come in their way. 

On the other hand, Shark offers three robot vacuum models that are user-friendly, simple, affordable, and only available in the US. The brand’s most basic robot vacuum is the Shark Ion. This model is equipped to perform all the basic tasks of a robot vacuum. 

Next comes the Shark IQ. This robot vacuum is featured to map your home for following a specific path, and its higher model is also featured with the self-emptying canister technology. 

Lastly, the third and the top robot vacuum built by Shark is the Shark AI robot vacuum. This vacuum is equipped with high-end features like a LiDAR scanner, a base station, self-emptying technology, and mopping technology, among others. 


iRobot undoubtedly manufactures more expensive robot vacuums, but they have various options which will fit your budget. Their price range starts from around £270 to around £1,500. 

Meanwhile, Shark’s robot vacuums start from £185 to £485. This tells us that Shark targets customers for whom budget is a big concern. Shark offers both budget-friendly and pricey robot vacuums, but cost-effectiveness seems to be their main goal. 


Hopping onto comparing the features, both Shark and iRobot’s Roomba come close to competing with each other as both the brands offer equally good features.

All the robot vacuum models are made to roam around your house to collect dust and dirt without fail. Moreover, both the brands also feature robot models that have self-emptying technology. 

One difference between the two brands is that as the price range of the Roomba increases, the suction power also increases. Shark does not increase the robot vacuum’s suction power with the price increase, as it then focuses on adding more features to the vacuum. 

Roomba vacuum cleaners are so smart that they can actually replace your regular vacuum cleaner. These vacuums are loaded with impressive features that make the task so much easier for you and make them more efficient at performing the job.

The best feature is the detection feature. This feature is present in all the Roomba models, and it allows the vacuum to detect areas with more dirt and dust so that they can spend more time cleaning those areas. 

High-end models of Roomba are also featured with technologies that let you set no-go areas, use your phone’s geolocation, so they only start cleaning when you leave the house, and schedule cleaning different rooms on different dates and timings, etc. 


Comparing design can be highly subjective. This is because every individual has different likes and dislikes in terms of the look and feel of the product. 

Nonetheless, iRobot aims at building eye-pleasing robot vacuums, and they put their mind to the texture and overall feel of the vacuuming by investing in high-quality raw material. 

On the other hand, Shark doesn’t put so much thought into the looks of their robot vacuum cleaners, and their designs are more simple and more basic. They emphasize the utility of the vacuum. They don’t aim to sweep you off with attractive designs. Rather they focus on affordability. 

Ultimately, the choice is yours. If you’re into looks, you should buy a Roomba, while if you’re looking for affordable options, a Shark robot vacuum should be your go-to. 

Should You Choose a Shark or a Roomba?

The robot vacuum cleaners come into play when a mess at your home is unaccounted for and needs to be cleaned so that you live in a clean space and breathe clean air. The tricky question arises when you have to choose from a number of brands and various robot vacuum models they offer. 

It may not be easy for you to pick between a Shark and a Roomba because both brands are leaders in the vacuum cleaner market and have specific details that differ from one another. 

We’ve created this thorough guide for you so that you can compare both vacuum cleaners in-depth and make the right choice. 

Final Thoughts!

While both iRobot and Shark build quality robot vacuums with competitive features and equally good quality, this guide is for those who like to get into the details before they make the final choice. Both the brands offer vacuums that perform a great job of collecting dirt, dust, and allergens present in your home. 

If you want your robot vacuum to be aesthetically pleasing and you don’t have money constraints, you should go with Roomba. On the other hand, if the looks don’t matter to you and you only care about the robot’s functioning, we’d recommend buying a Shark. 

While Shark is affordable and more user-friendly, Roomba is feature-rich and will perform all your vacuuming tasks. 


Which vacuum cleaner is better: a Roomba or a Shark?

If you are on a budget, it would be best for you to invest in a Shark vacuum. Roomba and Shark are effective, but the main difference is the price range. Overall, your final decision should depend on other factors of consideration.

Is it worth it to spend on a Shark?

Shark robot vacuums run for 60-75 minutes, and once their battery gets drained, the vacuums themselves go back to their dock to get charged. Talking about price, Shark vacuums are also budget-friendly, and they’re also quiet, have powerful suction power, and are worth the price.

Is Shark quieter or Roomba?

Both Shark and Roomba are equally quiet robot vacuum cleaners with great suction and other interesting features.

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